Hatred In My Blood (FxM) (Doubling Encouraged)



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Hello Iwaku RPers,
It's me, Sukai. I have many ideas in my mind, but I think the one that is most prevalent is the idea of betrayal and punishment. Lately, that's something I've been thinking about. But let's get to the plots, shall we?

Plot Idea #01: A vampire princess who rules the Moon is betrayed by her human lover and seeks to get revenge on him by making a deal with Satan. Satan sends one of his spawn, his son Lucifer and Sukai who is the heartbroken and embarrassed princess and now the laughing stock of the other planetary princesses and princes; is hell-bent on punishing her human ex. She and Lucifer become close friends, in the process of tormenting the human who broke her heart. Sadly, as Lucifer begins falling for Sukai; it is revealed that she is part Angel. A fallen angel, meaning that she is meant to return to Earth and eventually make peace with her ex. Which sucks, a lot for Lucifer. And yes, bad/clever puns are welcome!

Plot Idea #02: A student-teacher relationship gone horrendously wrong. Instead of the handsome, older, engaged professor getting away with seducing Sukai, he becomes a slave to her physical and psychological love; as well as her psychological tormenting. The Professor is ruined and his ex-fiance plans to kill them both; when Sukai is revealed to have a boyfriend closer to her age on the side. Who has been loving for her loyally, for many years. Unfortunately, with the realization that she has cheated on him again; he is ready to claim what is his, even if it means killing everyone in sight. And Sukai being the demonic master she is, she's not afraid to motivate him in his killing spree or crimes of passion!

Plot Idea #03: Sailor Moon x Cowboy Bebop. Message me, to find about more about this particular plot. Because it's too much to reveal here, in this already long-a** post.

RP Lengths:
I prefer one to two paragraph responses. I'm quite patient but I do want to know if you're leaving. I won't judge you, but I don't enjoy being left in the dark. The darkness and I are too creative together... ;) But please let me know when you're leaving or when you come back. I'm flexible about when I receive responses, as long as I'm not being ignored or left without anything said to me. That really enrages me. And I'll be frank, I'm a musician... So, I usually put my frustrations in my music.

RP Brainstorming:
Of course! We can brainstorm and talk outside of the RP. Learning about each-other and about our characters, is a great way to build friendship as well as gain knowledge about different writing styles. So, I highly encourage conversing outside of the main RP.

RP Age Limits:
18+. No exceptions. I'm not trying to be rude, but if you're underage; the majority of these plots are not recommended. And I don't enjoy censoring myself. I hope you understand! Also don't lie about your age, because I'm not going to get in trouble with this website or the law. I appreciate being a respectable adult, so please understand where I'm coming from.

RP Methods:
Preferably through PMs. Although every once in a while, I'm open to doing a thread. It just depends on my mood. So, choose the PM if you're interested in any of these plots. You can comment if you'd like, but I'd prefer to be messaged if you'd like to RP with me. Thanks for reading this far!

Bye Now,
Sukai Says! :)