Hate To Love You

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  1. ((If you want to RP this with me just message me! (:)
    When to people who cant stand each other are forced to pair up for a project, they begin having mixed up feelings for one another... will it eventually lead to true love?
    -My Quick Character Info-
    Name: Alex Ray Wilson
    Age: 17
    Personality: Mysterious, Caring, Protective, Short-tempered, Loyal, Tough, Stubborn, Doesn't care what people think of him.
    Looks: (Picture Below,)
    Body type: Athletic
    Height: 6 foot
    Alex, rushed to school, of course he was late, his father decided to let him sleep in.. why is beyond him. He got to the room 203, his first hour which is English class. He swung the door open and of course all eyes were on him. His expression looked like he didn't care, because he didn't, he walked in with his head up high and walked to the last row where his seat was.
    "Nice for you to join us Mr. Wilson." Mrs. Smith said. When he sat down he looked at her and gave her a small smile, "I apologize." he glanced at the girl, the one next to him, the one he couldn't stand ever since preschool, waiting for her to say her usual crap.

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  2. Name: Victoria Mullens. Tori for short and hates the nickname Vicky.
    Age: 17
    Personality: Doesn't trust easily, stubborn, quiet but don't let that fool you. She usually doesn't back down or keep her mouth shut when she feels strongly about something. Short tempered. Keeps to herself most of the time.
    Height: 5'0"
    Body type: average, tanned skinned. Tattoos on her wrist of Stay strong.
    Look: Grey eyes with a blue ring around the edges. Brunette layered hair barely past the shoulders with camarel brown and blonde highlights with jagged side bangs on the left. Scars, One above her left eye, one above her bellybutton on the right, and one on her lower back.

    Tori stared aimlessly at her opened notebook as she doodled randomly onto the white paper. When the bell rung singling the start of class she glanced at the empty chair beside her. It didn't surprise her that Alex hadn't shown up yet. A slight, smug grin tug at the corners of her lip. If she were lucky he wouldn't be at school all day. Yet, something told her she'd soon see him.

