Haunting of the Princess (Finhawk and I )

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    40 years ago the most Dark and mysterious Death came into the world of the kingdom of Asher. The princess had died in a way that forever haunts the kingdom. The world was shocked kingdom's from Near and far came to mourn over the princess that many kingdoms wanted their princes to marry but that was more then a lost dream. But that was also when the Kingdom became cursed with that of ways that people died. One day one man was walking outside to the forest to put a rose on the ground that the princess was found dead to give respect, that when he found himself surrounded by those of wolves, demonic spirit wolves. Without warning the wolves jumped and attacked the man killing him before leaving, he was found three days, but there was no paw prints around it.

    But that was only the begining, the king was found dead in his chambers, hove marks on his body his skull had been smashed in by the hooves. but the only thing was no one saw a horse and no prints where left behind. That lead to the princes death which the maid had seen, he was trampled and mauled by those of nature's animals, the last thing the maid saw was that of a form of the princess on her stallion and her wolf beside her. the land was cursed, their princess was wanting them all dead, but why and what killed her.....rumors had that there was written on her body when she was found, but to this day people are too scared to talk about it. Afraid that the ancient Curse would fall onto them and they meet their grizzly death.

    Many accounts ever since came pouring in of people seeing the Princess, but many said she was never alone, she had her stallion who's hooves where that of gold, her hound who's black fur was dark as the night. Many said looking into their eyes made you part of the victums of the curse. She also had dead soilders of her fathers army partol the forest around the outskirts of the town, ever since no Knight, king or human beings dared enter those woods.


    Caso was an elder Mage of souls and spirits, his job was to find and help souls pass through their old life and into their realm of peace. But he had tried to help with the Curse but after a while people blamed him for the curse. he was forced to flee and ever since then he dares not talk about what he saw so long ago happen to his young son and wife. He walked toward the kingdom as he was ushered to the king's Throne-Room. He walked in slowly and bowed but the king said with glee,

    "Caso welcome to my kingdom. i am aware that you can help our Young knight here lift a curse ? If you please help him do this and save many lives I would really enjoy that" the King said with a deep breath. Caso smiles gently but nodded and standing up slowly looking at the Knight,

    "Who might you be young knight ? I am Caso a elder Mage of souls and spirits, my three spirit wolves are Named Soul, eclipse and Marco. they are all friendly, my horse Jester is also a clown of a horse so do not mind that they do. I am well known for the Curse and can help you with questions or concerns you may have. I would suggest though that you don't bring more then ten people, most liely she will see this as a threat and cause harm to everyone" Caso said respectfully as his three wolves bounded in they looked like regular wolves but each eye was glowing different colors.​
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    Rowan was a curious man. As a boy, he had often made his parent worry by disappearing into a crowd because he followed a rat so he could see where it lived or by almost falling into a well on various occasions simply because he was intrigued by where the water came from. The youngster needed to know everything and even that wouldn't be enough, he had to experience all the world had to offer by himself as well. He was also a honorable knight with a duty and a desire to be recognized. Because of these two reasons, he stood before his king now, ready to become a hero or a knight that failed.

    However, he wouldn't be going alone. Oh no, every hero needed an accomplice or two to achieve great things. After all, no one could manage on their own. Rowan had managed to talk six of his fellow knights into joining him, six brave men who held great loyalty towards their kingdom. They were all fools but sometimes the world needs idiots who are willing to risk their lives for a good cause, protecting their people. Himself and the Mage of Souls and Spirits the king had recruited to assist him included, there was eight men ready to rid everyone of the curse plaguing the kingdom and threatening the lives of the people in it.

    The young knight glanced at the mage's hounds with awe and wonder. He would've been more than overjoyed to take a closer look at the wonderful creatures but that had to wait for the time being. Returning his full attention back at the older man, the young male bowed ever so slightly before talking with a tone that held respect and an ounce of curiosity.

    "Rowan McMillan at your service, sir. I'm honored to have you accompany me on this quest, your help is greatly appreciated. However, I have only managed to gather six men, most of the knights are scared of the curse. But that won't lower our chances of succeeding as they're brave men willing to lay their lives down for their king whenever need be, I'm certain of this."

    Straightening himself again, the man let a small smile curve his lips but his eyes kept a serious gaze as he looked at the older male. Rowan might not be the best man for the job but he was willing to take it. Sometimes an impossibly strong army of 100 might not be enough to wipe out 15 men if their heart and mind wasn't in the right place. Muscle and brains wasn't everything a man can possess.
  5. The mage sighed gently and nodded slowly "Six men and before the mission is over none shall be left. She hates all knights that come toward her home, so make sure your men know how to fight spirits" said as he whistled and said something in a different part of the world. the room grew dark and appearing before them all was a massive black horse with red symbols on its body and the mage climbed onto its back bareback.

