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  1. I'm doing this role play with Kibo-chan.
  2. Naomi walked through the streets of the old run down city. She was headed towards the Mages, Hide out? I guess that's what you would call it. The mages thought it would be better to use a run down old empty city to abide in. Using magic to make people think creature's lurked the city streets. Naomi Walked until she came to a large Ware house, She slowly pulled her black Robe's, Hood down revealing her beautiful dark brown hair. She opened the ware houses smaller front door, slowly making her way inside.
    It was Mid-day so barely anyone was in the warehouse, and those who were, Ignored Naomi.
  3. Joseph glared down at the mages below. 'Not all magic is foolproof,' he thought to himself. He slid his goggles down, revealing the "creatures" to be shady looking magicians. Joseph was on the roof of a broken building. He knew who was inside of said building: a Mage traitor by the name of Aeon. The steampunkian lit a cigarette. He was disguised as a Mage at the moment, and no one payed him any mind. Joseph took a drag and blew to the side, smoke billowing from his mouth. He coughed a bit before dropping it and stomping on the cancer stick. "I really need to quit..." His voice was raspy. The man slid down the building and grabbed a windowsill. He pulled himself up and jumped in the open window. "Welcome, Joseph." The man in question looked up at the contact. He wore glasses and a black robe. "Hope you weren't lying abou' the intel." Joseph spoke with a harsh voice. He knew not to trust anyone here. His orders were clear. 'If the contact is lyin', kill 'em.' His boss had said to him. "Oh, I've got you the intel. It is my pleasure to inform you that you have fallen into our trap." The Mage said matter-of-factly. Joseph's eyes widened as the window slammed shut behind him. The fake walls of the 'apartment' went up to reveal a larger room. The walls, ceiling, and floor were black. Somewhere around ten mages walked forward. The contact sighed. "You may come quietly, or we may kill you. Your choice." Joseph sighed mockingly. "You may let me go, or I may kill all of you. Your choice." They raised their staffs at him. Joseph quickly ripped off his robe and slid his goggles into his eyes. In a flash, his blade was in his hands. He used the blade to deflect a few magic bolts back at them. Joseph swung the blade behind him, a detachable side blade flying into a mages neck. He threw the sword at another guy, impaling him. The steampunkian drew his guns and jumped up, firing four rounds. One Mage left. The contact. Joseph landed on the black floor. He raised his right gun to the mans head. And fired. (His guns are loud, you will hear them along with every Mage in the city) (sorry for the super long post)
  4. Naomi walked across the concrete floor, just coming to the stairs when four gun shot's rang out in the distance. "What the hell?" Naomi said to her self. Guns were unusual to hear, since mages didn't use them at all. Naomi heard some yelling from outside the warehouse as a few mages ran past the building. Most likely to see who had fired the gun. A last gun shot rang out. Naomi felt a little empty, she guessed someone she had, had contact with just died. Mages that have contact, have a small spiritual connection resulting in a empty feeling. Naomi stared blankly at the front door for several long moments. She then turned and made her way up the metal stairs. "Not much I can do now anyways.." She said sadly to herself, it's not like she knew the person really well. But the empty feeling made her sad. She opened her rooms door, then closed it behind her as she walked to her bed and sat down.
  5. As soon as Joseph had finished reloading and getting his sword parts, he dolphin dived through the window. As soon as he landed, he ran. He ran as fast as he could. Goggles still on, he ran through the streets. People who saw him shot at him. He didn't care. Joseph was prepared for this. He darted to the side through an alley. He ran halfway up the wall before climbing the rest of the way. "Wall run isn't done..." He said to no one in particular. Joseph sprinted across the rooftops. He knew he had lost them. He was kind of sure of it. He took out his guns and ran with them, in case someone was on the roofs. "Oooh, a warehouse. Well, gotta hide somewhere..." He spoke to himself, sure that no one lived inside. He put his guns away and ran across a power line to the other side of the roofs. Joseph jumped through the empty window of the warehouse. He closed it and sat down. "*pant* *pant* *pant* *deep breath* Whew... That was clo-" he didn't finish his sentence. He had turned and seen the girl. She was staring at him. "Aw, COME ON. Really? Really?" She continued staring at him. "Am I EVER gonna catch a break? Son of a... Chen is gonna kill me." He turned back to her. "You're gonna scream, aren't you."
