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    Hotels at night are generally scary places. People in other rooms could be fighting, partying, perhaps even 'hooking up'. But these stop, right?

    Not for the ones who died there.

    All those who have died in the Laurelfield Hotel stay there. Murder or accidental, all the souls of the Dead ones remain in the Hotel. The farthest they can go is across the hallway and to the rooms on either side of them. But mainly they stay in "their" rooms.

    The Spirits can only talk to the Spirits. Spirits can communicate to the Living by way of a sign: Something to do with how they died. The smell of perfume, or decay; A shaking table, flickering lights.

    So the Living are intensely confused. None of the Innkeepers- And the patrons- know what's going on. Nobody is aware of the deaths that occured here. How can you ever "cross over" when nobody can hear you?

    Exceptions appear when someone uses Paranormal equipment. You can speak through those, but speaking through these takes a lot of energy. Make your point short, but known!

    Living or Dead:
    Likes: (who will they allowed in their rooms?)
    Dislikes: (Who will they torture?)
    Cause of Death:
    Paranormal Sign:

    There are 20 Rooms in the Hotel. There can be multiple Spirits in the same room.

    (The roleplay thread will be made once a few people join.)
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