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    A dark castle deep within a forest known as the Dark Misty Hallows. Some say that an evil force lives on the estate and that a great evil lives within the castle. Many are afraid to approach but there are some who are brave. Those who have tried in the past have never come back alive. There is a girl who they say lives within the castle but the people of the nearby town know nothing more. They think that she is a demon or some creature of the underworld. She does travel into the town but it is only to get supplies that she needs. Many say that the reason you only see her in town once every six months is because she has to find new victims to sacrifice. Many wish to find some who would be brave enough to try and rid their town of this strange evil. What the villagers don’t know is that the strange girl who lives there was cursed and she may be supernatural but she doesn’t claim to be evil. She waits for someone or ones who are brave enough to try and remove her and the Dark Misty Hallows curse.

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    Name: Raven Bellatrix Zaebanohn

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’ 6”



    Species: Half Demon

    Personality: After begin alone for some time Raven became very shy it didn’t help her much when she went into the nearby town and she could hear them make fun of her and spread rumors. She doesn’t really talk it’s mostly because of what people think of her she doesn’t feel that she could change their mind so she usually keeps to herself and stays quiet unless someone enters her home then she begins to every now and again ask the travelers questions on why they have come to her home, and if they ask her questions she sometimes would answer. If she sees something like and injured animal hurt she will try to help them get better. Some of those that she began to like had called her kind, gentle, and caring. Of course this usually was before the work of Roneisha.

    Abilities/Powers: She can heal the wounded, but not completely if it is a broken bone or damaged organs she can only make the bone fractured, the organs she can stop bleeding but there extremely weak and vulnerable, and she can make the pain less when it comes to either. She can blend into the shadows as though she’s not there. She can walk very quietly almost as if she is levitating. She can also make the shadows bend to her will. (This is why she can sneak up on people easily within her own home. She seems to use the shadows to teleport but really it’s to make her move to her destination faster.) She can talk to animals and understand them.

    Strength: Dexterous- A physical talent, the ability to precisely and skillfully move the small muscles of the hands and feet. Hearing she has excellent hearing because of being alone she has had plenty of time to pick up on every noise near her home or in the forest of the areas she likes to walk were there isn’t many people who might spot her out of her house. She can stay very calm in weird or usually stressful situations.

    Weakness: Socially Awkward she doesn’t talk to people much. Paranoid she believes that almost everyone doesn’t like her and wants to kill her because they believe she’s evil when she’s not. Allergic to garlic it’s mild but she’ll break out.

    Prime Fear: Keraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning (That’s right there’s a scientific name for it.)

    Backstory: When Raven was very young her father left her with her mother. When Raven turned 10 her mother was killed by a mob in town they did not know much about Raven and they thought she had stayed home with her demonic father. When her father found out about how Raven’s mother died he was furious and made a deal with his one of his demon friends named Roneisha. Roneisha had promised to keep Raven safe in exchange for the her father Zaebanohn’s realm he had agreed. Raven was then told by Roneisha the circumstances and that she had to obey. She agreed and for years no harm has come to her. When she turned 14 she began to feel the loneliness and wish for change but knew better because of how people in the town have treated her and her mother for years. She had developed a retina for when there were curious groups or people who entered her home and it was pretty much watch and observe and when they seem to be of no threat start to get closer and make your presence known. Sometimes a few would pick up on where she was and she had to show herself and answer questions. Some discovered her sooner than others.

    Raven’s thoughts on the curse: I’m not allowed to leave this castle. It is my prison. I can’t have any friends or Roneisha will kill them in front of me. But he does that any way… I can only leave the Dark Misty Hallows every six months for supplies to live… like food… I can’t let anyone stay here long or else… I can never see my father or freedom again… I must obey his every will… even if I find it stupid… I hate him!!! (Her thoughts are summed up for the most part.)

    Supplies: Within her home six months’ worth of food, running water. Working electricity but she usually keeps the lights off and uses candle light unless she is reading multiple books or she just feels like having the lights on. Clothes shower supplies, six rooms that are bed rooms, and a library. (All in her house)She always keeps a knife on her, a flashlight, small book and a raven necklace locket that has a picture of her mother and father (In his human Form).

    Theme Song: Haunted By: Evanescence

    Extra Information: Her favorite colors are black, red, blue, and purple. She usually wears dark colors which helps her blend into the dark. Animals are pretty much the only time she’s like a social butterfly. She has a black cat as a pet named Blinx. She had brought him back to health after an injury to his left back leg. He comes and goes as he pleases but will talk to her and keep her some company but to her it’s not enough she truly wishes for an actual person as a friend. She does a lot of reading, drawing, painting and meditation, listening to music, and nature walks, but what better way to spend your time when you’re basically alone. Yes her father is a demon but he has a human for and that is all he showed Raven so she has no idea that she is a half demon. Her mother was human. Her father’s powers involve controlling the shadows and darkness. The power of healing, and the understanding of what animals say and being able to communicate back to them is all Raven’s it has nothing to do with inheriting it and he has no clue on how she got the ability.

    Information on her father and there deal/ Her Curse:

    Roneishia was the demon who cursed Raven Bellatrix Zaebanohn. His power is of darkness and fire. He has keep an eye on Raven because of her father’s Zaebanohn wish was that Roneishia protect her and keep her away from humans who do not understand. The reason her father wished this was because of what they had done to her mother. He had a condition thought that Roneishia had to give anyone brave enough because a chance to get to know Zaebanohn’s daughter and if Roneishia did not think they were worthy of being there then he could disposed of them how he pleased also Roneishia had to let Raven enter town for supplies at least once every six months. Because of her father’s wishes he had cursed her with this (which is not what Zaebanohn meant by protect) and then before Zeabanohn found out what Roneishia had done he took over her father’s domain and keeps what happened in Raven’s life a secret.

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    Name: Miria Iceglaze

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5.3"


    Species: Kvanthra

    Rather nervous, unpredictable, anxious and restless to start out on her own path.
    Also, is a good storyteller, mysterious and yet sometimes doesn't know how to act decent in a social situation.
    Miria tends to lean towards a slightly obsessive behaviour when something catches her eye.
    Miria is the type to find small pleasures in what she does. She is most likely wary and skeptical meeting new people for the first time.
    Miria still gives everyone a chance and only through constant early harassment will she lose her temper.
    Miria is the type to try to see others in a positive light first before anything.
    Ability/powers: Eye colour change, summoning animals, able to Turn in a animal form. Also speaking to animals in Kani language.

    Strength: Hunting, high sense of observation, the art of seduction, self control and archery.

    Weakness: Snakes, the topic of death, skeptical, solitude, water.

    Prime fear: Athazagoraphobia- the fear of being ignored or forgotten.

    Back story:
    Regarding people closely, Miria is the type to confront others wholeheartedly without reservations. If she feels something is amiss she is the type to make sure that her concerns are voiced.

    " Do what you want with your life. Do what you feel is necessary.
    Nothing more, nothing less."

    Her Homeland is Vanythal, in a northern region where most of time is snowing with icy winds.

    Miria has killed a few men and beasts alike to serve her interests, but the former only when seemed necessary. Miria has always been ferociously committed to Vanythal and it's interest. " We all do what we must."

    For a Kvanthra, simply looking up at the sky of the extreme north is proof enough that the stories are real, of Aurora Borealis.
    It is believed that's is the same pathway that they come through when the World was still young. Also is believed that the Kvanthra are also the ones whom can predict the End of the world.

    Unlike other species, the Kvanthra's eye colour changes as their mood change though always in vivid jewel tones and rich colours that reflect the Aurora Borealis.

    Miria did not had a lovely family concept. Her father did not stay around long enough to even realise that his wife was pregnant and left long before Miria was born.
    At Miria's birth, she received a mark from Vinnis not knowing it will be her curse.

    Weeks later from her birth, Miria shifted for the first time, changing into a snow leopard. Her mother was so startled that she ran outside the room to gather the Council of Elders. Needless to say, they were surprised by the child and decided to keep her.

    However , Miria's mother could not comprehend the happening, as her own child was beyond the Kvanthra specie. And so she killed herself, leaving Miria at a elderly woman in Vanythal.