  6. Naomi was startled as someone came right into her room. 'What the hell' she thought turning and seeing a young man. She stared at him, looking him over. she noticed he had two guns. Her eyes widened slightly, he must have been the one who was shooting. She continued to stare as the man babbled incoherently, when he turned towards her and asked if she was gonna scream, she spoke. "..No, Although everything considered I should scream." She stood where she was. "It might actually make people here respect me...On second thought maybe I will scream." She smiled at him.
  7. He sighed and took out his sword. The sword wasn't easy to see. Not only was it made of many parts, these parts also folded together to be the size of an iPad. Oh, iPads. He remembered when those existed. He detached the handle of the bundle, attached it to the bottom, and swung the rectangle once. The whole thing swung out into his signature blade. He pointed it at the girl. "Listen. I've killed enough people today. I don't want to do it anymore. Hopefully, I can persuade the council to negotiate peace between our kinds. But," he said, walking toward her. "If you tell anyone it was a steampunkian, if you tell anyone that I was here, in this room, you will suffer." By now, he was right in front of her, the blade of the sword resting on her neck. "I apply the slightest bit of pressure, you lose your head." He took the sword off and sighed. "Do you, uh... Mind if I take a seat?"
  8. She wasn't exactly afraid of this Steampunkian, she hadn't actually ever met one. She had been training with her magic most of the time, and rarely ever left the warehouse unless someone gave her something else to do.
    She looked at the man as he held his sword out, she did not attempt to move as he came closer and pressed the blade to her neck. Naomi felt the cold metal softly against her neck, she just stared at him blankly. This guy wasn't that bad...But he did kill someone from her family, or as some might say coven.
    She heeded his warnings. She felt the blade leave her neck and she let out a breath, she hadn't known she was holding. Closing her eyes for a moment she replied. "Not at all.... Sit where ever you want. But don't complain if someone catches you in here."
    She walked and sat on a chair by the window, not wanting to be near the man. "The mages here know most everyone who is in this Coven." She said as she looked at the man once again.
  9. Joseph sighed and nodded. "I know it's not safe but I... I just need a moment..." He sat next to the girl on the bed, hoping she wouldn't mind how close he was. The steampunkian took the goggles off the top of his head and set them down on his lap. He sighed and held his head in his hands, leaning down as he did so. "Did... Did you know him.?" She responded. (Write your response) "I just... I had to... I... I've got family, y'know?" He looked her dead in the eye. Joseph started to tear up. "They... I..." He looked down and wiped a tear. After a sniffle, he continued. "I wasn't supposed to be a part of this... I just... They forced me. If I didn't do it, they was gonna kill my wife. My kid. My sis, ma, pops, All of them. I don' care 'bout my life...But they... They're everything to me... I couldn't just..." Joseph looked back up at her. "I hope you understand." He looked back down. "I'm sorry. You don't even know me, and I'm wasting your time." He got up and walked to the window. Getting a cigarette out, he opened the window and lit the cancer stick. "Sorry, horrible addiction, I know." Joseph took a drag and blew out the window. He coughed a bit. "Could you tell I'm slightly bipolar? Meds are wearin' off."
  10. She blinked, watching the man closely still not trusting him. He asked her if she had known the man, She replied. "Since I feel the absence of his soul, I had contact with him at some point...But I did not personally know the man.." She watched him still, he seemed so sad and lost, as he spilled everything out to her. Naomi sighed softly, watching him get up and walk towards the window, after he finished talking.

    "You weren't wasting my time..."
    She stood up quickly. as footsteps could be heard, coming up the metal steps. "Crap, That's Cloud. He checks on me every night." Thinking fast Naomi grabbed the man and shoved him onto the floor by her bed, she softly nudged him under the bed. "Stay there, I'll get you out of here soon." She winked at him and smiled.

    The bedroom door cracked open and a red haired man peered in at Naomi.
    Cloud: "Everything okay in here?.." he asked looking around the room as he opened the door more.