    He said "come on we must go before night fall or we risk loosing everyone traveling at night" said the wise mage and trotted through the kingdom streets his hounds bonded after him barking deeply and then jumped onto the horses back behind the mage and they where off on their new mission. The mage snorted deeply and kept walking and came to the forest as the sun was going down. The Horse grew uneasy and his hounds snarled deeply at the forest fangs bared fur briseld deeply.

    "we stay out of the forest for this night, No man is to enter the forest unless you have adeath wish" the mage said slowly as he got off the horse and set up a small tent and saw the forest had filled with sounds. one sound so horrible and so gut renching is the scream of heart break, anger and hate from the spirit of the princess that echoed. The creatures of the forest demonic wolves and horses had seen the group and where watching them from the shadows.

    The head wolf a massive creature sat on a hill watching them freely knowing they wouldn't be able to see it. It curled its lips back in disgust and ran off to tell it's master that unwelcomed party of knights have come close to her home. The wolf speed was unnatural as it ran through the woods with no breaks jumping over a cliff and across water edge. it came to were its master was as she screamed the wolf's ears lowered and crotched low to the ground in submission.
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  6. Rowan gave a sad nod at the mage.

    "We shall see..."

    He wasn't quite sure any of them would be returning either but someone had to try. the young knight frowned slightly at Caso as he seemed to speak in complete chibberish but the frown was soon replaced by surprise and awe as a pitch black horse with weird red symbols on it seemed to appear out of nowhere. He just stood there, staring, for a while before he snapped back to reality. The knight quickly bowed to the king and excused himself as he followed the mage outside.

    Getting his golden brown stallion and faithful companion, Brago, Rowan also went to inform his men about the hasty departure. It didn't take too long for them to gather their necessities and they met the mage on the streets of the city soon afterwards. Their quest could begin. Most of the travel was spent in silence but all of the men probably had only one thing on their mind, the curse and the horrors that came with it.

    The night was about to fall as they reached the edge of the forest and the sounds coming from behind the trees would have had most men run to their mommies, crying. No one in their right mind would go to the woods. Getting off his horse, Rowan walked over to his men who were growing restless near the forest.

    "We camp here for the night and resume out journey in the sunrise. Listen to the mage, no one goes to the forest."

    Giving the knights a 'I mean it' -look, Rowan started aiding his fellow men in settling for the night. He wasn't really concerned anyone would wander off into the forest even if they were offered the world in payment so he didn't push the subject further or keep a close eye on everyone. That was his mistake. Rowan was woken up by a scream and few of his men panicking. Getting up in a rush, he grabbed one of the men by his shoulders.

    "What is it? What happened!?"

    "It's Cederic... He went into the forest."

    Staring at the man before him with disbelief, Rowan tightened his grip.


    The adventures of Cederic the moron:

    They had told him he didn't have the guts to put his foot into the forest so he had decided to prove them otherwise. His friends had just been joking around but they should have known better, Cederic had no sense of humor, he simply couldn't take a joke. Which was why he walked into the forest despite the hushed protests of his fellow knights. He was afraid of nothing and he would make sure everyone knew that.

    The brave male surely didn't flinch as a twig snapped beneath his foot or spin around with his heart racing as he thought he heard a horse walking behind him. No, of course not. After all, he wasn't scared of anything. Which was why he didn't scream like a little girl when something collided itself into him from the side and pain assaulted him in waves.

    Cederic did not cry as a mutant horse of some sort with gleaming red eyes stood before the broken man. He wasn't too terrified to move when the hooves came down on him. He didn't miss his mother when his world faded to black nothingless.

    He was fearless.
  7. The mage got up hearing this and eyes narrowed gently "Why can't anyone just listen for once" he scowled as he got onto his horse and got ready to ride into the haunted forest "stay here and make sure no one goes into that forest" warned as the mage galloped off into the shadows of the forest. he came to where he saw the mutant horse run off and saw the body of the knight getting off his horse and picked the body up and placed it on the horse and galloped off swifty to the the group.