    Therefore, Miria has the ability to shift effortlessly between a singular human and a singular animal form that is predetermined upon birth. While the shape shifting appears magical, when it happens, due the fact the form dissolve in a swirl of lights and reform all in the same instant, she cannot shift items with her. Also, she can speak Some animal language known as Kani, communicating in a way a human cannot.
    This is another gift she was born with, along with the power of shifting to an animal form.

    The rest is still unknown.

    Her animal form:


    Supplies: Clothing( skirts and blouses, all deep green with black), food week's worth, her longbow(plus arrows), candles, notebooks and pillows.

    Theme song: What I've Done By: Linkin Park

    Extra info: she owns a wind Eagle and carries the birth mark from God Vennis.

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    Name: Garrus Adalfi
    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5' 6''

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Basically he looks as he is depicted. With Sharp, golden eyes, and nice, tan fur with patches of Grey around and about, He usually does not wear the finest dresses. He has a small scar underneath his right eye.
    Species: Lorexian

    Personality: Calm, Cool, Laidback, Friendly, an all-around conforming guy to most situations. For he simply doesn't care for a lot of things. A very shallow talker, and an on-the-surface kind of guy.

    Abilities/Powers:He is able to shoot a small ball of fire as he would a crossbow. he can also hold it in his hand for light or warmth.

    +Good with automated projectile weapons, such as crossbows and guns (if they exist). But not Bows however.
    +High dexterity, very agile, light on his feet.
    +Good Puzzle solver, especially large, mechanical ones.
    -Not very strong
    -Cannot wield swords or anything of the sort.
    Prime Fear: Big, Crawly things (Such as GIANT spiders, Rats, insects, and other stuff of that sort)

    Backstory: Garrus was found in front of a run-down inn, The woman who ran the place was a nice guy, so he took him in, and raised him. As he grew up he learned to know that the woman's name was Gladys Armstrong, a sweet yet strong-willed old lady who sticks up against mean people, she may be old, but she kicks butcheeks with her broomstick. She had nice complexion with a wide, happy smile to go along with it. Life was alright, he had a decent room, an adequate amount of food, and all he had to do was help do chores, which he did of course...
    Then one day, a group of 'bad people came and set fire to the inn, and killing anyone who escaped, Gladys was nowhere to be found, and Garrus was hit by a hot iron bar in the face, knocking him out, his last vision was of a mysterious girl tugging at him.
    He then awoke in the forest, it was snowing, and getting dark, and the forest is quite scary at dark, so he ran back to find he has no home, but he has a few supplies to let him ls a bit. and thus he made his vow, from this day on, he swore vengeance upon those who destroyed his life, and find the girl who supposedly saved his life from the fire.
    But first, he must get past the lonely life of homelessness.

    -Mini-crossbow(Good Condition)
    -Sufficient amount of bolts for ammo
    -Some money
    -Food for three days

    Theme Song:I'm Ready By: AJR

    Extra Information:
    =Hmm...I wonder who that girl who saved him could be *cough cough*
    =He has not been yet turned to he authorities, for very little people know he is homeless.
    =People insult him for his species, and apparently his lack of intelligence, which is a lie.
    =He has killed 2 of the believed 5 arsons.
    =He has been homeless for 3 years.
    =He knows very little about the dangers of the castle, much less about the girl Raven.
    =He refines his projectile and firebolt abilities by hunting in the forest as a pastime.
    =He IS an orphan, mainly 'cuz litters are huge, if you catch my meaning.
    =Gladys is not known to be dead either, just missing.
    =Garrus Usually makes living by breaking and entering, stealing few things and selling them for money.

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    Name: Theodore Edwards

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'3


    Peacefull, and quite shy in alot of cases, can be angered if irritated enough, he often looks for peacefull ways to resolve a situation rather than resorting to what he sees as rash decisions
    The ability to make himself "phase" through things like a ghost would making him appear practically like one, can become invisible, is able to communicate with and detect other "paranormal" beings, not limited to ghosts

    - Can stay calm even in the worst of situations
    - Good with soothing the anger/sadness of others, especially ghosts
    - Is often resourcefull, finding things/qualities in others and his surroundings to give him an advantage in bad situations
    - Fairly quick on his feet, and is often-times fairly illusive

    - His abilities (other than the ability to communicate with and detect other "paranormal beings") wear him out slowly and eventually become unable to be used effectively until he's properly rested, this is due to him being part human
    - If he is angered, his decisions are rather impulsive until that state goes away (clearly indicated by the reddish hue his "ghost form" emits)
    - Is yet to completely master his powers, and is incapable of maintaining his ghost form/invisibility for extended periods of time (at the most it's been 5 minutes, but he's slowly working on extending that amount of time)
    - Not the best when it comes to physical combat
    - Just because he's a half-ghost does not make him immortal, he's still capable of recieving wounds, injuries, and dying if he is damaged in his physical form, he also requires most things a regular human would
    - When he's in his ghost forms he drops any physical items he carries on him (other than his clothes of course, because those kinda stay with ghosts for various reasons)

    Prime Fear:Abandonment

    His creation resulted from some sort of crazy ritual an crazy looking old women performed on his mother, which his father had insisted on letting her do it since he "thought it was funny". The old lady had said that it would "make him a ghost" which it was discovered that it did, or at least it half-did when he was around 6. He had wished that he'd disappear when he had been scolded by his mother, which surprisingly he did, for about a second, it lead his parents to believe that something was "off" about him, eventually coming to the conclusion that they couldn't keep him around, and sent him off to a particularly shady orphanage... Inevitably, the treatment he recieved there resulted in him getty really mad at about the age of 10, leading him to discover the reddish form he took on whenever he shifted to a "ghost form", and he was able to and did so more often when he had been mad, causing trouble left and right until eventually he calmed down. With that incident happening, even the orphanage threw him out, leaving him to fend for himself, which he did for a while, working odd jobs and making just enough money to keep himself alive, and give himself a temporary home every now and then, he practiced utilizing his powers with the little free time he had to himself improving slowly but surely... Though this all changed when he had heard of a "demon girl" who lived in a particularly forboding mansion, it made him wonder if he could talk with her, and if she was the threatening person the townsfolk deemed her to be... Perhaps he could figure out a way to change her.

    Theme Song: Moonlight Butterfly/Dark Sun Gwyndolin By: Dark Souls OST

    Supplies:Rucksack, Water skin, some canned food (about 5 cans), a worn out dagger with a tattered sheath.

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    Nickname/Name in human form: Cedric Heffington

    Age: 235

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'3"

    Form in
    Zaebanohn realm
    Link: http://www.deivcalviz.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/progress/deiv_calviz_demon_cresil.jpg
    [​IMG] Human Form His eyes are red in both forms.
    Species: Unknown (We’ll discover it together)

    Personality: Selfish he likes to do anything that gets what he wants or works in his advantage. He is very intelligent he plans out may things before he follows through with them and he looks at any possibility to make it an advantage for him. Trickster he uses his knowledge to manipulate others and he loves to make them think and make them feel as if they might have lost it. (He doesn't always enjoy toying with people’s minds to make them crazy but he does sometimes just for the fun of it.)

    Abilities/Powers: He controls Darkness and Fire for this is he's specialty of his realm.

    Strength: Stealth, Close Range Combat, using fire to his will unless it is in the control of another. Prudence,Creativity, independent, and multiplicative.

    Weakness: Light mostly sunlight he doesn't mind candle light but he also is not a fan of electric light (ex: flashlight) He will usually have something with a hood if he is out in the day, not being able to control fire under the control of another. Listening he doesn’t pay attention to what others have to say usually unless it will give him an advantage. Raven he’s not sure why but he’s afraid of her if she is able to escape his curse. And he is also worried of what she could be if she ever gains larger attributes of her demon half (who knows what is waiting inside her*this is his thought on the matter*)

    Prime Fear: Losing his new realm to Raven, or anyone else. (He’s not sure why but he is, and he’s manly afraid that it would be Raven).

    Backstory: Cedric always was obsessed with power. He made many deals that made him grow in power. He made a deal which promised his old man to a demon in exchange for strange powers of his own. No one knows what he is, for they never met his father or mother. (No one but Cedric knows what happened to his mother.) Many that have met him are eminently afraid but there are some who aren’t. Cedric always had a specialty of making friends with said to be evil creatures some were and others weren’t but those who weren’t would usually end up being fouled into losing something very valuable to them.

