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Name: Renee Winters
Age: 17
History: Renee's family has just moved to a new town, of course Renee is so not happy about moving from her home and her friends to a whole knew place in the middle of no where and it being a very small town with nothing to do.

Plot: So Renee and her family has moved into an old large home and at first she thinks all the strange sounds and odd happening are just the house, but then she sees something. At first it is was just a shadow and then she sees the shape and form of a human, not just any human but a boy about her own age. Once she see's him she finds that he is everywhere and she can speak to him. At first she feels sorry for him, because he has told a sad story but in truth he is not a good guy and he wants Renee all to himself and is planning on making her join him.

Now he doesn't have to be a ghost, he can be a demon who is acting like a ghost. I am just asking for someone who can be forceful and who is not scared of playing a bad guy. Message me here or PM me!
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