Hate to Love You

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  1. Bryce let out an irritated groan as the sound of his alarm clock continued beeping in his ear. Damn it he hated that damn thing. With his eyes still closed he tried to find the turn off button. When he couldn't find it it only irritated him more. He grabbed the alarm clock and threw it across the room, causing it to get unplugged. That was when he finally decided to open his eyes. He sat up still scowling slightly over that damn alarm then walked over to his dresser in search for clothes. He eventually found black pants and a red t-shirt. Once he was all ready for school he jogged down the stairs grabbing his backpack and an apple along the way, sure enough he found his father passed out drunk on the living room couch. He rolled his eyes then finished his apple by the time he got out. He walked over to his motorcycle, and put on his helmet. Atleast school was better than being here, he though to himself as he rode off. It didn't take him that long to get to school. Once he found a parking space he turned off his motorcycle and took off his helmet. He then turned to look at the school... Still better than home...

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  2. Lexi could hear the sound of her alarm clock going off, but she didn't want to get up. But, she had already hit the snooze button a few times already so she really couldn't do it again. She slowly got herself out of bed and made her way to her dresser, pulling out some cloths. She put on her tank top and slipped on her skirt. She then pulled her jacket on, socks and shoes. She headed out of her room after brushing her long blonde hair and went for the door. She could see her parents making just enough waffles for just her younger sister who also happened to go to another school that was much better than hers. Knowing that she wouldn't get any of the breakfast, she decided to just leave and head for school. She thought about skipping, but there was nothing good to do today anyway. So, she made her way down the sidewalks and to the school, sighing as she entered its property and made her way into the entrance.
  3. As Bryce made his way inside the school his best friend Connor ran to him grinning from ear to ear. It would be surprising if you found out they were friends, due to the fact they were complete opposites, even look wise. Bryce had jet black hair and dark grey eyes, pale complexsion and all in all tough looking features, while Connor had blonde white hair, bright blue eyes and he was tan and a few inches shorter than Bryce. And while Bryce had the 'get out of my way' attitude while Connor had the, 'Lets be friends' attitude.
    Bryce arched an eyebrow at his childhood friend, "Dude, if you keep grinning like that your face is gonna fall off." He says smirking slightly as he walked with Connor.
    "No! Man I have some awesome news. Destiny is going to have a party tonight and I want you to come with."
    Bryce let out an irritated sigh? "Is that the same Destiny you have been trying to get with since 7th grade? And isn't she best friends with Lexi?" Everyone in the school knew since day 1 there was a rivarly between them. They simply did not like each other.
    Connor rubbed the back of his head, "Come on man! Just go and suck it up! Come on, you might actually have fun..."
    Bryce let out another sigh, "Fine, fine whatever. I guess I will go."
  4. Lexi walked into the school, heading down the hallway when she suddenly felt someone wrap their arms around her, “Lexi, you’re coming tonight right?” A girl’s voice said.

    Lexi let out a sigh, “Destiny…” She really didn’t want to go to this party, but that girl was her best friend despite Lexi not seeming like best friend material. “Yeah, just get off of me.” With that the arms of the brunette were off of Lexi and the girl was walking beside her with a giggle. Destiny was much more friendly then Lexi as well as girly and it was obvious, some people wonder how the two even became friends but that was a story left for later.

    “Great, I’m so excited! This party is going to be great!” Destiny replied, entering the two girl’s classroom and taking their usual seats near the window. Destiny got out her books, but Lexi didn’t really care about school. No matter what she did her parents wouldn’t even care anyway. “But…uh…he might be there.”

    Lexi looked over at Destiny with a glare of death. “Why would you invite him?”