    Cedric was great friends with Raven’s father and mother. Her mother didn’t fully trust him but because of Zaebanohn she never showed it. When Raven’s mother was killed Cedric knew who sent the mob and why they thought she was evil because of her husband because he had sent them. He knew his friend would be devastated and would wish to protect his precious beautiful daughter (yes she though Raven was beautiful but he didn’t love her or at least if he did he would never admits it not even to himself). He told Zaebanohn that he would willingly protect her while he was gone working on one condition he gave up his domain. Zaebanohn accepted gratefully. He knew this meant he would never see his daughter again because if he gave up his domain he would be trapped for eternity for that was the conditions that Cedric asked to go with the domain. And once he accepted and quickly realized what Cedric was asking after he had accepted. Cedric had already done everything as soon as their hands meet for the confirmation of the deal. This way there would be no possible way to stop him for he had planned all of this.

    Supplies: When he is human he carries a sword with a black dragon handle. The blade is silver and is three feet six inches long. He also keeps a dark book of spells and curses with him at all times even if it seems he does not carry it. He also has a skull necklace.

    Theme Song: I've Got Friends On The Other Side From: Princess and The Frog

    Extra Information: He is afraid of Raven for even though she has showed little signs of being part demon he feels one day she may grow a demon form. He is also afraid of her powers that she now possess and what she might possess because of her father he knows that most half demons has the same powers as the parent and sometimes more he also knows that they are usually stronger than the parents.

    He has many other friends that he does trust and there deals are a little more even.

    Many are afraid of him because of his attitude and if they learn his real name they are even more afraid, because they know they learned to much and he is probable about to kill him.

    Cedric’s thoughts on Raven and his Curse: It will keep the girl quiet and out of my way. I may let her sometimes get to know the ones who are curious but that is because she makes killing them much more fun, for I have a greater challenge. I’m glad that she can go into town it tells the villagers that the strange girl who kills incent souls is still alive and living there. This way they don’t go wondering around pointlessly. It’s also fun to watch her during thunder storms. I can’t believe she’s afraid of them I love to see her fear in the dark of the castle. My curse I feel gives me many advantages that only I know about and I do not feel like sharing.

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    Character Sheet
    Name: Sepiroth Anramath Silencia
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Height: 6'6
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sepiroth's tall, 6'6, but very thin. Grossly underweight in fact. His skin is very pale, almost snow white and his hair is very long and reaches down to his waist with bangs parted that frame his face. His eyes are cold and blue, with flecks of gold littered in them. His figure is wasp like and slightly curvy, and there are various scarred littered on his body as well as old burns. The oldest scar he has is the circler one that's all the way around his throat. “whoever becomes my husband will see much worse.” Sepiroth often says when people comment upon his state. His face however is untouched, soft and high cheek boned with long eyelashes Sepiroth is easy mistaken for a women- which he actually doesn't mind. If one looks closely at his bare back, they'll make out two deep healed scabs where his wings used to be.

    Sepiroth likes loose fitting clothing and things that leave his shoulders and back bare, he'll also tie his hair in a braid on formal moments. He also likes wearing women's clothes, and rather.. questionable frilly things, though this is a dark secret..

    Species: half breed (Angel/demon if it's okay :] if not.. a half demon :] )
    Personality:In terms of his overall personality, people who first meet him see him as an emotionless and cold man. As well as rather.. shall we say.. unbalanced. People are fairly uneasy around him because he simply doesn’t react to things; he doesn’t try to even contribute to conversations and keeps himself to himself while pushing people away from him. But what people don’t realise that this is not a free will choice (in a sense) of Sepiroth’s but more of a natural reaction from Sepiroth because of the childhood he had.

    He is not very apt at being spontaneous and tends to like strict schedules in his life as well as someone telling him what to do. Mathematics and biology tend to be subjects that Sepiroth has a natural talent with, but then again he takes to all things that lack ‘creativity and expression.’ He’s also not very good with people because he lacks social skills.

    He’s not a man to form friendships easy or any form of relationship for that matter, often preferring to keep himself to himself. Many people mistake this for arrogance due to his level of intelligence; however the real reason is because he’s scared to allow people to get close to him- physically and emotionally- just in case they hurt him. To Sepiroth there is nothing worse than being betrayed by someone you love and trust, for that kind of betrayal is sharper than any kind of knife.
    In terms of emotion he shows nothing, it’s very rare if he even reacts to something.. be it pain, anger, sorrow, happiness.. no matter what it is, Sepiroth will not react towards it.. for he is a man of logic, he sees emotions as nothing more than senseless hindrances.. so he tries his best to block them out and in his own words. “Kill such worthless defects.” He tends not to like people who show an overt amount of emotion or act dramatic because it undermines logic and seems like a selfish grab at attention. That being said, if he meets someone he truly likes.. he will overlook their emotional flaws.

    He’s also very insecure about himself-due to his upbringing- and sees himself as ugly, fat, worthless, an abomination that should not exist, and other various things. If someone does a good job of something, Sepiroth will praise them.. but if he does a good job of something he’ll think it was a worthless attempt at doing something and that he can’t do anything right because he’s a failure.
    He also finds it very hard to accept praise or be praised, because he’s simply not used to it. though this is a weakness of his, since he never truly believes people mean what they say when they praise him for something. Yet he’ll always accept negative comments because it’s what he’s used to, yet positive ones make him very uneasy.

    strange habits he has include not liking people watch him eat and never looking anyone in the eye unless he gets used to them or feels semi at ease around them, when talking to some women or about his father a slight stutter will enter his voice and he will often get a lost and distant look with his eyes showing an extreme level of emotional distress and pain. if he sees blood it soothes him and his body will go limp and totally relax, he will also try to lick it up from wherever it is or try to drink the blood directly from the wound of someone if he’s comfy with them. this is not something Sephy can help doing, though he frantically tries to stop himself from doing it. He also digs his nails into his arms when in thought. He also hates being touched.

    Abilities/Powers: He has a very operatic singing voice that can charmed weak willed people.. kinda like a Siren'..

    Strength: Logical, agile, good marksmen, independent
    Weakness: Cold, not very strong, mentally unstable, not good with others, insecure
    Prime Fear: *runs through list of fears * hmm.. it's a hard choice.. let's say dolls.

    Backstory: “why do you wish to know? I'm afraid it is something I will not talk about to just anyone. I do not want your looks of pity! I do not want to relive my shame, I do not want to relive my past. Do not look at me like that! I have the right to keep my mouth shut, why must I bare my soul to the world? I will not. I will not.. unless I know you, then you will know nothing about me. I will not let any fool say I wish to wallow in self pity like a pig in mud!”

    Supplies: a lace choker, hair brush and a single white rose.

    Theme Song: Choir Jail from Dusk maiden or amnesia
    Extra Information:
    • he's a very defensive person with trust issues
    • don't ask him about his family or father
    • I have a slight obsession with him, he's my most favorite character ever :]


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    Name: Desperado Vicentus

    Age: 19 years of age, birth date : March 8th 1996

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'2


    Species: Half-Atlantean

    Personality: He remains calm and shows little to no emotion, unless he is around a woman that he finds rather attractive. He is an incredibly mysterious individual who seems to be very caring and kind hearted. He typically chooses not to speak to people due to the fact that he thinks quite a few people are out to kill him for no specified reason at all.

    Abilities/Powers: Gargantuan physical strength in all aspects, including speed and nimbleness. Since he is half atlantean his racial abilities include exceptional swimming capabilities, the ability to survive for extended amounts of time in a body of water. Much more physically resistant skin then the average human. Due to his past, heavily damaged pain receptors.

    Strength: Being that he was a monk exiled from the temple it is only to be expected that martial arts and close combat specialization will occur. Very heavily impulsive and being that he has the ability to sense aura, that is radiated by all living things he is incredibly aware of his surrounding at all times even if he has never in fact visited a vicinity. He has enhanced perception which makes for incredibly swift reflexes, and chain manipulation, as well as nigh-chain creation. The pair of switch blades he carries with him are custom built to be "Snake" like. They can be used at a short- medium range, and the maximum amount of chain that can be manipulated from the switch blades are 30 ft in order to close a distance between himself and an opponent with ease. He is also an incredibly adept gun duelist as well. He learned to ward off evil spirits within the monk temple, to protect himself from being attacked temporarily. By demons as well as poltergeists.

