Have 3 Beauty and the Beast-inspired RP ideas if anyone's interested

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    I don't normally do partner requests. Meeting new people terrifies me. Fuck it, though. I want to see if anyone likes any of these ideas enough to flesh one out more with me. They are Beauty and the Beast-ish, all with different twists. Also, I'm cool with doing MxM if that's what you're into. And if there are any changes you wanna make to these, don't be afraid to suggest anything. I'm pretty cool about most things, yo. It's your story too. I am comfortable playing either male or female.

    Another thing: Be okay with slow responses. I try to make posts at least once a day for most RPs, but sometimes I might take an extra day or so. I am a stay-at-home mom who takes on quite a few different responsibilities, so have patience. :3 And I am good at communication as long as you are too. I inform people if I plan to be absent for a while.

    Another another thing: I am totally up for swapping the roles, where a lady is the beast and the dude is the 'beauty.' Mixing things up is fun.

    Apologies in advance for the bad way these descriptions are written, my lame idea titles, etc. I'm not here to impress anyone, just want to get my ideas out there. (And admittedly I'm having an off-day. Ugh.) Feel free to throw ideas of your own at me. In the end it's just nice to have another person to write with.

    Idea #1: Underwater Theme
    A corporate asshole approves of pollution going into the oceans. He is encountered by a sea witch disguised as a human who curses him to be a monster who's forced to live underwater. Not only is he a monster, he's isolated from the people and the world he knew. His business goes into the hands of someone else, he loses his nice house, oh no everything sucks. He gets to experience what it's like to live in the crappy conditions he forced on the marine life, while also getting a chance to see how beautiful of a world it really is. All he has for company are sea creatures who are willing to put up with his grouchiness. He eventually meets a beautiful mermaid who thinks he's a dick at first (of course) but eventually empathizes enough to help him find the sea witch who cursed him. Adventures happen, romance happens, lessons happen.

    Idea #2: Fantasy Theme
    The setting for this can be decided on later if it sounds like something fun to do. I see it more in a fantasy-medieval sort of world, but I can see it working in other ways! I had an interesting idea where the beast is a former god or goddess. Someone who is guilty of a crime and is being punished by forcing them to live as a mortal. Either they're a human who has an unfortunate run-in with a magical person who curses them, or their mortal form is an actual monster of some sort to make it that much harder for them to make a living. Could be that the leading godly authority or whatever wanted to be that much more of a dick, or mayhaps the god person themselves represented beasts in some way so now they must live as one. And the 'beauty' has lots of possibilities. Could be a man/woman who lives a simple life and happens upon the beast during a walk. Or could be someone who is a beast themselves in some way, like a demon or a were-creature who people consider to be quite pleasant and lovely. It's fantasy, yo, so whatevs.

    Idea #3: Weird Theme
    There's an old creepy looking mansion that sits outside of the city. Everyone knows that the owner still lives within it. So do his servants and family members (including a bitter, obnoxious wife everyone hates if we so please). It's much like the Disney movie I know and love, with him being a rich beautiful man before refusing kindness to someone with magical gifts. (I'm thinking he used to be a beloved, charismatic news reporter who was quite the cruel jerkbag off camera.) He's been turned into a beast of whatever sort, and the people who live with him get transformed as well. Probably into random animals or lesser beasts, something different from the talking household items. Anyway, our 'beauty' is so different from him in so many ways. She's a part-time package deliverer, part-time band member, a pot smoker, and doesn't watch the news very much. But she is pretty and fun and so sweet, and so fascinated by his house despite how dirty it is. She just might be our news reporter's last hope at living a normal life again, and actually connecting with someone on a personal level.

    Yep... PM me if interested. Mostly looking to do just 1 of these with 1 person, but it's possible I'd be willing to do more.
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  2. Dat's coo'. I expected to be too weird for everyone's liking. I have no idea how to get rid of this thing, so I'll just go ahead aaaand--*activates Ant-Man-like device that allows her to shrink and escape*
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