    "Yup yup, Everything is A-okay here." Naomi smiled, then sat on her bed. "I was just about to take a nap."

    Cloud narrowed his eye's a bit and mumbled something, which sounded an awful lot like 'Lazy ass' Naomi ignored him and shut the door when he walked away. "Okay, you can get up now..."
  11. "Okay, you can get up now." Joseph rolled from his hiding place. "Thanks. Now then, I best be off." He walked toward the bed and grabbed his goggles. His blade was folded and clipped to his belt. The flintlocks were located on either side of his waist. He stopped at the window. "Hey, what's your name?" He heard her say Naomi. Joseph nodded. "Nice name. I'm Joseph." He turned and walked up to her. "Thanks for letting me stay for a bit." He grabbed her hand and shook it. "Maybe we'll meet again. Who knows? Life is weird like that. You seem cool. Well, for a Mage." And with that, he opened the window and dove through. He grabbed the ledge as he did, so as to not fall to the street and start all THAT again. He saw some people still looking for him. "You guys are doing great. Didya find 'im yet?" Pulling up a bit, he swung back, and then let go when he went forward. He began running across the wall. Joseph leapt from the wall, onto a power line. He crawled across to the rooftops, and began running.
  12. Naomi smiled a bit as he came and shook her hand, he said maybe they would meet again. Naomi mumbled softly "Maybe."
    She watched as Joseph opened her window and dived out, That guy has guts for a normal person, to dive right out a window she thought to her self. She walked to the window and looked out, watching as he disappeared into the dark.
    Naomi shut the window and walked to her bed then plopped down onto it.
    She huffed out and closed her eyes thinking about everything that just happened.

    (Wasn't sure if it was night or not >.< I hope it was >.<)
  13. (Yep, night time ^-^)
    Something wasn't right. As soon as he walked into town, he knew something was wrong. Everything looked the same... But Steampunkia Majora was... More solemn... He didn't like it. As he stumbled toward his home, he felt fear. Regret. His eyes widened. Was he too late? Joseph ran across the pavement. 'I'm too late... No, I can't be...' He burst trough the door and saw the blood stains. The couch and carpet were sticky with the stuff, and the walls were streaked dark crimson. "No... No! NO! NONONONONONONO..." He trailed off before falling to the floor and sobbing uncontrollably. "Joseph?" A guy in a suit walked in from another room. "We thought you hadn't completed the mission. We believed that you bailed out. Did-" Joseph got up and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground. Joseph got his blade out, and let it unfold itself."I DID YOUR DAMN JOB!" He stood over the official. The official in question got up, a businesslike expression on his face. "We can give you compens-" Joseph stabbed his hand, the blade chopping through it with ease, as if going through water. He grabbed the man's arm and pulled the blade through his hand, chopping it in half. "You. Will. PAY. MY FAMILY ISN'T COMING BACK. SO, NEITHER WILL YOURS. YOU WILL SUFFER, LIKE ME." Joseph gave a swift kick to his head, knocking him out. He stormed out, bloody blade still in hand. And he ran. Not to the man's house. That was a load of bull. He ran out of the city. Joseph didn't look back. He knew exactly where he was going.
    {Mage Guard 3rd Person POV}
    Michael looked up from his post. He saw a steampunkian walking toward the city. "Oi! You there!" He jumped down from the tower, staff pointed at the man. "Turn back now, I mean no harm, just go back." The man held up his hand. He spoke with a raspy voice. "I can tell you who killed seven men at 9:30 last night." The guard was shocked. "Was it you?" The steampunkian laughed. "No. It was a steampunkian government official. I can bring him here."
    {Joseph third person POV}
    'Oh, I'll get my revenge.'
  14. Naomi laid in bed hugging her pillow, she had almost instantly fell asleep after Joseph had left.
    She growled in annoyance as Cloud knocked on her Bedroom door and yelled "Wake up you damn brat!" Naomi threw the pillow at the door, she really wasn't a morning person. She looked at the window and noticed the sky was still mostly dark, it was slightly getting lighter, which meant it was around Four or Five Am.
    "I'M UP, STAY OUT YOU RODENT!" Naomi hissed angrily at Cloud. She heard his footsteps, as he walked away they slowly got quieter and quieter, until it was completely silent again.

