Haunting Ground- Tu Fui, Ego Eris

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  1. As Daniella leaned into flickering lamplight, a cold, strange smile was shown to the lingering shadows of the room. As the light became steady, her lavender colored eyes first settled upon a lonely piece of artwork on the wall, an almost life-like rendering of an elderly male figure, before shifting towards a door that lead to the castle grounds. She made her way toward the other door, realizing that this was foretold by her master, and she should prepare other things until the Castle's guest arrived. Her movements were slow, careful and deliberate as one would have after years of strict instruction.

    Fiona, having already witnessed the horrors of the basement and the rather hideously misshapen brute which had occupied it with her only moments before, erratically ran up the stairs until the slamming of a door brought her body to halt so abruptly that she was almost thrown forward by her unmoving feet. Her hands clawed at the air, but she was able to regain balance quickly enough so that she didn't fall. The sheet, her only garment, had become loosened and she was able to clutch it about her waifish form before it slid like melting butter to the ground.

    (What -was- that thing?)Her mind screamed, as she slowly remembered the horrid semblance of the man and what he had busied himself with at the moment she had awoken in that cold, cramped cage. She had heard the steady sound of chopping, and her eyes focused only to see whatever it was being cleared away with a sliding motion of his hand. Her gut wrenched at the wet, plopping sound it made when it landed in what she assumed to be a metallic pail. Again the cleaver rose, and she stifled a quick gasp as it was lowered, as if the man was executing an unseen being. Another gasp surged up Fiona's slender throat, this time reflexes betraying her as she couldn't slap her mouth closed. It seemed all the more audible as she drew in a rather noisy breath, having been laid against the dank, earthen floor for so long that she was beginning to feel ill.

    She became dizzied for a moment, her hands moving toward her nose as she felt some sort of thickish liquid had begun to trickle down her lips, her chin. Fiona's body was wracked in shivers, her cerulean gaze went toward the only light source the basement offered, twin rectangular windows. They were merely razor-thin slits in the mossy, stone wall. She saw the hulking human mass go for the lamp he'd brought in. Once in hand, a sudden sneeze followed by a shushed curse made him turn in her direction. His horribly deformed visage was illuminated for all here to see. The rats squeaked and ran away to the opposite part of the room, may the darkness be their bliss. Fiona's hand reached for them as if they were to be her only friends, only comfort to help her with whatever she was going to be subjected to. She mouthed a silent prayer and her eyes searched for those windows, taking in all of the light they had to give.

    His small, medallion shaped eyes widened at the sight of her awake."Dolly!" His sickening voice bellowed as his hands became outstretched as if beckoning her into an embrace, simultaneously allowing the lamp to fall from his grasp and crash upon the dirt he stood. Fiona's arm flew up as if to shield her face from both the breaking shards and the man himself. She couldn't get over his appearance. He sort of -spoke- like a man, he had two arms and legs. In more ways he seemed to be a monster. Now, as she tried to peer over her shaking limb, his mouth slowly fell agape and he sank to his knees. "Dol-ly!" His strange enunciation of the word rose to a fevered pitch as his knees raked over dirt and glass in order to get closer to her.

    Fiona was terrified,yet as the frozen metal bars bit into her back, she gave a reluctant sigh. There was nowhere to go from this creature, and he was closing in on her. She could only muster a few weak kicks at his hand as it crept closer to her bare foot and calf."Dolly feels..real.." His mouth fell open in awe, his eyes matching the expression. Her mind snapped back into reality then, Fiona shook away the last bit of recollection to allow the mental movie to become broken.(Broken is how it shall remain!) She thought with a reassuring calmness. Drawing in a deep breath, she felt her shaking limbs and racing pulse slow enough to give her some kind of composure.

    (What is this place?) Fiona looked around at the decrepit landscape. Devoid of grass and trees, of -color- it seemed, her gaze was drawn up toward a dreary sky. No weather seemed to churn about in the clouds. It was not hot, nor cold, no winds to rustle her honey colored hair. In the distance her vision could reach, she noticed what appeared to be a room of a castle, a structure long crumbling with age. This place seemed to be frozen in time. Animal life, from domesticated to the insignificant did not appear to dwell here. Fiona looked for signs of insects, of -anything-.She let out a small sigh and then shook her head.

    (To be continued.)
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