    Weakness: He is not at all very well adapted to ranged forms of combat. He tends to have an incredibly strong mind, but can be easily distracted. Especially by women. Although his skin is hard he can be split in half with ease if you target his cranium. He has very sensitive hearing, due to the fact that he is half Atlantean and a loud enough noise will cause excruciating pain.

    Prime Fear: Never being able to find anyone who will enjoy his company.

    Backstory: He is an ex monk of the shudokai temple, and he was the top of his class when it came to Martial arts. He was one of the very few younger masters of baguazhang. He mastered several martial arts by the time he turned thirteen years of age, and was exiled for violently attacking each and every monk within his temple in an outrage. From there he was casted out, and forced to walk into the modern world. He'd wound up here in search of a new home and temporarily he found it. Before he decided living "outside." at the mercy of mother nature, was his best option.

    Supplies: A pair of brass knuckles that have a spike extending from each and every finger section. With a curved blade that extends a mere 3.25 inches outward in a crescent moon shape. A pair of dual desert eagles, 50 caliber pistols, with a very limited amount of ammunition. Metalloid alloys in a liquidated form as well as a large canister of gun powder, so that he can make his own bullets.

    Theme Song: Beautiful Chinese Music Bamboo Flute 2


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    Name: Marissa (last name unknown)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'4

    Appearance:Human Form [​IMG] Shadow Form [​IMG]
    Species: Shade

    Personality: Withdrawn and rather quiet at first when one meets her, she's often a very fragile girl but she tries to help the few people that gain her trust with their problems. She's also quite curious to see others around in the forest just as long as there aren't too many others that she begins to feel anxious and eventually fearful.

    The ability to take on all the properties of a shadow, but only when she shifts to her shadow form

    Strength: (3 minimum)
    - Can remain unnoticed by others for extended periods of time
    - Is perceptive to other people's feelings
    - Despite appearances, she is very loyal to the few she deems friends
    - Is almost invisible if in complete (or almost complete) darkness

    Weakness: (3 minimum)
    - If she is in her shadow form she receives burns that worsen the brighter the sunlight she is exposed to and is forcefully reverted to her human form
    - Feels rather uncomfortable in direct sunlight even while in her human form
    - Is mentally fragile; she's very easy to make upset and is often unable to cope with failure to solve a problem if she is left to her own devices
    - Suffers from extreme social anxiety
    - Retains the effects of and the injuries/ailments themselves she suffers when in either form if switched to the other
    - Needs sleep in her human form

    Prime Fear: Being around too many people at once (often times large crowds)

    It's quite a mystery how the strange shadow girl who called herself Marissa came to be, some say she's the "spirit" of a young girl had run away into the Dark Misty hollows a long time ago and never come back. Others say she's just some weird creature that "the girl in the forest" (Raven) created. Marissa doesn't remember much herself, all she remembers is that she had been wandering this lonely forest for who knows how long by now, occasionally she sees a few people venture through it but she never saw any of them again after that. Marissa sometimes ventured outside of the forest when the sun was down, looking at the town nearby which she still hadn't had the courage to visit; there were too many people around for her comfort.

    - A slightly nicked but still use-able army knife (it's reasonably sharp) it was found by her laying in the grass and probably dropped by a villager that had passed through the forest.
    - A small but useful black comb (how do you think she keeps her hair that straight o-o)
    - A rather cute looking stuffed white bunny, something she tended to carry with her out of instinct

    Theme Song: (N/A since I'm in China ;-;)

    Extra Information: Marissa is able to function like any normal human (only in her human form of course) and can eat and drink food and water (but is not required to).. However what she requires if she retains her human form for enough is sleep, and often times she does so during the day. Any items she's carrying gains the properties of a shadow as well when she does (in her shadow form) until they're dropped from her grasp, this is because anything she comes in physical contact with does too, but only when she's in her shadow form.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Alphonse Vienna

    Age: Looks 21, is actually 53

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6 ft.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Species: Elven Vampire

    Personality: Very Suave, he is determined to change the idea that vampires are large womanizers, so he seeks to find a bride to keep forever. His determination is only trumped by his hate towards all things evil [despite being a vampire, which in some cases is considered a form of evil]

    Abilities/Powers: Has superhuman jumping, running, and climbing abilities. Can turn into a swarm of bats and appear a distance away. His bite will bestow vampirism [duh]

    Strength: Very persuasive. Physically Strong thanks to Vampirism. Very Good Swordsman.

    Weakness: The Sun. Easily angered in the presence of evil. Wooden and silver weapons.

    Prime Fear: Becoming Evil or appearing Evil.

    Backstory: Alphonse was bitten when he was 21 years old. Ironically enough, the vampire was his mother. She had bitten by another vampire earlier that year and decided to wait until her boy was of age to be bitten. She was later killed by the townspeople. Alphonse was not killed because nobody could bring themselves to kill the boy when he wasn't performing any evil and didn't have control over his situation. He started maturing in his mind at a much faster rate, knowing that he mustn't be like that man who bit his mother. As he continued to live in the town, he continued to have many friends there, as everyone knew he was a "Good Vampire" Some might even say people treated him like he wasn't a vampire. Though he knew that in the back of their minds they always feared him slightly. Though he didn't find that all bad, as he didn't know if at some point his vampirism might overtake him and he would be forced to do evil, in which case he wouldn't care if he died, as long as the people were safe.

    Supplies: His favorite sword, His enchanted magic-proof jacket with regular clothes underneath, packets of animal blood stored in the side pockets of his jacket. Food for other beings in his inside pockets.

    Theme Song: A Vampire's Lullaby

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Vincent Carne, called Bones by his friends, which is himself.

    Age: 500, looks 19

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'6"

    Appearance: Human, skinny, tall, dressed in all black, solid blue eyes. Feline, black with white stripes, blue eyes, ranging in size from house cat to tiger.

    Species: Shadow Daimon (also called a Shadow Spirit)

    Personality: Friendly, bold, and quite the trickster. Animals seem to be uncomfortable around him, felines love him, and spiders obey him. Doesn't mind killing, though he avoids it if he can.

    Abilities/Powers: Able to move around inside of shadows and enter into peoples dreams. He can communicate with certain animals, ones connected with darker powers. Able to appear as a human, feline, or spider.

    Strength: Immune to harm when melded with the shadows, able to blend in almost anywhere easily, can manipulate shadows to hide, and has increased physical strength with a larger feline form. Great increase in strength and awareness when in any spider form.

    Weakness: Fire, if caught on fire he can't meld with shadows and thus can be injured by even simple humans. If in someone's dream when they wake up, he'll be trapped in their mind until they go to sleep, or die. He doesn't like putting others in danger and will put himself in harms way to protect his friends, or innocents. Daimons of light, and higher powers can combat him directly even if he tries to shadow meld.

    Prime Fear: Fire.

    Backstory: Born into the dark realm of shadow daimons, Vincent Carne lived the first hundred years of his life developing his dark powers. Have manifested enough strength to travel to the realm of greater beings he waited until an eclipse and came to Earth. The people he met knew something was wrong with him, and he thus became an outcast. In retaliation he started pranking people, bad people. There are tales all around of giant spiders, or monstrous panthers, and he's responsible for one or two of them. Traveling around he makes his home in what is considered "creepy" homes, adding to the idea of ghost hauntings. Having heard about the Dark Misty Hallows stories he decided to see if there was any truth in them. It was time for him to move on anyways, this Sleepy Hollow or what whatever was attracting too much attention.

    Supplies: A sack of glitter, obsidian dagger, Garnet necklace, and a flashlight, (torch for my British english brethren.)

    Theme Song: Darkness By: evil nightcore

    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling about your character?)
    Has minor knowledge about many different paranormal entities. Friends with several of them including, but not limited to, ghosts, witches, vampires (dracula type, not sparkle type), red hats, haints, demons, angels, and some others.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: William Scott Jacobson

    Age: 1,053

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'7"

    Appearance: Originally a kind-hearted, handsome man, he later began to perform experiments on himself, causing physical, and, later, emotional deformation. He walks with slightly uneven shoulder blades and a limp. He has heavily scarred features, on almost every inch of his skin. This results in him walking around almost completely covered in clothing. His skin is a light shade of grey. He possesses short fangs and has deep, red eyes.

