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  1. Bridge has just transfered to a fancy prep school due to problems in her home town.... She murdered her boyfriend, however it was in self defense. She had just recently been found not guilty but people in her town still gave her hell about it. Now that she is in a new place she can have a fresh start... However her past will keep haunting her....
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Bridget Marie Cole (Bridge is her nickname)
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5''
    Looks: (Look at the pic on the bottom) Beautiful young woman: Long, shiny red hair (natural), high cheek bones, full lips, deep forest green eyes and fair skin, and long black eyelashes. Wears only a very small amount of make-up because she is already naturally beautiful.
    Bridge sighed when the taxi stopped in front of Jones Prep High School. She got out, her long red hair shining in the sun, got two heavy luggages out from the trunk then headed towards the fancy golden gate. Bridge was surprised about how big the gate was. She just hoped that there wouldnt be any snobs at this school, but with her luck, there probably will be. Suddenly the gate opened and she walked in. She tried looking on the bright side. At least this means a brand new start for me...

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  2. Catching sight of the time from a clock on a distant wall, a smaller teen, by the name of Karra, broke away from a circle of her fellow students and pushed out of a side door. She darted all the way to the front of the Jones Prep High School's campus before slowing to compose herself, fueled by the excitement of a possible break from the dull normality that had been threatening to bore her to tears during her stay at this place. There had been some controversial talk of a newcomer arriving at the school today, and she wanted to see for herself. Brushing her short, messy bob of brunette hair away from her face and adjusting her round rimmed glasses, she scanned the outer gate where she spotted a red haired girl reclaiming some luggage from the trunk of a taxi cab. Two bag. Full, by appearance, but just two. The school's fancy gates swung open, and the newcomer made her way onto campus ground.. "HEY!" shouted Karra waving one hand to the girl before jogging over to cut the distance. "Welcome to Jones High," she greeted with a lopsided smile, tilting back her chin, "I'm Karra." Her blue eyes looked the girl over and settled on the two heavy bags; two. "..You want some help with that??" She asked, nodding towards the bags.
  3. 'HEY!' Bridge heard. She whipped her head to the direction in which the voice came from and saw a brunette haired girl. She gave the girl a small smile, "Hey, thanks." when the girl offered to help her out with her suit cases she looks down at them then looked back at the girl. "Sure. Thanks, just be careful, they are pretty heavy," she paused for a moment, "I am Bridget by the way. But you can call me Bridge."
  4. "Hi, Bridge," said Karra, smiling as she hefted up one of the suitcases. "You're probably going to be wanting to meet with the school's administration head now, yeah?" she asked, Karra's eyes moving to indicate the school's entrance as her thoughts went to earlier conversations from which she had broken away in order to meet Bridget here now.. 'Bridget,' she thought silently to herself, confirming prior suspicious, at least on identity's count.. so this girl /was/ the girl that all of the rumors had sparked up about, 'Bridget Marie Cole.' as if the girl's hair wasn't a big enough tip.. Karra moved to lead the way, "I'm on board with the student government, here at Jones," she told Bridget, thinking of all of the dreary meetings she had sat through before and how they might finally start paying off in making thing at Jones a little more interesting, "I'm the social chair," she laughed, mocking the gravity that some of the other girls tried to tag on to even such an easy going position as social chair was, "if you ever have any questions or concerns, or just need anyone to talk to... or just.. want to hang out~" her eyes wandered back to Bridget, and with a skip in her step she grinned, "..well I can help you stay up on your feet!"
  5. Bridge pasted on a smile, "Thanks uh... Kara. I think I have everything under..." Bridge thought for a moment then looked at Kara, "Um... where is my room?"
  6. "Oh! The dorms, yeah," Karra smiled and mentally adjusted their route, "right this way, Bridge," she said, setting the suitcase down momentarily to bow with the good humored grace of feigned seriousness as she indicated with a wave of her hand the direction to the girls' dormitory down a corridor before them. "Have you gotten your schedule yet, Bridge?" she asked lightly, aiming to keep the course of the conversation as casual as she could. Karra had chosen a bit of an unusual, round-about side track of a walk to make it this far, hoping to avoid the chance of judgement from other classmates, but there was no avoiding the chance of passing the occasional cluster of students here and there as they neared the dorms. "Maybe we'll be in a few of the same classes together!" Karra said with a skip and a grin, determinedly ignoring any chance notice of uneasiness from the people they passed, "That could be fun."

    Slowing to a pause in front of a door numbered 406, Karra looked back a Bridgette questionably, with an apologetic laugh, "I'm sorry, Bridge ~but , I guess I was a little distracted. I didn't even ask which room you'd been assigned to," she nodded her head to the numbered plaque on the door beside her, "This here's my room. 4-0-6. I guess it's still a valuable stop though; you might end up wanting to stop by in the future!" laughing lightly she reached her hand towards the nob, turning it to crack the door open a bit as she explained, "The roommate I used to bunk with changed schools a while back, so it's just been me in this room for a while. Me and my books, ha ha," she smiled as she shouldered the door open some more, revealing a clearly over stacked bookshelf, socked more with mysteries and old conspiracy theory books than it was with any actual school books; she'd made something of a collection over the years, but as a whole, the room was mostly average and only a little messy.

    "So, yeah," said Karra, readjusting her glasses and turning her attention back to Bridgette at the realization that of her own stumbling attempts at niceties might not have been enough to blot out the mixed moods of the people they'd passed along their way, "You just name the destination, Bridge, I'll take you there~"
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  14. Bridge shook her head as she followed Karra, "No, I didnt get my schedule yet." Bridge smiled, "Yeah tat would be pretty cool if we had classes together." Bridge thought for a moment then said, "My room is..." she took a sheet of paper out of her pocket and read it, "408 so... two doors down from you." she looked to the right and sure enough there was her door.
  15. "Aw well, that should be sorted out before too long," Karra said with a dismissive wave of her hand in response to Bridgette's lack of schedule, "not to worry. 'worse things could happen~" With one last glance into her room, Karra shut the door and hefted Bridgette's bag she'd been carrying back up, 'worse things could happen?' she thought to herself, mentally wincing, 'weren't some of those /worse things/ exactly what Bridgette had retreated here to recover from?', Karra hoped that her oversight would be overlooked, she didn't mean to stir up any sensitive material so soon into her potential new friend's stay here. "408, huh?" Karra affirmed, shaking off remembered details from Bridgette's trial with a determinedly chipper demeanor, "That's great! Right this way Bridge!" she said enthusiastically, skipping the last few steps before stopping to bow beside Bridgette's unopened door, one arm outstretched, as she offered a blithely dramatic: "after you ma'am~" to Bridgette.
  16. Bridge smiled a bit then nodded, "Thank you." she walked in.
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