    “Come on, because friends bring friends…hello…it’s a party. That’s what happens.” Destiny replied back which made Lexi grumble. She wanted to support her friend, but did that guy really had to be there, hopefully Bryce wouldn’t show up.
  5. Just then Connor saw Destiny and grinned, "Look there she is!" He said walking over to them.
    Bryce let out a groan, "Dude-"
    Connor looked over his shoulder at Bryce, "Come one man. Just do me this favor."
    Bryce sighed, "Fine whatever, but I am not speaking to Lexi. " he said as they walked over to the girls. Connor grinned and waved at Destiny, "Hi Destiny! Can't wait for your party tonight."
    Bryce waved slightly to Destiny, he personally didn't mind her, "Hi Destiny."
  6. Destiny saw Conner and Bryce coming, and she knew Lexi wouldn't be happy about it. "Oh hey." She said anyway, with a cheerful smile. Meanwhile, Lexi turned to see Bryce and simply let out an annoyed groan. Why did these two always have to talk with Destiny? One of them must really obsess over her and Lexi really hoped it wasn't Bryce. "I'm glad you guys are coming." Destiny continued, eying her friend ever so often to make sure she behaved herself as best a possible.

    "I should have skipped school." Lexi mumbled, "Then I wouldn't have to see that face." She took a glance at Bryce, then looked away at the window with her hand her cheek and her elbow on the desk top. It seemed like they were going to be at the party...there was still hope that he wouldn't though, maybe cancel and decide not to come.
  7. Bryce shot a glare at her, "Hey princess, I am not deaf you know," then suddenly a small smirk spread across his face and he crossed his arms as he leaned back in his chair, "Your face isn't exactly something I wanna see in the morning... or ever as a matter of fact."
    Just then Connor flicked the back of his head, "Bryce!"
    Bryce rolled his eyes then swatted his hand away, "What? She started it."
  8. Lexi pouted slightly after hearing his response. "Why are you looking at my face?" She replied, "You some kind of stalker or something, always staring at me." Once started, Lexi wasn't going to stop even if Conner said anything. After all, he wasn't her friend so why should she care what he said.

    "Lexi!" Destiny suddenly cut in, "We all know you hate each other, but can't you try to just get along for a little?"

    "No, I could never get along with that stalker." Lexi replied, ever since they first meant there was no way she would get along with him. She let out a sigh, she really should have skipped school then she wouldn't have had to deal with this. Hopefully the teacher would just come in soon and they could get school over with.
  9. Bryce let out a short laugh, "Oh right I am a stalker... no one would ever wanna stalk you girly. Just saying," just then the teacher walked in.
    "Bryce, Lexi. Thats enough now." Mr. Robinson said.
    Bryce rolled his eyes scowling slightly.
    Connor sighed in relief then exchanged a look with Destiny. They were both getting sick of all there fighting...
  10. Lexi was about to say something back at Bryce, however she wasn't able to do it thanks to the teacher. She pouted again, annoyed that she couldn't say anything back. She let out a sigh and let the teacher stop them. When the teacher started teaching the class, Lexi didn't pay much attention. She continued to look out the window and trying to ignore that Bryce was there.

    Destiny let out a happy sigh when the teacher stopped them, this fighting between them was really a pain and it made it difficult to be friends with Conner and Bryce for Destiny. She just didn't quite get why the two couldn't get along very well. Maybe somehow, they could slowly get to know each other better and all the fighting would stop.
  11. After a long and slow day. With having to deal with Connor, Destiny, and Lexi... he was already tired, however he knew he still had to go to that damn party... which reminded him... He needed to talk to Destiny... it had nothing to do with Lexi. He eventually found her... And without Lexi! He walked over to her and tapped on her shoulder, "Hey Destiny can I talk to you?"
  12. Destiny was surprised to turn around and see just Bryce there. Though, she was relieved that Lexi wasn't there at the moment. "Sure, Bryce. What is it?" She then asked him, wondering what he could have to ask her about. She really hoped he wouldn't bail on the party just because Lexi was there. It would be nice to have them both there.