    Species: Vampire.

    Personality: He is cunning and incredibly intelligent. He is also insane. William is prone to quick mood swings. He is occasionally rather kind and loving, but he is usually- almost always- violent and angry. This leads to him viciously lashing out at those around him. Despite his occasionally kind nature, he does not feel and never shows remorse for his actions. He tends to favor some animal traits (this has to do with his insanity, mostly).

    Abilities/Powers: He is capable of running at great speeds and is physically enhanced, due to his experiments, beyond that of even his 'brethren'. His age gives him much more experience in the world. He has a genius scientific intellect. He has enhanced senses. Due to just innate magical abilities and his favoring of the power of deception, he is able to camouflage himself as humans he has seen before.

    Strength: Genetic experimentation has left him with many enhanced abilities, including reflexes, strength, senses, and speed. His intellect gives him access to many great technologies, due to the fact that he can make them himself. His animalistic traits carry over into hunting tactics (he will often pounce many yards at prey, or will stalk them). He is capable of many horrible things due to his remorselessness.

    Weakness: His insanity and animalistic tendencies cloud his better judgement often. His physical deformities are a soft-spot for him, though pointing them out will most likely get you killed. He is almost incapable of empathy. William's almost bipolar actions will ruin some plans due to changes of heart.

    Prime Fear: Being captured by humans.

    Backstory: Born a farm-boy, he was bitten by a Vampire a matter of years after his birth in a raid by the species. It was sheer luck that he wasn't killed as well, resulting in him growing up on his own. As he grew older, he began to develop scientific curiosity, often finding animals and performing small experiments on them before nursing them back to health. It started that way, but it grew less and less innocent as time went by. He began to experiment on people; specifically the ones he had brought in for a meal. As he tested things on them and saw the improvements, he'd enlist surgeons to do the things to himself. After enduring this excruciating pain for hundreds of years, he lost his minds.

    Thus began his reign as a serial killer. Which, along with continuing to enhance himself, has all he's been doing for hundreds of years. Every fifteen years, a man in his thirties is found strung up by his neck, completely cut to pieces. The place of this is random, but it has come to be expected.

    Supplies: Clothing. Small ceremonial dagger. Metal gloves with sharpened 'claws'.

    Theme Song: Animal I have Become By: Three Days Grace


    Show Spoiler
    Name: Vincent Carne, called Bones by his friends, which is himself.

    Age: 500, looks 19

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'6"

    Appearance: Human, skinny, tall, dressed in all black, solid blue eyes. Feline, black with white stripes, blue eyes, ranging in size from house cat to tiger.

    Species: Shadow Daimon (also called a Shadow Spirit)

    Personality: Friendly, bold, and quite the trickster. Animals seem to be uncomfortable around him, felines love him, and spiders obey him. Doesn't mind killing, though he avoids it if he can.

    Abilities/Powers: Able to move around inside of shadows and enter into peoples dreams. He can communicate with certain animals, ones connected with darker powers. Able to appear as a human, feline, or spider.

    Strength: Immune to harm when melded with the shadows, able to blend in almost anywhere easily, can manipulate shadows to hide, and has increased physical strength with a larger feline form. Great increase in strength and awareness when in any spider form.

    Weakness: Fire, if caught on fire he can't meld with shadows and thus can be injured by even simple humans. If in someone's dream when they wake up, he'll be trapped in their mind until they go to sleep, or die. He doesn't like putting others in danger and will put himself in harms way to protect his friends, or innocents. Daimons of light, and higher powers can combat him directly even if he tries to shadow meld.

    Prime Fear: Fire.

    Backstory: Born into the dark realm of shadow daimons, Vincent Carne lived the first hundred years of his life developing his dark powers. Have manifested enough strength to travel to the realm of greater beings he waited until an eclipse and came to Earth. The people he met knew something was wrong with him, and he thus became an outcast. In retaliation he started pranking people, bad people. There are tales all around of giant spiders, or monstrous panthers, and he's responsible for one or two of them. Traveling around he makes his home in what is considered "creepy" homes, adding to the idea of ghost hauntings. Having heard about the Dark Misty Hallows stories he decided to see if there was any truth in them. It was time for him to move on anyways, this Sleepy Hollow or what whatever was attracting too much attention.

    Supplies: A sack of glitter, obsidian dagger, Garnet necklace, and a flashlight, (torch for my British english brethren.)
    Theme Song: darkness By: Evil Nightcore

    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling about your character?)
    Has minor knowledge about many different paranormal entities. Friends with several of them including, but not limited to, ghosts, witches, vampires (dracula type, not sparkle type), red hats, haints, demons, angels, and some others.

    Show Spoiler
    Name: Zekiel Sandyr

    Age: 15 or in human years, 150


    Appearance: Palladium-silver hair, some strands of metallic red, elf ears, red tail, deep red eyes, has a huge mark on his back, (family crest) scar across his face, diagonal from bottom left to upper right

    Species: Neko-demon, some elvish, instead of neko ears, inherited elvish ears but kept the tail

    Personality:Usually kind, Zekiel is very competitive, good-natured, and is a clever thinker at some times. The rest will be learned as we progress into the RP.

    Abilities/Powers: Power of mind reading, fire manipulation, and communication to ghosts.

    Strength: Agility,strength,speed, and stealth

    Weakness: Light for his age, afraid of the dark, clumsy, but never with his weapon., also, easily scared

    Prime Fear: The Darknesssssssss (he'll eventually go insane in left in there too long... and if he does, he goes AWOL with his demon powers, eventually killing himself in the process)

    Backstory: Zekiel was a normal neko, never knowing about his Demon heritage, until in a dream, he was told about his heritage and he'd asked his mother about it. She confirmed, that in fact, his father wasn't only Elven, but he was a descendant of a demon. It was only until then that he wanted to travel somewhere he could feel in tune with his newly discovered powers of fire and ghost-speak, and so, he ended up at this place with random people he'd never met. (Sorry, couldn't think much of a backstory)

    Supplies: Carries a scythe-sword made with an incredibly strong material, can transform into either also can fold into a large cube to put into the bag ; gym bag; 3 bottles of water, 2 loaves of bread (4 invslots) and a single spirit warding necklace. equaling 10

    Theme Song:► 3:56 and TRANSFORMERS THEME SONG (Ft. Game Grumps ...