    He came back and put the body on the ground and said sharply "this is why I told no one to enter that forest at night, the creatures come out and play a game and you do not fuck with that ! The person who runs that forest is not someone you want to cross or even get close to" he said slowly as he sighed gently looking at the forest and said slowly "hope your happy Princess, an innocent life was taken" said as he put his horse back to where it was and looked at the group "now get some fire wood from the side of the road we shall hold a vigual for the man" he said slowly
  8. Rowan resisted the urge to follow Caso as the mage rode into the forest. Sure, he was scared to go in there but one of the knights who he had talked into this whole thing was hurt or worse and he simply felt compelled to help. Also, despite his fear, he was curious as to what exactly was hidden by the trees. However, as for now, he listened to the older man. He needed to make sure everyone else stayed put. Turning his gaze back on the man he still had a hold of, Rowan spoke with an edge of anger.

    "What the heck happened? Just why did Cederic go in there!?"

    The man, Brenner, avoided looking Rowan in the eyes as he stuttered out his reply, shocked by the situation and the furious words of the other knight.

    "W-We were just joking. I didn't... We didn't think he'd really go there."

    Rowan saw red. A joke might have cost him one man. A friggin' joke! His grip on the other man grew tighter to a bruising strenght as he downright yelled.

    "Are you friggin' kidding me!? YOU WERE JOKING!? A STUPID JOKE MIGHT HAVE-"

    The angry yelling was cut short as he spotted Caso coming back with an unconscious Cederic.


    Cederic wasn't unconscious. He was dead, for real. The men around him cursed and went to check on their fellow knight but it was no use, the brave knight was dead. Rowan finally released his grip on Brenner as he went to fetch a blanket and walked silently to stand beside the lifeless body of his comrade. He cowered Cederic with it and nodded at Caso, at least the knight wouldn't be left for animals to dishonor.

    The knights behind him weren't moving, they were probably still in shock. Rowan raised his voice again, though the anger was gone, the tone was flat with an ounce of sorrow.

    "Do as he says. Go get firewood. And no one else goes near that forest anymore."

    Still no one moved a muscle and Rowan found himself whipping around to face the men.


    The knight finally remembered how to move and scattered along the road, gathering wood. Sighing, Rowan sat beside the body and placed his hand gently on Cederic's forehead. The young knight was grateful he couldn't see his face. Closing his eyes, the male cursed under his breath. They had barely started their journey and they already had one casualty. At that moment, the whole quest seemed foolish and hopeless, they'd all just die.
  9. Sir Dean watched the group and couldn't help but hate this quest more and more "why did we go on this trip we are only going to get killed" said angrily. he looked at caso and eyes narrowed sharply,

    "How could we know that you killed him you had a Horse" he snapped angrily. Caso looked at him raising eyebrow "I am not the one to murder anyone and besides no hoove prints around the body so it was one of her creatures" he said slowly as he hears howling in the forest of angered sprits of the wolves, such haunting howls that made many of the men start shaking and shiver.

    Caso stood up ad he opened a book and made a protecction feild around the camp site and they would be able to see a massive wolf walking through the streets its eyes deep red color, it stood taller then that of a wolf its fangs bared and sniffing the air and ran off over the hill.
  10. Rowan couldn't help but glare at Dean as he accused Caso of the murder. The whole group would fall apart in no time if they started accusing each other as soon as something bad happened. Besides, it made no sense. Caso wasn't anywhere near Cederic when they had heard the blood chilling scream and Caso really didn't have any reason to kill the knight either.

    The knight was about to start another angry yelling fit when howling filled the air. Rowan wouldn't deny it, the sound made him extremely edgy and nervous. He didn't want to see the creatures that were the origin of the malicious howling. However, that wish seemed to be crushed as a huge wolf with eyes that made the man's heart beat faster. The young man subconsciously reached for his sword that wasn't in its usual place, he had left it by the rest of his belongings when they had settled for the night.

    Thankfully he wouldn't need the sword either as Caso had did his trick and conjured a shield to protect them from the unnatural wolf or any other creature when Rowan's focus had been on the cursed animal. Though he still stood back up on his feet, and searched the remaining knights with his gaze. They had seemed to notice the dangerous animal as well and had retreated back to camp, they had even managed to get some fire wood back with them.

    All except one.

    He couldn't see Aldwin anywhere.

    With a litany of curses, Rowan's feet carried him at the edge of the protection field before the man even realized it. He hesitated for a while, still trying to see his missing man. He wasn't losing Aldwin too. He refused to. Running back to his belongings, Rowan grabbed his sword before getting Brago. He was going after his knight no matter what, no abnormal wolf could prevent him from doing so.