    Meanwhile, Lexi had gotten into a bit of trouble by one of the teachers that day. She had to stay a few minutes after class to hear the rant of that teacher. She would have preferred to be with Destiny, but it seemed that wasn't going to happen. She pretended to listen with what the teacher was saying, however she really wasn't at all.
  13. Bryce let out a sigh, "Ok look first off this has nothing to do with Lexi... its actually about Connor. Look he is a nice guy and he... well he has had a thing for you for quit some time now. He didn't ask for me to tell you that, I made this decision on my own. Anywho, thats the main reason why he wants to go to your party. To impress you. And of course he is dragging me along. I just figured I should tell you this because he keeps wussing out in telling you."
  14. Destiny listened to what Bryce had to saying, suddenly blushing after the end of it all. "So...Conner actually really likes me..." She mumbled, thinking about it. Honestly, Destiny was never good at being able to tell those types of things. "Well, I mean, I might like him too but I would still love you the both of you to come to the party. Don't worry about Lexi and just come. I'm sure you'll have fun and...I'll think about Conner."
  15. He nods slightly actually smiling a little bit, "Alright sounds good... And as for the Lexi thing I will try my best to not talk to her I give you my word."
    Just then Connor yelled, "Hey Bryce!!"
    Bryce turned around and looked at his friend, "What?"
    Connor was grinning again, "Come on let go!" He then looks at Destiny and blushes slightly, "Hi Destiny."
    Bryce smirked then looked at Destiny, "I will see you at the party tonight." And with that Bryce and Connor left.
  16. With Conner appearing Destiny couldn't help but blush again after knowing the truth. "Okay." She replied as the two guys started to leave her. At least Bryce was planning on still going, now she just had to make sure Lexi would behave herself at the party.

    "Hey." Lexi's voice said from behind Destiny. "Let's go to your house. I want to get out of this place."

    "Okay." Destiny commented, walking with her friend out of the school and down the sidewalk to get to Destiny's house. She was going to keep her talk with Bryce a secret for now, Lexi would mostly likely not be happy that she took the time to talk to him. "Lexi, promise me you'll behave and just have fun at the party tonight. That's all I want for you."

    "Fine, whatever. I will." Lexi replied, groaning a little about but she didn't want to disappoint her friend. They got to Destiny's house and the party preparations began.
  17. Bryce and Connor quickly stopped over at his house. Connor took his truck while Bryce took his motorcycle. Bryce took off his helmet and looked at Connor, "Just wait right here. 5 minutes tops!" And with that he jogged inside. Connor leaned back in his seat and let out a sigh... he knew his home life was not at all that great. In fact he was the only one outside Bryce's family that knew this... 5 minutes later his train of thought was lost when he heard the usual yelling, then a glass break, just then Bryce stormed out of the house, his hand bleeding, however he didn't pay any attention to it, "Lets just go." And they took off to Connor's house so he could get ready. As Bryce waited he stopped the bleeding on hand. Once Connor was ready they took off to the party.
  18. "Lexi, just eat it before the party!" Destiny shouted while setting up some foods. "You haven't eating barely anything today, I know you haven't." Destiny was the only one that Lexi had told about the truth of her family and Destiny always tried to act like a sister or rather maybe a mother in many ways.

    "Alright, just don't yell." Lexi replied, taking a bit of some of the foods that Destiny had out. After some time of getting ready, the people started to come over with Destiny having to go over and open the door plenty of times. It seemed the party was starting to really get going with music and people either dancing, talking or eating. Lexi sat on the couch, not really happy with being there while Destiny was busying mingling.
  19. Connor and Bryce made it to the party 30 minutes after the party. Connor smiled, "Hey everybody!"
    Of course everybody said he and all Bryce did was facepalm.
  20. Destiny noticed that Conner and Bryce had made it and she was glad to see that Bryce did actually come. Though, she had something else she had to think about and that was Conner. "Hey guys." She said coming up to the two. "I'm glad you could make it." She gave them both a smile. "We got food over there." She pointed to a table in the distance which happened to be past Lexi who was simply still just sitting on the couch. Lexi wasn't really into being around a lot of people, and this party had a lot of people. She let out a sigh, trying to ignore the fact that she noticed Conner and Bryce come in. She didn't care about Conner but why did Bryce have to show up.
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