Haunting Me

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  1. Vanessa twirled the lanyard connected to her car keys as exited the campus building. It was dusk, and the warm Texas air engulfed her senses as the door swiftly closed behind her. It felt revealing against the cold air conditioning of the college. She wore a white lacy skirt and a tight fitting lavender shirt. Her look was completed with several silver bracelets and a butterfly necklace. As she walked across the pavement she held her books and her slightly healed light green dress shoes clicked along with her stride.

    Vanessa had a long day. After working this morning at the nearby local restaurant she went to her psychology class, staying a little later to talk to her professor about his internship. When she would have time for it, she didn't know but she didn't want to go home...alone. The less time she spent there the better. Moving out of her parents' house was something she had always wanted to do. After all, they didn't believe that she could see ghosts. Yet, she found that, when she moved away, more ghost came to visit her, taking advantage of the last of people around her now.

    She tried her best to ignore them but, it was all to much. She could manage...some how. Spending less time at her new apartment would be good for her. She could use the time to study at coffee shops and socialize. She was never good at making any friends but perhaps she could change and get to know others a bit more. She walked further into the parking lot, crimson curls bouncing about her as she walked. There was no one around her, having left for the night and most of the professors wouldn't leave their offices for another hour or so. There where cars in the lot for that reason but, the place was deserted of people.

    Making it to her car, she put the key in her door. Stopping, she turned her violet eyes to the night sky, looking up at the stars above. Paralyzed by their beauty, she didn't move for quite sometime. There was something so tranquil to her about the Texas sky. Not cloud covered stars and each twinkle radiating their own light. It was too early for the moon to rise, the stars being the only light in the sky. Vanessa stood outside her car door, staring up into the sky for a what seemed like a long time.
  2. Destaran ran out of the woods and onto the college campus, the taste of the night's kill fresh on his tongue. It was quiet tonight and he didn't expect anyone to be around. Just how I like it. He wasn't a very social person. Never had been. And even more so since....he changed. He spent every other night hunting in the woods. This city in particular was sprawling with animals, and he was thinking about staying longer than normal because of it. There was no other reason because nothing mattered to him right now but surviving and staying under the radar. The vampire walked through the parking lot....and stopped.

    Guess I was wrong about there being no one around....

    He wasn't alone. A girl was here--- a young woman. Red hair and white skirt. She was staring at the night sky, mesmerized, and made no attempt to move. Destaran sighed and looked down. His shirt was splattered with blood. Zipping up his leather jacket, he went forward slowly and made sure to pay as little attention to her as possible. The last thing he needed was a connection to a human. His outfit was nothing too appealing. Black jeans, regular tennis shoes, and, of course, the jacket. It was never the outfit that attracted humans anyway. It was his eyes. Beautiful and copper.

  3. Vanessa's violet hues snapped to the sound of footsteps against pavement. Yet, what she found there was far more beautiful than the sky above. A man crossed the parking lot in a leather jacket with the most beautiful copper eyes she had ever seen. He was tall and very handsome. It seemed to her that he would better belong as a model in a magazines than a boy on college campus. Street lights barely illuminated his frame and the setting sun was her main source of light. Vanessa felt her blood race watching him. He way, by far, the most attractive boy she had seen on this campus. Even more, she couldn't remember the last time she had been this attractive to a mere stranger.

    She wanted a normal human life and part of that life was dating. She hadn't ever gone on a date before turning offers down mostly because she didn't want to get close to anyone and then have to admit she saw ghosts. They would leave her as soon as the news reached them. She needed to do this, she wanted to do this. Dating was a part of life. She decided the worst thing he could do was turn her down so she walked briskly over to the boy. Standing in his path, she smiled up at him.

    "Hey, Do you take classes here too?" She asked him smiling friendly. Just after she spoke her smile weakened because a cold draft over took them. Please not now. She thought but her pleased was ignored. Behind the man a male ghost appeared. Visible only to her, he was transparent both of his eyes where white. He appeared to be in his 80ies and one of his arms was missing. His face looked twisted, and rotting flesh hung from his chin.

    Vanessa swallowed. He was the most warped image of a ghost she had ever seen. She realized that she was looking at the ghost and not the incredibly attractive boy before her. Looking back at him nervously now she painted a smile on her lips again.

    "Run away! He isn't what he seems. He will kill you" The ghost spoke moving toward the car they where standing near.

    Vanessa ignored the ghost, angry at him because he where ruining her chances to live a normal life. "So I-" She sent to speak but was startled by the nearby car's alarm going off. Just then all five windows in the car nearby shattered, glass flying into the night. One of them scratched her wrists. The cut wasn't deep, no more than what a cat scratch would leave. Barely bleeding she turned to the ghost again. To him it would seem that she was peering off at nothing. She could careless if she looked crazy.

