Haunted playground swing

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  1. [video=youtube_share;QjrEkG870ko]http://youtu.be/QjrEkG870ko[/video]

    copy pasted from vid description on youtube (open)
    Scientists have reportedly been left baffled by a "haunted" playground swing that rocks backwards and forwards on its own.

    Locals in Firmat, Argentina claim one seat swings nonstop for ten days before stopping dead, while other swings remain still.

    Parents and children are convinced a ghost is to blame for the phenomenon, reports The Sun.

    They reported the swing to police after it began moving four months ago,

    Police officers had to admit they were stumped and called in physics professors but they too failed to find a logical explanation.

    Teacher Maria de Silva Agustina said: "One child called it the Blair Witch Playground. We believe it is haunted."

    Academics have now ruled out magnetic and electrical fields, and winds - and called in ghosthunters

    Probably just the wind....but yeah, I guess it could be ghosts, too -_-

    So Iwaku, tell me....

    Do you believe?

    Not in the haunted swing, but in haunted things in general. Houses, amusement park rides, delis, hotels, whatever? Do you think there are really supernatural powers at work? Or just crazy people with too much time on their hands?

    Did you know supernatural sightings/phenomenon have gone up since employment has gone down in the US? Just saying.
  2. I think places can be haunted, just as long as that place was of importance to the person who died, or if it had suffered a great horror (ie: Chernobyl and places like that). I'm not saying they ALL are, but they could be!

    As for the US thing...yeah, I don't live in the US so I wouldn't know~ :D
  3. Do I believe in ghosts? Yep. Am I gonna elaborate? Not here. :P
  4. I think that almost everything has a reasonable scientific explanation, so I do not really believe in ghosts. The phenomena that is identified with ghosts can be written up to various small things. However, discovering the explanation behind the phenomenon is not always easy, and as such, mysteries, urban legends or other supernatural things are born. Of course, I also get scared when something happens that I can not explain, but if I find a reasonable explanation to it, then it is not scary anymore.
  5. I'm too lame and empirical to believe in supernatural causes. I'm sure it doesn't help that I haven't experienced anything like that, either. Anytime someone took me to a "haunted" part of their home, I couldn't be convinced... I need my evidence. Until then, I think it's all in peoples' minds.

    I am fascinated by the subject, though. I like to hear peoples' stories, read about it, write my own fiction on it... It's good to still be able to enjoy the concept of ghosts, spirits, etc. in a world of imagination. :]
  6. Ghosts are cool.

    They're not real, though.
  7. I believe that places can be haunted by ghosts but I don't really know what the ghosts are. Most people think about ghosts as dead people whose souls are stuck in this world. I don't think it necessarily have to be something like that that is haunting a place. I didn't really start to think about it before two years ago when I did a project in my English class, I were writing a project about ghosts and haunted places in Great Britain. When I read about ghost phenomena I stumbled upon a lot of theories, for example that when we see a ghost we may just be seeing people from an alternative universe that or we see back in time in some way. Maybe it's someones emotions that has been caught in time.

    It's just to google it if you want to know more about such thing :9

    Anyway, yes I believe that some kind of supernatural phenomena exists though I have no idea what it really is. But I also believe that a lot of the hauntings that people says they have experienced is fake.