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Shoold i have done this?

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  1. [​IMG]
    (Im not the best In English keep in minde)

    The year is 2086
    Humans and Birds....War set between one a Nother after a Flue that cause Humans to be In danger of being extinct,Humans try and develop a "Cure" To kill all birds but ended up making them sentient...smart...and so a war Broke out between the 2 races but the Birds were dominante speacie of earth now,But as we all know...there was Hope as Both Humans and Birds as a project was sign and investigate if Humans and Birds could get along...but that was years ago but the Human female did not make it,she has died unknown way and so Humans and Birds were Very near on starting a Nother war once again till a small Pidgeon gave one of the best ideas that just might....see if all this could be solved and Humans and Birds get along...
    ....Perfect idea....
    so once again in a Final attempt Humans and Birds start "Project Reject" were 5 Human females will be send to the Institute and will see once again if they can get along,But aswell to see this "Odd experiment" different speacies of birds were added to the Institute and see how this effects the Projects.

    The human Females Must Interact and get along as everything depends on the,The human females are NOT aware this is a experiment,the 5 Females will sleep in one Room made especially for them were they will know and interact with each Other.

    So.....Go out there and Finde a Bird...the tieds of war depends on you Ladies.
    As for the Birds NONE are aware of this being a project aswell,Interaction and natural speech will play a Role,will the Birds Finde any Human female atractive? will they Fight for there Girl of there dream? will they Poop on the school and cause havoc? will they Jump from Buildings and die by falling wen they have wings to fly?...No one knows...only time will tell.

    Go now..Choose who will you be...and get Loving...
    I needed to do this.....I must be done!
    But anyway there are 5 Human females sent to a school of ALL male birds of mostly ANY speacie and there goal is to show that Humans and Birds can get along! there is one rule....If the females dont finde a Bird love....They will be Killd,so life is on the line! Go now and choose!
    Like i said only be choosing 5 Female humans wille any amount of Birds! anybody interested? im just making a Interesting check befor i get in More details!

    Gona say it now you DONT need to know of this to join!
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  2. Joining as Michonne (human girl) and Randal (Falcon)
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  3. alright one female reserve!
    welcome to St. PigeoNation's Institute!
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  4. Vento Perfieto. Goes by Ven to commoners such as you all. (Quetzal)
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  5. welcome to St. PigeoNation's Institute!!!
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  6. Oh, sweet, new rating.
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  7. Can I play as a bird?
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  8. Just say what bird and that is all ya need XD
    dint think this would get so much interest................
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  9. I shall be Haakon the puffin
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  10. welcome to St. PigeoNation's Institute!........Casual
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  11. Pigeonman approves, but is currently unable to join.
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  12. .....That avatar do XD
    but thanks for showing interest!
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  13. Do you have a CS for us to fill out? Vento Perfeito has a complex backstory.
  14. yea i will suply a CS wen enough Interest have been shown! But ounds interesting indeed -3-
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  15. It is indeed. Sadly, it shall be wasted on commoners. (Jk, my guy's just a jerk.)
  16. Seems like it XD But will be interesting character as far i can tell...well...bird
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  17. Yes. He will peck the ground with his bird beak. And scratch at the ground with his bird talons on his bird feet. And fly with his bird wings. He's a bird.
  18. OMG i never seen such Bird!
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  19. Nice Execution is my new Like.
  20. ...........STOP EXECUTING ME!
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