Hatred (Cruel Demon)

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    1. Hatred

      "There is nothing more damning and painful that hating something you once loved. I can't even deny the hate anymore I hate that person far more than anything, to be so betrayed, the scar it can leave, there's nothing to grab onto... And so I sink into the black bottomless pit of pure hate and pain, things that will forever coexist in my world. There's nothing to grab onto, I want so bad to catch something and simply die. The suffering has to stop when I die right?" The girl's voice echoed into emptiness, into a room so dark and cold there was no stopping her pain, she lived alone, in this prison, in this space, in this tower of hate.

      A demon in a shadowy corner fed off the girls misery enjoying the taste with a lick of his lips he steps from he shadows. "Hello miss. I am Hiro Akane, nice to meet you. I am a demon," he says it calmly staring at the girl with simple brown hair who sat before the demon in a tee shirt that was ripped all to hell and a pair of jeans that had holes in them everywhere.

      The girl lifts her eyes to the demon, taking in his appearance uninterestedly; the demon wasn't even trying to hide what he was, he stood before the girl naked and in his completely demonic form. Gently her eyes fall back to the stone floor, she couldn't care the pain lanceted through her whole body. "I'm Jamie, Jamie Johnson...go ahead and take whatever you want from me."

      The demon looked appalled by the thought, "Oh no, no I want something that will take time to ripen. I want to take you with me, back to my home, give you a second chance to survive." The words were honeyed lies but Jamie didn't care she didn't react nor respond when Hiro picks the doll like girl up and walks through a demonic portal.

      On the other side is a horrendous world covered in complete darkness and the screams of those who suffer. Looking around many other demons walk around dragging a human behind them, as if they are pets and below being treated as anything less than an object. Jamie doesn't notice any of this though not realizing how much worse her life is going to become in the 'care' of the demon named Hiro.
    This is the general idea behind it so need someone to play a cruel demon type character...this is my first Mature request so go easy on me please. PM or Post in the Thread if you are interested.
  1. This isn't what I'd call a "going easy on you" sort of request, unless you mean OOC. In any case... I've a mild curiosity, but I'd need to know more about this. Why is Jamie drowning in hate even before Hiro comes for her? How cruel is this demon to be, and in what manner is he cruel? Are these demons at all capable of compassion, or is it even a concept they can hope to understand? If Jamie is potentially doomed, will there be a chance of rescue from outside? What powers does the demon have? And why is Hiro specifically interested in Jamie?

    (And here I'm not even going easy on you OOC. Sorry 'bout that.)
  2. -turns red- I just wanted to put the idea out there and maybe work with someone on it but I will definitely think of what you said and improve it. -bows- I guess I just embarrassed myself so I think I'll take this down for now and fix it. Sorry you had to read something kinda awful and rough drafty. -rubs the back of her head-
  3. Hey, whoa, I didn't mean to insult ya or anything. No need to be embarrassed. It's just that this is the sort of thing both partners need to be on the same page with. PM me once you've got it figured out?
  4. No you're fine it's just the first time I thought of something like this and let other people see it so I guess I'm a bit sensitive about it since it's just a rough idea that I thought of literally today. I wanted some kind of opinion on it. I'm sorry for coming off upset. -writes everything down as she starts putting more details into what she's written on actual paper- I will pm you once I clear up the information you mentioned.
  5. I'd like to be the guy who hurt the first time. He'd realize his evil and sacrifices himself to save you from the demons and from yourself.
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