    She thought it was very early to get up, but that's because she hated waking up. Sleep was just so much better.
    She got up from her bed, yawning softly and setting her feet on the floor. She hadn't changed last night so she was still wearing her Mage outfit, including her knee high boots.
    She pulled the robe off and undressed, changing into a pair of black skinny jeans and a black tank top. She pulled her boots back on and slipped the robe on again.
    She grabbed her belt that held her small staff, putting it on as she walked out of her bedroom and went downstairs.
  15. Joseph had been walking with two guards toward Steampunkia Majora for about an hour. They could see it from where they were. "Do you two remember the plan?" The guards nodded. They held their staffs to his head. "Good. Let's go." After a bit of walking, they reached the gates. "Let us in! We don't want ta hurt anyone, just trying to get one our men out. So how about it, eh? This young fellow, for our spy. He goes by the name of Nicholas Majors?" The guard had a thick British accent. A VERY thick British accent. "Alright then. JAMES. FIND 'IM."
    30 minutes later... (God damn it James...)
    The man (killer of Josephs family)was shoved out of the gates opening, and Joseph was shoved in. He was praised by a bunch of people. A huge group of steampunkian's. He couldn't take it. He was, after all, naturally claustrophobic. He shoved through a few before running, darting around as he did, so as to not get smothered by anyone. Joseph ran through an alley and jumped in a trash can. "Huh?" "What?" "Did he run up the wall?" And the like rang out from the confused steampunkians. They finally left after a while. To answer one of their questions, he DID run up the wall.
    The next day...
    Joseph punched the roof that he was sleeping on multiple times. He was still asleep. Nightmares haunted him. He saw gory images of his mom and dad. He saw his dead girlfriend. His 13 year old son. His 16 year old sister. It was too much. Joseph woke up in a puddle of tears, ready to get some fresh air. He had another migraine. His bipolar medication wore off. When he looked down at the people of town, they stared up, wondering who had been screaming all night. The man sighed. He jumped down and ran toward the drug store. As soon as he walked in, he was greeted by a huge crowd of people. "No." His guns were out in an instant. They fearfully continued their business. He walked to the counter and said with his raspy voice, "Cigarettes, 1 pack, light. Lithium Carbonate Oral Medication. Starbursts. King Size."
    He slammed the money down and took his stuff. Cigarettes, back pocket. Meds, in my mouth. Starbursts, same. Joseph walked through town. He was done. Maybe suicide was the option? He drowned out the voices in his head with more medication. "I need to see somebody. Somebody logical. Who can reason with me. I need... A shoulder to cry on." Then, it hit him like a burrito. (Don't ask) That girl. What was her name? Eh... Naomi. That was it. I can talk to her. At dusk. That's when I'll get in.
  16. Naomi had run about none stop, doing annoying errands for Cloud. "One day I'm gonna kill that man.." She mumbled to her self.
    She felt pretty rundown and tired, with all the walking and running. Not to mention she had been up since Four in the morning. She walked along the old road, going towards the warehouse once again.
    "That was my last run, now I can sleep!"
    She opened the front door to the warehouse, walking inside and going up the metal staircase. She opened the door to her bedroom, then shut the door behind her.

    She glanced at the clock on her wall, which read. 6:00 Pm. She pulled her cloak off and fell onto her bed, on her back.
    sighing loudly she closed her eyes.
  17. Sorry for the late post! D:
    Joseph stared at the warehouse. "I don't want to bother her... Wait a second. Am I worried about someone else's sleep when my family just died? Screw you, voice in my head!" Tears began running down his face yet again. "This is a load of BULLSHIT!" He yelled, slamming his fist against a brick as he did so. "I'm going. No... *sniff* turning back now..." He ran across the building to the window. He peeked inside through teary eyes. Naomi walked inside just as he looked in and flopped on the bed. He knocked on the window. "*sniff* 'ey, it's me."
  18. Naomi jumped at the sound of someone's voice, she glanced around and then spotted Joseph outside her window.
    She got up and walked to the window, sliding it open and looking at him. "Is something wrong?" She asked when she saw his face, He looked so sad.
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