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  1. Hey guys, so I don't know how many of you know I work at a haunted house as an actor. And since we still have a few weeks left at the haunted house, I figured I'd like to make a thread about what us Haunt Actors would like to say to customers when it comes to Haunt Etiquette. A customer to an employee;

    Please do not heckle the actors. Many times I find myself with that one group that doesn't shut up. They won't let me scare. They won't let me do my job because they are acting a fool. It's often the groups that think they are being smart. It's not fun for the people who came in to enjoy themselves when you're pointing to a contortionist in my room calling out to her, "hey beautiful". and when she responds in contorting towards you in an "aggressive" body motion to continue, "just want your number, no need to get angry" and then laugh with your friends.

    Which kind of segways into another. Please avoid coming to a haunted house stone or drunk off your ass. It makes the whole experience enjoyable for everyone. For the groups in front of you who don't get a full scare because your drunk ass thinks you're being really funny right now. And it ruins it for the actors because they are doing their best at the time.

    You know being a haunted house actor isn't all fun and games like everyone thinks. They don't realize how much hard work it really takes. Months to build a character. Weeks to get the character down in the room you're given. In a job that is extremely physically demanding. Shoot, I'm jumping on medical gurneys, getting on top of things I shouldn't be, I use my voice quite often. There's been actors I've known who've blown out their voices, some actors have busted their knees doing this kind of work.

    We want to give you guys all the best time. I also recommend two other things;

    If you want to walk through and look at the sets. Come on off nights. That's a weekday like Thursday or a weekend like Sunday. They are often our slowest nights. Our busiest nights are often Friday and Saturday.

    And you don't know how much it slows up larger sums of people when you're walking a breakneck turtle pace. And then laugh at a haunted house actor when they tell you need to start moving. I'm not telling you to move, get going to be funny. I'm saying it because you're walking at a break neck pace and I got another group coming in shortly. Whose going to slam into you. And you just slow down the rest of the groups in congo lines that way.

    If you want to come for the theatrics and walk slow, come on the off nights, where we're often slow, with less crowds, and we'll often engage in more dialogue with you. let you look around.

    But on our busiest nights, Friday and Saturdays. Please don't walk like a turtle. And look at the sets then and now.

    That was all. Nothing bad. Just some thoughts and considerations. To make your haunted house experience better overall.
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