Hate to Love You

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  1. When to people who cant stand each other are forced to pair up for a project, they begin having mixed up feelings for one another... will it eventually lead to true love?
  2. Name: Ken Toshi
    Height: 5 foot 11
    Ken ran into his first class... he was late as usually. He swung the class door opened and looked around the room. Everyone turned their attention to him and he simply smirked.
    "Nice for you to finally join us Mr. Toshi." the teacher said.
    Well I am not to happy to see you, he thought. His eyes spotted his best friend Jake. He grinned and walked up to him. "Whats up man?" Ken said giving Jake a high five. Jake had brown spiky hair, brown eyes and freckles. Ken took a seat next to him.
    "Nothing much bro." Jake whispered as the teacher went back to the lesson.
    Ken smirked then spotted the girl he couldnt stand... but he chose to ignored her and turned his attention to his friend.

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  3. Name: Terri Kinlay
    Height: 5ft 4



    Terri looked up as Ken came running into class Dose he all ways have to be late idiot she thought to her self as he was taking his seat and still ignoring the teacher. Terri could feel someone looking at her so she turned around and gave him a filthy look Idiot i really really don't like him. She thought as she turned back to pay attention to the teacher.
    Terri's friend Jane looked over and rolled her eye's Terri knew Jane was thinking the same as her and she couldn't help but chuckle to herself.
  4. The teacher sighs, "Alright students I have a project for you guys and I will be partnering you up." She looks at everyone in the room. She was going to be partnering the students up with someone they couldnt stand. She wanted all of her students to get along. She eyed Ken and Terri. Those two have never gotten along, she knew that. She smiles, "Ken! Terri! You two will be parteners."
    Ken looks at her like she is crazy, "What?!"
  5. Terri stood straight up and slapped her desk "I don't think so some how, his an idiot" with that she crossed her arms and looked to Jane for some kind of support but all Jane did was look away. Oh come on girl you cant leave me hanging like this she thought. Terri never really lost her temper that often. Looking back to the teacher who had a smile on her face she nearly begged "Please miss we have nothing in common how can we work together it will end in death............ his that is" Terri said turning around to look at Ken with a smirk on her face.
    Terri had never liked Ken not even when they were younger so to have the teacher put them together as partners was just beyond disbelief.
  6. She looks at Terri, "You two need to learn to get along."
    Ken crosses his arms and scowls, "Hmph! I dont want ot work with this spoiled brat."
  7. Terri was just about to sit down when she heard Ken speak walking over to his desk "Who the hell are you calling a spoiled brat, you don't even know me so i would rather you keep you snot nosed smart arsed opinions to yourself thank you very much" she said with a smile and just walked back to her desk. Before Ken could say anything she looked at the teacher "so what is this stupid project and just for the record not everyone will always get on that's life."
  8. Ken muttered to himself loud enough so she can hear him, "How about you make me bitch."
    The teacher sighs, "You two will be working on the story Romeo and Juliet."
  9. Turning around in her chair "oh if you want i'll make you my bitch, and do you even know who William Shakespeare is?" Terri said with a smirk. Looking back to the teacher "do you see why this just won't work."
  10. He stood up, "I would like to see you try you little brat!"
    The teacher sighs, "Ken just calm down. And Terri you two need to learn to get along."
  11. With a grin she stood up looking at Ken "bring it on boy" she knew she might have to hit him but she really didn't care. Terri knew how to fight she had been taught at a young age, so she really wasn't to worried.
  12. Ken knew better then to hit girls... even though he has fought since he was little and he constantly lifts weights... it just wasnt in his nature to hit girls. Jake stood in between them, "Ok ok. Calm down both of you. You two should just fuck and get it over with."
    Ken looked at him surprised. "What?!"
  13. " Oh please, I wouldn't as you said Jake fuck him if he was the last guy on earth." Terri said rolling her eyes.
    Jane stood up "Would you two cut it out your pared up now just act you god damn ages and grow up, what's the worst that could happen?"
    Terri sighed "fine but I'am not happy." and went back to her seat turning away from Ken. Before he made her lose her temper.
  14. Ken looks at her, "Atleast that is something we can agree on." he sat back down and so did Jake.
  15. Terri laughed "glad to see you wouldn't fuck yourself" quietly.Jane sat down and looked at the teacher "i think they will listen now miss." with that said she looked at Terri and shook her head and mouthed the words you will be fine.
  16. Class was finally over and Ken gathered his stuff and got out of the classroom.
  17. Isabells wanted to scear Ken and his stupid friendbecuse she was back fromher vacson. and once she did see them coming she umped in frount ofthem and sreamed "taset the rainbow" and throws skitels at them
  18. Terri watched as Ken left out of everyone why him she thought to herself. Jane walked over to Terri "So what are you doing now?"
    "I have a free period so I'am going to the library to see if I can work this out or at least get Romeo & Juliet out and start reading it." With that said she gave her friend a hug and a promise to ring her later that night.

    At the Library Terri sat on one of the small couches to start to read the book, She put her headphones on she always worked best with music she loved music of all different types. thinking to herself she wondered how the hell she was going to get this done with out talking to Ken and came up with no other option then having to spend time with him.
  19. Ken smirks, he wasnt at all scared. Jake however scared the crap out of him. Ken laughs, "Whats up Bella?"
  20. nothing much just got back from vaca to inda i leaned new dance moves" she smirks at jake "hey stupid how have you been" she starts to walk with them to ere lockers
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