    Characters Killed
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    Miria Iceglaze
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  2. Raven got up and went over to a calender on her bedroom wall. 'Great it's that day again. I have to go into town to get more supplies. Man I hate my life.' She went to gather what she need to go out which was just what she liked to wear almost everyday or at least the days she didn't feel like staying in the house, and mostly in bed. She moved out of her room and went down the stairs. She heard something at the door and she opened it slowly. In came Blinx. "Hello Raven what are you getting ready to do?" "It's that time once more Blinx you know time to go into town and come back. Hope that Cedric doesn't do anything to make things worse in my life." "Ah yes of course. So do you want back up? I'd love to get to go with you it's always nice to go with you farther out than your forest." "Sure why not it will be nice to have a friend who knows the real me." "What do you mean?" "It's nothing now lets go I heard rumor from the birds the other day of a storm coming in, and it doesn't sound like just rain but a full storm with thunder and lightning." Raven shuddered at the thought. "Yeah it did smell like it yesterday. If it seems like it is I'll stay with you till it passes okay." "Okay Blinx you really are a great friend." And with that they were off. Once they entered town they began to look for things Raven would need for the next six months. As they walked closer to the market in town Raven and Blinx began to over hear faint conversations. They sounded like the usual to the both of them. Far away men were talking and saying. "There over there. The girl is back we must stay as far away as we can from her or she might curse us and kill us like the others." "Yeah your right." "Hey what's with that cat? She's had him with her two others times that she has come out into the town." "I don't know but I do believe that if it's hers than the cat is pure evil." "Yeah you said it." Raven just keep walking for she had been use to this but she did notice Blinx stop and saw his hair starting to stand on end. She bent down not caring what else these fools said and whispered in to Blinx's ear so that only he could hear her and she knew her voice would probable sooth him like this. She said, "Ignore these bastards there insignificant fools. They do not know what we do and they would never understand the truth. Leave them be for if you attack it would prove there ridiculous thoughts and make me and you look as they believe. Remember that I know who you are and that they don't matter. Blinx remember your my best and basically only friend and I couldn't ask for a better one." Blinx relaxed at this and replied to her. "I may be your only friend but I'm sure one day you'll make some much better than me. Now lets hurry and get your things before the storm hits. I know you won't wish to be out here." "That's true let's go." They once more began there search for supplies.
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  3. Theodore Edwards didn't look like he was in good shape, his clothes were tattered, and his backpack was worn. He'd been homeless for years now, he roamed the streets looking for something to do when a large amount of whispering about a girl being a demon, and many other rather rude things caught his attention. He pushed through the crowd trying to find out more when he bumped right into that girl. "O-oh... S-sorry about that!" He stutters, quite clearly caught off guard. "She doesn't look nearly as threatening as those rude people made her out to be..." He thought to himself as he regained his composure.
  4. She turned to the man also caught off guard and said,"Your... fine..."She looked at Blinx who rubbed her leg for convert. He meowed "Let's try and finish before your asked to many things. He might be like them." And with that she began to perches some more items mostly food items and was getting fruit from the fruit stand. She began to get some extra just in case she got unexpected company because she felt like it might be one of those nights. And looked at the man once more before she headed off. Once more she heard more conversation from the foolish men in town. "Did you see that?" "Yeah, she didn't kill him." "I wonder why?" "Who knows probable so she can lure him into her home and kill him were none of us can hear." "Yeah your probable right." "Guys shut up she's looking at us." They grew quiet out of fear of if she can hear them and what she might do to them. She went over to the vegetable stand and began to look at vegetables she was kinda nervous from bumping into the man for she wasn't sure who he was and if she had ever seen him before, but she knew that was likely because of her only able to come in town every six months. Blinx looked at her and meowed, "Are you okay? You don't look to great." She nodded and keep looking. "Are you sure?" She nodded at him again when the man selling the items wasn't looking. She looked at the sky and then at the man and ask quietly "Do you sir know how bad this storm might be?" "No I'm afraid not missy. And could I interest you in come of are finest cabbage." "She replied,"Yeah some cabbage would be nice thank you." While she waited she looked back up at the sky and began to get worried as the storm seemed to grow closer and closer.
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  5. Nothing was ever enough.
    As if this world had so much more to offer to a mere human. Or for anything else out of the category.
    People will always be judgemental no matter what You do.

    After all, you are just a Prey in this War. Captive and not able to move, everyone starring at you.
    Those evil eyes never will they stop judging who you are or what you've become, purely because it is out of their knowledge or comprehension.

    Stupid humans.
    They will never understand.

    Miriam stepped carefully on the ground, inside the town as her friend flew above. Checking if anything were to happen.
    The skies begun to to change colours, a new storm approaching soon.
    Her senses told her so. Everything was real.

    Miriam hold right her backpack at her back, her hazel eyes now scanning the small market shops. Not that she needed anything for now. She simply was investigating.

    The whispering started soon, as she reached some vegetables stand. They never stopped.
    A low sigh escaped her lips, coming to a stop where a girl stand by.
    The whispers getting stronger and louder, wondering what they talk about.

    Why would they say such things?
    Did they even know her?
    Idiots indeed.

    Miriam turn at her left, grabbing some oranges and study them carefully.
    Her eyes shifted the colour to a deep orange tone, around the iris with black shades.

    " You know.. These oranges are actually very pale.
    I've seen better.
    Even the sky agrees with me.."

    Miriam spoke, looking at the girl now with her eyes not changing the tone. Obviously, even with the whispering going around, Miriam didn't care much.
    AfterAll, she always give a chance to new people. Being to much judgemental was not in her nature.

    Only one thing matter at that time.
    Not getting wet from the upcoming storm.

    Oh, and also.. Buy those stupid, pale oranges.


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  6. The whispering started back up again as Theodore roamed around the market, buying a basket full of fresh fruits and vegetables with some extra change he had, the whispering really started to bug him. "Why talk about that one girl all the time? What do THEY have against her.... She hadn't done anything wrong..." He thought to himself quite frustrated with hearing the whispering... He knew he had to do something. "Please... Stop judging her like that." Theodore whispered his words were just barely heard by the people surrounding her, they just seemed to laugh and continue on, completely ignoring him. It wasn't much of a surprise, no-one ever listens to a "bum", he let out a sigh and walked through the crowd again, this time being careful not to bump into the girl. He glanced at her with a pitiful but an understanding look... He knew all too well how it felt, he too had been shunned like that before he had learned how to hide his power, but what was her reason for being shunned? In either case he knew it probably wasn't too easy on her, and without much thinking he placed the basket he was carrying into her free hand quietly before he began walking away again. Perhaps she needed that more than he did really, he wasn't really feeling too hungry today anyways...
  7. "Umm... Yeah I guess." She replied shyly to a girl who came up beside her looking at oranges. She also gave a slight shuddered at the mention of the up coming storm. Then the man who bumped into her had slipped her his basket which she knew she needed less than he or so to her it seemed. She quickly tried to get his attention and said,"Umm...Sir your basket... I believe you handed it to me by mistake..." She figure her reply might be hopeless but she had to try. And she looked at Blinx real quick for any suggestions and he just shrugged.
  8. ~Garrus Aldafi~
    It's shopping day today! Garrus thought to himself as he walked his way into the Market. He first went to salvage some small collectibles out of his bag and turned them to Gaza, the only merchant who would give him money for this stuff. "Here you go, here's some payment as usual. Oh! I just love these things! i would steal them myself but I have a job to do. Haha!" He smiled back at him and went to buy some things. Hopefully they might sell peaches today! He smiled at the thought, he loved the sweet taste of peaches, but they cant be grown here, not in this climate anyways. so he had to wait months until someone would import them, but the market's quite big, so there's always a good chance to find them.
    Sure enough he found some.
    They were in one of the first stalls, facing the entrance. His tail waved left and right as he decided on which peach looked the best to buy, and purchased one. Sure, it took out a third of his funds, but it was worth anything for a peach. Just then, he saw the man who was selling his wares back away from him he pointed behind him. Garrus turned around to find the absolute most prettiest woman he had ever seen, with crisp, blue hair, with big eyes to match. She also has a grey-ish cat with her, It looked cute, and He looked at the 'mini-mee' with a smile.
    He could possibly be friends with the 'mini-mee', that would be nice.
    She was being talked and whispered badly and negatively about by most people, but a few people acted nice-ish. One person bumped into her, one gave her a basket (or was that the same person?) and another spoke up in her defense, saying,"Please... Stop judging her like that." Although almost everybody didn't even recognize the person, and the rest laughed at him. Mainly because he was homeless, much like Garrus himself. Despite the friendly efforts, the negative side overpowered the friendly side. Making her seem evil.
    However, she did seem familiar, although Garrus couldn't point a finger on it. As for his views at the girl, he never met her. So he cannot be judgmental about the...odd...situation. Although he feels her pain a little, for first of all, he was considered 'unintelligent' by most other people because he purposelessly missed the easiest questions given, so that people can think of him as 'stupid' but that's not what bothers him. Its the racism. being the only 'Cat in town, and the only people that liked him for who he is are gone, he gets terrorized by them, it's not nice at all.
    And thus, is why he has come to like what most people come to hate, the forest.
    He stared at the woman, gave a smile towards her way, and took a bite out of the peach.
    It was the sweetest peach he had thus far.
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  9. Raven had given up with the basket and began to look through it. Blinx noticed the man who looked like a human cat. He knew of this kind because he had relatives who said that they were kin through one of there great great great ancestor or something like that. He began to tug on Raven's pants leg but she didn't bugged so he jumped onto the vegetable stand and before anyone could say something he was on Raven's shoulder. He whispered "Look at that man. Is't h the boy you once told me of?" Raven turned and noticed the boy smile at her. She smiled back unsure on why. She answered Blinx "Yeah I feel like I know him from some where but I'm not sure. Maybe he's the same cat I meet that one day. I was so caught off guard to see such an injured creature. I had to do something and well I looked to see if there were others and well there was none just a building that was in complete flames. I'm just glad I was there at such a time or he might not have made it." She looked at him while he ate his peach wondering if he really was the same person from that day. She looked up at the sky and knew it was time for her to start heading back. *Sigh* "Come on Blinx we have to go." She made Blinx get of her shoulder and they began to walk out of the village towards home. She stopped and turned to see what she would not be able to return to for yet another six months and sighed once more. She let her self become lost in thought for a few moments before heading off and they were. 'I wonder who the man I bumped into twice to day was he wasn't afraid of me. And then I think the girl looking at the oranges had tried and stand up for me. I wonder why? And that boy he looks so familiar, and grown up from last we meet if what I believe is true. I hope none of them try to get into any trouble especially because of me I don't even know them but I feel like one day I might and that worries me.'
  10. sepbanner.png
    he walks slowly, casting a skyward gaze. He walks firmly, undaunted in his task. He walks elegantly, as though he's dancing. He walks slowly, towards the market. His mission of the day is an important one, so important in fact that it cannot be stalled or pushed back. Sepiroth is to design a wedding dress.