    Suddenly, the door slung opened with a bang and in walked 'I don't give a shit' writing acrossed the teenager's face, Alex to be exact. Tori let out a sigh as he made his way towards the seat by hers. "Ah so you didn't get hit by a bus." She muttered sarcastically his way with a quick smirk. If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was that boy.
  3. He smirks at her, knowing how much she hates it when he does that, then he threw a paper ball at her head, "And I see your face hasn't killed anyone in the classroom yet." too be honest he did find her to be very pretty, but of course there is no way he would tell her that. He still hated her.
    Mrs. Smith sighs and thinks, 'Here we go again...'
  4. Glaring at him with her eyes narrowed down, she gripped her pen. What she really would have loved to do was punch that look off his face, but she held back simply because he'd expect something like that. She changed her expression quickly though. "Honey, you'd never get that lucky." She said in a sweet, innocence voice with a charming smile. Tori winked before turning back to the front. Yet, her eyes continued to peek at him without her wanting to.
  5. "Honey? Oh, so we are-" Alex started but was interrupted.
    "ENOUGH!" Mrs. Smith yelled which completely surprised at her. She never yelled, not once has he ever heard her yell. Alex looked at her and she continued, "I have had it with you two arguing in my class!" the class went silent. Mrs. Smith went through her desk, searching for something. Alex glared at Tori and whispered harshly, "Thanks a lot.."
  6. Tori jumped in shock at Mrs.Smith outbrust. Never had she been yelled at from the English teacher. Actually, Mrs.Smith never yelled. As the students fell silent, Tori focused her eyes back to the front and watch Mrs.Smith dig around in her desk. Until Alex had to blame it all on her. "Me, huh?" She rolled her eyes. "Just like you to put it all on me!" She spat back at him.
  7. He frowned at her then suddenly Mrs. Smith put a copy of 'Romeo and Juliet' on both of their desks. Alex looked at the book then up at her, "What is thi-"
    "This will be a project for only you two to do. You guys will act this out in front of the class in 3 weeks. This will be 90 % of your grade."
    Alex stood from his seat, "What?! But that is cruel and unusual punishment!" he clenched his fists.
  8. She looked at the copy of the play that was placed in front of her before looking back up. "There has to be something else we could do..." She said nervously. She really didn't want to do a play with Alex. Especially, a forbidden romance one at that. She bit her bottom lip. "Please, anything else. I'll do anything else." She pleaded.
  9. "NO! You two are doing it and that is final!" Mrs. Smith frowned at both of them.
    The students began to whisper but Alex could hear them, "But, doesn't Romeo kiss Juliet?... Yeah..." they look at Alex, whos eyes widen.
    "No! No! No! No!" he punched his desk.
    "If you don't do the play... You BOTH fail..." Mrs. Smith said.
    Alex slowly sat back down and groaned.
  10. She flinched at the backlash. Stunents started gaining a little courage and begun whispering. She'd heard one say something about a kiss and cringled at the thought of having to kiss Alex in front of the class. She wasn't sure if she could practice the play before they had to perform it in three weeks, but if they didn't then it'd cost them. Gulping back any smart ass remarks, she nodded numbly.
  11. Alex mumbles, "Fine... Whatever..." he said looking down.
    At the end of Alex dragged himself to Tori's desk, "Hi..." he mutters without looking at her. He waited a moment then finally looked at her with deep blue, he was stunned by the color of her eyes, 'Holy crap,' he thought, 'How come I haven't noticed how pretty her eye-' he stopped that thought and mentally shook his head, "Ok," he said finally, "The quicker we get this stupid thing done the better..."
  12. After Mrs.Smith turn and went back to her desk, Tori began to draw vines and flowering designs around the edge of the paper she was perceives drawing on. A few mintues later an ignoring sound was close to her ear. Her grip on her pen tighten a notched. Now what could he possibly want" She thought before glancing over at him briefly. "Hey.." she mumbled back. "And what is it you propose that we do first?" She asked as she turned back to her drawing.
  13. He sighs, "Well... I guess we could practice at my house... Luckily it is within walking distance. We can meet up after school." he couldn't believe what he was saying... he wanted to puke. He grit his teeth.
  14. "Fine. Might as well get this over with as quickly as we possibly can." She replied back. At least she hoped they could. She wasn't in th mood to argue over where they practiced even if the thought of going to his house made her sick to her stomach. Better his house than mine. She thought. Dread filled her at looking foward to working with him for weeks for just a grade. "After school then." She agreed easily.
  15. After school Alex waited outside the front doors for Tori. By the end of the day everybody hear about the incident and was staring at him. He just simply ignored them.
  16. Class after class dragged on once first period was over. All Tori wanted was for this day to be over with. All she could think about was doing that stupid Romeo and Juliet play with the one person she'd hated since her childhood. Each class she had heard her fellow classmates talking about first hour. The whole student body knew of it by lunch. She had felt like skipping out after that but decided agaisnt it.

    By the time school let out, she had a headache. There were a few moments she almost lost it and went off on a few. Her belongings in hand, she headed out to meet Alex outside. Atleast now she could escape the other kids though she wasn't looking foward to what would soon happen next.

    She pushed the door leading out into fresh air open and started down the steps. Cool air immediately hit her, easing the pain and emotions a little.
  17. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Tori and turned his attention to her, his expression serious, "You ready?" he looked her in the eyes. Suddenly some ass hole decided to yell, "Hey look! It Alex and his new GIRLFRIEND!" Alex's muscles tensed, usually he doesn't give a shit... but that bothered him. He suddenly turned around and punched the guy in the face. The guy fell down and held his face in his hands, "Shut the hell up!" Alex say and he gently grabbed Tori by the wrist and got out of there fast. "Come on..."
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  18. Tori chuckled quietly as someone yelled out. She'd heard whispers like that all day. By that point she only found it funny. Especially, when Alex overreacted with the situation. The guy obviously hated her a lot to go hit the jerk who yelled. Stunned that he'd grabbed her, she allowed him to drag her down the side walk. "In a hurry to get out of sight, huh?"
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  19. "Huh?" when she said this it caught him off guard, he didn't know why, but it did. He stopped at looked down at her, then he sighed, "I was just getting tired of hearing that all day..." he looked down and realized he still had a hold of her wrist. He blushed slightly and let go, "I'm... sorry about that..." he said then thought, 'Wait! Why did I say sorry!'
  20. She pulled her wrist close to her as she rubbed them. "It's fine. Forget about it." She mumbled quietly, moving a couple steps away to put some distance between them. Him grabbing her made her feel uncomfortable and she hadn't realized it until he'd let go. "Let's just get to your place." She stated before slowly continuing along.
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