    No ghost had ever been this disprove for attention. "Leave me alone!" She shouted in it's direction, ignoring him now. The chill of the air became stronger and her breath turned to smoke.

    "Run Away!" The ghost circled them, stopping behind her it, made it's self visible to the vampire as well, having sucked enough energy from the car battery to do so. The old man glared at him before disappearing from his sight. Still seen by Vanessa, he moved closer to her and she took some steps back, moving in the direction of her car. A look of fear washed over her as she being herded by a ghost to her car.
  4. Destaran had tried to pass by inconspicuously but failed. The girl spotted him and even walked up to him.Oh, great. A talker. He was seriously considering just walking around her rudely. But then he really looked at her. Ivory skin, violet eyes...she was beautiful, radiant. He almost forgot what he was trying to do when she spoke, "Hey, Do you take classes here too?" Then he remembered. I shouldn't respond. Just nod and walk away....but.... there's something about her... something strange.... The girl smiled and then nervously looked behind him at something. Destaran looked behind him. What was she looking at? Eager to end this awkward encounter, he opened his mouth to say something, but a nearby car alarm went off abruptly and the windows shattered. What the hell?! The vampire looked around him in all directions. Someone was out here. And then he smelled it. A sweet, hypnotizing scent he knew too well. Oh no... The girl must've been bleeding. Covering his nose, he turned back around.

    "Leave me alone!" the girl shouted. "Who are you talking to?!" Destaran finally yelled. In answer, he saw the disfigured ghost causing all the commotion. She's a mediator! This night was going completely wrong. As the red haired girl backed up to her car, he realized there was only one thing to do. "Sieri en dencalae!" The young vampire yelled in Latin, banishing the ghost and causing all the windows of the remaining cars to break. He breathed heavily through his mouth and ran his fingers through his hair. So much for a decent night.
  5. Vanessa backed further and further to her car, the noise of the car alarm echoed the streets. Suddenly, she hear him yell an incantation. She looked as him, confused at what he just said. Then, suddenly the ghost disappeared. The air around them stayed cool and Vanessa knew that there where more ghost on the way. Why they where intent on keeping her away from this God like man was beyond her.

    Then it dawned on her. He did what she never could. He could make the ghost leave. She never fully understood how to do this and searched her entire life for a way. She thought about how normal she could have been with this abilty. How normal she could be. Parting her lips, she went to ask him who he was when suddenly campus security pulled up to them. She moved closer to the the man with copper eyes. Reaching out she grasped his hand in her's as they pulled up.

    "Are you two responsible for this?" The two guards asked. Both looked to be no older than she was. They wore cheep uniforms and didn't even carry guns on them. Sizing them up, they looked like rookies to her. She sweetly smiled at them, her slender fingers entwining with his. His hands felt like ice against hers. She wondered if that was the fault of the ghost they had seen before. She squeezed his hand, hoping she could warm it up as she spoke to the guards.

    "My boyfriend and I just got out of class. We saw a bunch of teens laughing and the sound of car alarms and breaking glass. We ran down to see what all the commotion was about. There where five of them, one with a baseball bat. I think they went that way." Vanessa pointed to the road. One of the guards got out while the other peeled out in the opposite direction.

    "I'll walk you to your car then" The guard said, eyeing them suspiciously.

    Eve let go of Destaran's hand but smiled up at him apologetically She calmly walked to her green jeep and opened the door, unlocking the other side for him. She wave for him to get in then turned back to the guard that was now at her driver's window. Lying about ghost came easy for her. She had plenty of practice She wondered if her attractive stranger would follow along though. She hopped he would.

    The thought came of her driving in the car alone with him. Why where the ghost warning her about him. Was it that if she stayed with him they would not be able to contact her. She hopped that was the case. She considered the thought of kidnapping him for that sole reason. No, she wouldn't do that. She would, however figure out how to banish a ghost even if it killed her. "Thanks for walking us. I was a bit scared of the kid with the baseball bat." She fake a worried tone.

    The guard tipped his hat to her then backed away from the car. He was intent on watching them leave together and, lucky for Vanessa that was exactly what she wanted.
  6. Campus security pulled up, messing up any chance he had at leaving. Of course, he could've just left her there anyway (this was all her fault, after all), but she knew his face. She would probably pin it all on him! Destaran deeply tried to think of an excuse out of this. The guards were no older than the girl so it shouldn't really matter what he said. The girl had somehow beat him to the chase though, "My boyfriend and I just got out of class. We saw a bunch of teens laughing and the sound of car alarms and breaking glass. We ran down to see what all the commotion was about. There where five of them, one with a baseball bat. I think they went that way." He flinched. Boyfriend?! Looking down, he noticed she had been holding his hand the whole time.