    As a freelance tailor, he takes his work very seriously. Pale fingers glide over fabric and caress it gently as he picks the right one, the sounds of the market fade to a soft drone. He smiles sadly to himself as he picks the fabric and carries it out, he looks around thoughtfully. He pulls out a piece of paper with the notes of the design of the dress, and a drawn picture of the body of the women who wants it.

    “material, check.. design, check.. model.. no..” he looks around, what he needs is a women to aid him create the dress so it becomes a perfect fit. He runs his hands through his white hair as he tries to work out where he'd find one, he casts his gaze around and sees a young women.. buying oranges. He tilts his head and walks up towards her.

    “excuse me..” he says softly. “I was wondering if you could help me, by modelling a dress I need to make..”
  11. Blinx looked up at Raven and said "Hey anyone home? Earth to Raven. Remember that storm? It's getting closer and I think I saw some flash lightning. We should be getting outta here don't you think?" Finally Raven broke away from her thoughts it was because she heard Blinx say something about storm and lightning. She looked around realizing she was still in the market. She whispered so only Blinx could hear and none of the villagers would "Sorry I had zoned out because of events from earlier." She looked up to see what Blinx was talking about with the storm and she saw three flashes of lighting. "Ye... Yeah...yo...your...right...we...need...to...go...It's...getting...closer." She was begin to feel terrified thanks to the lightning she knew what that meant a thunderstorm and she was afraid of them. She looked to see the path that led to her home within Dark Misty Hallows. 'Ah good I'm really close to it. Once no one can see me I'll bolt home.' She went over to the spot still ignoring the villagers and what they said. She went on the road keeping as much cool, and calmness as she could muster. She began to walk on the narrow road to her home and once she was finally out of sight she let her calm fade and sprinted as fast as she could using the shadows as an ally to her home and bolted all the way into her room after she had put everything quickly away. Once she was gone the villagers began more of their conversations from earlier and one group continued to talk about her. "Good she's gone back from once she came." "Yeah but it's only for the next six months." "Yeah that's true unless we find someone who is willing to take care of her and get rid of her once and for good." "Shh... We don't want many to here you. You might have said to much." The men began to slightly whisper. "I don't think I've said enough. We need someone to stop her from killing us villagers. Were completely innocent she has no right." "Well maybe not but she only kills when we get near her home and stay for to long." "True but still we must get rid of her." "Yes I agree."
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  12. Theodore glanced back at the girl, but by then she was already gone, the other villagers were whispering again. He managed listen in on their conversations, and sure enough, they were talking about the girl again. From what he heard, the girl had gone back to her home for another 6 months, but they wanted someone to take care of her once and for all since she had been killing others who had stayed too long at her home. It was understandable why really, he himself had felt anger at the others who shunned him all the time too, and sometimes he did think about killing them... He'd rather not think about what had happened when he started to give in to those thoughts, they were not fond memories he'd like to reflect on. Theodore thinks for a moment, contemplating to himself if he should get involved with this and stepped into the crowd of villagers and took a deep breath gathering his courage "I-i'll do it, I'll find a way to stop the killings... Just tell me where her house is." he told them, trying to keep his voice steady despite his nervousness. The girl wasn't as dangerous as everyone made her out to be, but he figured it would be a good idea to at least help her settle her differences with the villagers in a peaceful manner.
  13. The men turned to a boy. "Ah yes." "A volunteer great!" "The girl lives withing Dark Misty Hallows." The third man pointed over to a road that led into the woods. "Just fallow that road and you'll eventually see her home." "Good luck when you get there and try not to fall for any of her wicked tricks." "And are you sure you wish to do this young man. For you don't have to you can always turn back before you enter the Castle."
  14. "I have nowhere else left to go anyways." Theodore told the first man curtly before he turned around begins to march off towards the house within the Dark Misty Hollows, he had heard of the place before, lots of ghost related stories usually. It was also the place where his parents had run into that crazy old woman, the one that ended up turning his life upside down, even if it wasn't entirely her fault... As he arrived at the forest, he received an chill down his spine, and an ominous feeling lingered around the area, it made him feel uneasy. However, he remembered the girl was in there somewhere, and she looked like she was quite lonely despite the villagers she had killed that ventured too close to the house. Inhaling and exhaling one last time, he stepped into the forest, letting himself get enveloped by the mist that hung around within it's trees...
  15. The three men watched the boy go within Dark Misty Hallows. And slowly seem to vanish from sight. "I hope he comes back safely." "Yeah maybe this year is the year will finally be rid of her." "Yeah." "Maybe they'll be others who wish to venture into the Dark Misty Hallows to meet the girl. And that way our chances of this working will increase." "Yeah that will be great." They stared at the entrance to the Dark Hallows wondering when the boy would return and who else might wish to venture towards the castle.
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  16. ~Garrus Adalfi~
    Garrus watched as the girl flew fast away, the cat skittering after her trying not to get left behind. At this point, he had finished eating his peach, and was going on his merry way. On his way, he noticed that many of the people seemed relieved and that they began to go about their usual day, as if the storm had passed, even though it was right above them. He also noticed the three men trying to plot against her death, and the fourth one who signed up to kill her as well. She must be an evil woman if she has to be killed just by walking into town. Strange. He thought to himself, and at that thought, he started receiving some bad glances from other people. They must have thought he was evil too, so he paced himself faster and faster out of town, until it looked like he was running for his life from an angry mob.
    He decided to set up camp in the Dark Misty Hallows for the night, a scary place for most, but not for him. He spends a lot of time here, hunting and camping and sleeping. The place is not that scary, if you mind the fog and the dark. The place is quiet in accordance to the town. Sometimes, it's just good to be in quiet places, to clear your mind and to run away from the hustle-and-bustle of the town. Sure it may get desolate at times, but overall, It's homely.
    Garrus found a small clearing from a path was a good place to camp. He gathered a few sticks and rocks, and built a fire out of it using his fire bolt, he got a log and used it as a chair. Just as he sat down...it started raining, and it was really raining. It drenched his fur wet, and it dropped down into his eyes, to the point where it got really annoying and he has to constantly wipe the rain from his eyes in order to see.
    Just then, it appears that...a 'mini-me', a 'Kittten, came strolling across the path next to Garrus, and he just couldn't help but look closer, it too was drenched wet, and looked more like a mop than a 'Kitten. But there it stood, looking as if it were lost. He also seems to see this one before, like with the girl at the market. But that can't be the same one...right? Garrus asked himself. He wiped his eyes once more, as if he can't believe what he is seeing. That girl cannot just leave her like that, besides, the two of them seemed quite attached. With that being into thought, Garrus thought it right to talk to it; "You seem lost little one, is there anything wrong?" He smiled and came up to it, happily.
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  17. Blinx was soaked at this point from the storm. 'Man I can't believe she just left me like that but then again it is a thunderstorm so I kind of understand. Wait who's that? Wasn't he in town earlier?' He heard the larger cat ask "You seem lost little one, is there anything wrong?" Blinx looked at him and replied. "Um sort of. I can't seem to find my way back to my friend's home. She lives deep within this forest and she hates thunderstorms, so I really need to try and get back to her. You haven't seen a castle near here, or a girl run past here by chance have you?" Blinx looked at the bigger cat with hope in his small eyes.
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  18. ~Garrus Aldafi~
    Garrus frowned at it. "I'm afraid I can't say I've seen either one of those, but you are welcome to stay here until the storm passes over." He says as he shoots another firebolt at it to keep it alive in the pouring rain. Blinx looked and was great full for the heat but he was feeling extremely worried about Raven and how she was doing in this storm."Why that's very kind of you, but I really need to find her before this storm gets any worse."
    He kicked his fire, wiped off more rain off of his fur, and looked back at him. "You know what? Sitting in the rain sucks! If where you are going is indoors and isolated, well, I'll help you find this place! Ain't no way I am sitting out here!...Let's follow this path." He pointed to the left of the path, and turned back at the 'mini-me'; "Do you wish to be carried? It won't bother me one bit."
    Blinx looked at him and smiled "The being carried sounds great. Thanks and yes this place is defiantly indoors. Once were there I can probably get her out for you to meet if you want. By the way she's not evil unlike what the town says. Oh and I haven't introduced myself. I'm Blinx nice to meet you."
    "And I'm Garrus Alandi, nice to meet you Blinx." He went down and stretched his hands toward him, and lifted him up. He stroked Blinx's fur as he walked along the path, asking questiones along the way; "So, they say she's not evil, yet this is the first tim I'm hearing about it. Well, serves me right for not catching up with the town news! Alright, she's not evil then? Tell me about her, who is this 'girl' you speak about?"
    "Well the town's people think she is evil, but really it's the man who cursed her. She's my best friend and her name is Raven. She has a tendency to help anyone in trouble or wounded if she can. And the reason I need to get back to her before the storm gets any worse is well... Because she um... She's afraid of thunder and lightning basically the whole concept of a thunderstorm minus the rain. And she's very lonely when I'm not around. Any other questions? I'm willing to answer because well she might not when we get there." Blinx felt calm in the hands of Garrus as he petted him which is why he was so willing to talk. And he felt like maybe it truly was the one Raven mentioned from long ago even if he wasn't there and she didn't think so completely.Garrus took everything Blinx said into thought as he trudged along, the walking got more and more harder as the rain continuously pelted him. But He proceeded to tell Blinx another question. "You mentioned a man cursed her, who is this man?"
    "Well I've never meet him but she calls him Cedric. He has another name but she rarely uses it but she will when she seems furious at him. They don't have good history. And he usually checks in on her every now and again. Also the visits are always random, but he doesn't seem come in the day for some reason. Or at least that's what she has told me. Also I think were almost there I can see some of the castle, but I believe we still have a little to go but were close." Blinx was excited but also saddened that soon the conversation might end he hoped that it would continue for a long time and that maybe Raven would join in for she knew much more about the curse and Cedric than he.Garrus looked up to see the castle, but he also heard faint footsteps behind him, so he picked up the pace a bit, "Well, I still have time for one more question; are you her only friend?"
    "Basically yes. But the other animals do speak to her. I'm just more frequent and well she did help me back to health when my back left leg was broken. And we had just gotten to know each other well in that time. Unlike any of the others that seem to hang around." Blinx looked at Garrus with great curiosity. 'I wonder if he can be her first real friend other than me. He would be more normal for her I think and maybe there close to the same age.'
    With that being said by Blinx, and the sound of footsteps becoming closer, he ran with Blinx into the castle, closed the door, and dropped him before finally plopping to the floor, looking like a golden mop more then a person; "Yeah, unfortunately, I can speak only to you. 'dogs and 'birds will just have to play charades!" He chuckled as he started to close his eyes, looking at he cat. "Go on, now....I'll just...take a nap."
    "Um... Okay would you want me to wake you if I can bring her down to meet you?" Blinx looked at him an waited before he ran to find Raven.
    He nodded a 'yes' in reply to Blinx, and drifted into a nice sleep.
  19. Blinx nodded and went up the stairs. 'I'm guessing she's in her room. Hmm... Wait I can hear her. Is she crying crap I've been gone way to long. Raven I'm coming hang in there your strong I know you can.' He sprinted as fast as he could to her room and meowed. Raven's head turned and she whispered in a choked voice. "Bl...Bli...Blinx...is that... you?" "Yes Raven everything will be okay. Could you let me in?" "Ye...yeah..." She got up off her bed and went to the door to slowly open it. Once more she heard thunder and yelped. "It's okay I'm here." Blinx went up next to her and rubbed her leg. He then went for a toy that he knew Raven's mother had given her. It was a monkey why it was here he had no idea but he was glad he noticed it. "Raven here this might help. Oh and I have a question for you." "What is it Blinx?" "Well you know the boy who looked like a cat." "Huhu yeah. Why?" "Well he's name is Garrus and he helped me get here. And well he's taking a nap down stairs but he would really like to meet you. Would you be willing to go down stairs with me to meet him and thank him for helping me?" Raven looked at Blinx shocked for a long moment. "I guess meeting him and thanking him is only right. But I will not go looking like this. It just wouldn't be good." *sigh* "Could you wait till I clam down a little?" "Yeah sure take your time." Blinx watched Raven as she sat back down on her bed and lay there for about an hour or two. She was partly sobbing for a while the first hour and he had moved near her for convert. now that she was calming down he could tell she was thinking about something.Finally she got up and said. "Okay I'm ready. You can take me to meet him." "Okay follow me." Raven followed behind Blinx to were Garrus was still sleeping. Blinx walked over to Garrus and lightly nudged him to see if this would awaken him. While she waited she held her locket, because it was helping her keep clam with the storm out side that was still pretty bad.