    Destaran looked away unsure what to say or do. He was glad when the guard offered to walk her to her car and she let go of his hand. He just stood there at first, painful memories replaying through his head, and as he shook them away, he noticed the guards were watching him. Waiting for him to get in the Jeep, too. The young vampire hesitated but the girl waved him over and he knew that if he didn't go with her, they would know she had lied. Destaran walked over to the Jeep and opened the door. Guess I do have a heart... Who was this human? And why was he getting in the same car with her? He knew a very interesting conversation was about to happen and reluctantly sat down and closed the door.
  7. As they pulled out of the parking lot Vanessa rolled her window up. She didn't say anything to him, at least not right away. Looking in her rear-view mirror, she watched the guard disappear as they pulled off of the campus grounds. Only then did Vanessa speak to him. "How did you banish the ghost?" She asked him getting straight to the point. Her lavender pools flicked toward him, then back on the road.

    There was a lot of traffic on the main road and, as soon as they where on it, the car screeched to a halt. One thing Vanessa really liked about driving was that ghost never bothered her. Perhaps her location was changing too fast to pin point of perhaps ghosts couldn't be in a moving vehicle. Either way, she was thankful she had never seen one while driving. That freak out might have cost more than just car windows. "Where do you live? I'll drop you off". She asked him. Right now she hadn't a clue if they where heading in the right direction or not. She brushed some of her crimson locks back.

    It dawned on her that she hadn't been alone with another boy, ever. Most of her friends where girls and when they hung it it was normally in groups of three or more. She felt a little nervous being alone with him but most of that feeling was dulled by her curosity in him. Why did the ghost not want her around him? Was he like her? She hopped he was. She could learn so much from him.
  8. "You're a mediator. It's a shame you don't know how to get rid of spirits yourself.....I live very far out.....you can just drop me off up here. I can walk there," Destaran said looking out the window. He wasn't going to look at this girl. He just wanted to go home and end this night. When he first came here a year ago, he chose the most secluded part of town in which to reside and has lived there ever since. He was proud of the fact that no humans knew exactly where he lived. And he had no intentions of changing that either.
  9. Vanessa turned back at him, glaring when he talked to her that way. Her violet pools narrowed at him and she instantly tensed up. "I think you mean medium. You know, sense I can talk to the dead." She corrected him. her glare intensified. "Obviously I don't know how to do this and I need your help. These ghost ruined my life and you're my one shot of having a normal life. You will teach me or else." She glared at him, pissed that he wouldn't help her at all.

    "And what do you mean you will walk from here? If you live far out I can take you home no problem. It is the least I can do for you saving me." She reminded her self that he did just help her. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the road. They where still stuck in traffic.

    "Listen. " She began after a slight pause. "I know you're a medium and I know what you have to go through. Believe me, I have been there. I know I can't offer much guidance since you obviously know more than me. I can talk to you though. Be someone to share your problems with. You can't tell me you don't want that." She told him, her expression softening. If he said no to this then she would pull over and let him out. It was her last ditch effort to help him.
  10. "Medium, mediator--doesn't matter. You know nothing about me and you'd wish you didn't if you did. I don't talk to ghosts and the only reason I saw that one is because he let me. Now, pull over," he said clearly annoyed now. He could almost laugh at her assumption. Him a medium? Obviously, he looked more harmless than he let on. Destaran wondered if he should take that as a compliment. No...Nothing can change what I am. I'm a monster. The smell of her blood was almost gone now, but it still gave him a hunger he hadn't felt in years. I'm a monster. If she thought she could help him, she must be insane.
  11. Vanessa sighed. Her cheeks flushed and she blinked away teases. Grasping the wheal tightly, she tried to focus on the road and not on the fact that this was another missed opportunity at her chance for a normal life. He claimed he wasn't a medium but she didn't believe him. How else could he banish the ghost? "Whatever." She choked and turned her wheel. Pulling over, she didn't even turn and look at him when they stopped. Obviously upset by his lack of willingness to help her. She just stared, blankly, at the road ahead of her. Red curls fell across her vision and she didn't even bother moving them away. She waited for him to get out of the car, determined to drive away once he got out.
  12. Destaran opened the door and got out of the car quickly as soon as it stopped. He began to walk away, but guilt was creeping up on him and he looked back. She wasn't even looking in his direction, just staring ahead sadly. The girl obviously needed help. She came to the wrong person. The very wrong person....I'd be doing her a favor just by leaving her alone.....I've had enough stupid shit for one night. Destaran ran off at an inhuman speed without looking back a second time. He didn't care if anyone else saw. He just wanted to get out of town and back home.