    After a while of thinking he wasn't in a castle and it was all a dream. He was wronged when he woke up to see that he was in a castle, with Blinx, and now with the weird, yet pretty girl from the market, both starring at him, he was still mostly wet from the storm, and when he got up, he left this huge puddle of water on the floor. Still dripping a bit, he scratched the top of his head and talked to Blinx; "Nice to see you again!" he petted Blinx softly on the head and then turned to look at the girl, "And what might your name be? Oh! And here is your 'Kitten'." Raven looked at him and Blinx for a second watching how gently he petted Blinx. "My names Raven. And thank you for bringing my friend safely back. I'm glad Blinx meet you." She then sort of noticed the puddle in the floor. "Oh and your welcome to stay here till the storm ends." He smiled back in reply "Thank you for letting me stay here... Where are the rooms." "They're up stairs on the right. Mine is on the left a little ways down the hall if you need anything." Raven replied. "Okay, and thank you again!" He replied with a friendly gesture. He then went into the room laid himself upon the bed, and immediately fell asleep. "Your welcome and thanks again for helping Blinx." Raven and Blinx quickly followed and went into Raven's room to hit the hay. Once there she lied down and Blinx did right afterwords.
  20. Humans.
    Odd creatures indeed, with specific needs that's for sure.
    Stupid humans.

    Miriam let out a sigh at a the commotion over the girl from before, by looking now over the sky.
    Already thunders cracking into the skies, loudly echoing around the earth. A heavy storm indeed approaching.
    Miriam did not waste to much time, rushing outside the town going to a small path filled with trees. Everything was looking different during the night fall.

    Not that she was scared or anything. Mostly was used to this type of surroundings.
    However, Miriam stepped carefully on the dirty ground, with some leaves crunching under her feet. Her eyes starring forward to see where the path will end, soon realising it was throughout a thick forest.

    " Well, at least it's not raining yet..
    I should keep moving forward. If I keep this path, towards the north I should be out the forest before I know it.."

    Her voice whispering softly, with her feet not stopping from moving across the dark forest. At least her friend flew above her, as in case of something, Miriam would know which way to go.

    Therefore, after a short while, Miriam came to a stop with her left hand touching an old tree. It felt wet and sticky under her fingers, giving her a strange feeling deep inside.
    Her eyes changed to a deep purple shade, now turning behind that tree as if hiding.

    Miriam could hear some footsteps at a distance, with her heart beat pounding loudly. It was like an echo inside her mind.

    Her body did not move for a few moments, trying to figure it out what could it be.
    Another human?
    Definitely not an animal..

    And so, she waited until the steps came closer to her location, ready at any given time to shift into her animal form.


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