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  1. Ethan propped his glasses up as he rubbed his face. He sat at the kitchen counter reading over his english paper due the next day. He wasn't the best writer so he had to work extra hard on his essays. There was a day where he would have asked his sister Devin for help, but those days have long since past, his own fault he would admit. His glasses dropped back down to place as he continued reading. Ethan would make changes every now and then until he reached the end of his paper.

    Checking the time he found that it was nearing midnight and he had to wake up early for a student council meeting the next day. Ethan groaned, letting his head fall in his hands. He glanced to the staircase leading to where he and his sister slept, he could ask for her help. He needed to get this paper finished so he could get some semblance of sleep before tomorrow. Now that he thought about it, it had been a while since he'd talked to his sister outside of obligatory familial greetings and idle chit chat over dinner.

    Ethan frowned as he realized he hadn't properly talked to his sister in a little over a year. He shook his head and stood. If he didn't ask he'd never get this paper done in time and that wasn't an option. Ethan saved what he had so far and grabbed his laptop to take upstairs. He walked to his sister's door, hoping she was even awake at this hour and knocked on the door. "Hey Dev...I need your help," Ethan called out to his sister through the doorway.
  2. Btw I changed the sister's name to Jess cause I for it I was controlling a girl xD)
    Jess gently ran her finger along her bed sheet, she had been tossing and turning all night. She has noticed the lack of communication between her and her brother and it made her slightly upset. She wanted to say something to him but she didn't know what, so when she heard a knock on her door and her brother's voice behind it she was surprised. Jess sat up in her bed and walked to the door, opening it and looking up at her twin brother. She was speechless for a moment until she remembered what he had said- "uh.. help with what?.." -She glanced down at his laptop-
  3. ((gotchu sorry))

    Ethan held up his laptop nodding towards it. "Help with my essay." He felt almost awkward with his sister. He knew that it shouldn't be awkward between siblings. He should be able to go to his sister for anything, especially help on an essay. But he couldn't because he had inadvertently pushed her away for months. "Uh, if you can. I mean, of course you can just, uh, like if you're not sleeping or anything," Ethan clarified. He mentally facepalmed for having tripped over his words in front of his sister. He wasn't the most socially adept human being on the planet. Ethan offered up a shy smile, "Please?"
  4. She internally sighed as all he wanted was her to help with his essay,she nodded at Ethan- "ok ill help.." -She set up the laptop at the desk in her room before she sat down- "so what exactly do you need help with? Ideas, information, what?"
  5. "Thanks Jess," Ethan sighed in relief as she took his laptop. When she sat at her desk, Ethan took the time to look around her room. He couldn't even remember the last time he so much as thought about stepping foot in here. He looked over her posters and pictures. He smiled when he found one of them when they were about eight years old. They had their arms wrapped around each other, both of them having their front teeth missing with large goofy smiles on their faces. Ethan had one identical to it in his room. It was the only picture he had kept of him and his sister when he cleaned his room out after one of his friends had told him that it wasn't normal the amount of pictures he had with his twin around his room

    He remembered that day. They had been at an amusement park and had way too much cotton candy. They had ridden all of the rides twice and their parents were begging for them to go. They just had to have one picture together before the park closed for the "memories." Ethan was pulled back to reality by his sisters voice. "Oh uh, just revision. I kind of suck at writing so I thought maybe you could help with that," Ethan said. Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know if his sister was good at english. He really didn't know much about her at all anymore.
  6. She nodded and began to read over his essay. Luckily for him she was good at grammar, in fact she was one of the best in their class, she highlighted the wrong sentences and when she had finished reading she handed the laptop back to him- "May be if you paid more attention to the work than our teacher's Boobs you would do better" -she smirked-
  7. "Yeah well...whatever," Ethan huffed grabbing his laptop back. His face was tinging red as the heat of embarrassment spread across his face. He couldn't believe his sister had noticed that. "Just...thanks," he muttered. He took a seat on her bed, reading over her corrections. He fixed what she recommended and handed the laptop back. "How's this?" He asked, the heat in his face lessening slightly.
  8. She quickly read it over again and nodded- "much better" -she sat down next to him- "we haven't really talked like we used to in a long time.." -She rubbed her arm- "Ethan I want things to go back to how they were before, when we still talked.."
  9. Ethan's eyes flickered to his sister. He felt his stomach fill with guilt. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry," he said sincerely. He would be lying if he said that he didn't miss his sister. They used to be so close, telling each other everything. "I can't promise things will be exactly the same but," Ethan heaved a sigh, "Why don't we go see a movie or something tomorrow. I kinda miss my twin too," he said with a sweet smile. He saved his revised paper and closed his laptop. "Thank for the help Jess. I mean it," Ethan said as he stood up. "I'll uh, see you tomorrow," he said backing towards the door. Ethan jumped when he ran into the door frame, chuckling awkwardly as he slipped out the door into his own room.
  10. Jess smiled at her brother- "I would love that Ethan" -she giggled as he walked into the door frame and laid back in her bed a bright smile on her face as she finally saw a hope of getting her twin back and she finally fell asleep-
  11. The next morning Ethan drove to school early. He sat through the student council meeting, only half listening. He had okay sleep last night, definitely more than he would have without his sisters help. He went through his day pretty quickly and before he knew it Ethan was back at home. During the day the lack of sleep was catching up to him. As soon as he walked in, Ethan fell on to the couch, closing his eyes and preparing to take a nap.
  12. Jess had rode the bus to school that morning and had a normal, boring day of school, when she got home she ran to her brother and tapped his shoulder- "Ethan? Are we going to the movies?"
  13. Ethan groaned, reluctantly opening his eyes. He was going to say no, maybe they could go another time but he knew that would crush his sister. Ethan heaved a sigh and sat up slowly. "Yeah, yeah we can go." He rubbed his face, fixing his glasses. "C'mon," he said motioning towards the door. Ethan grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys before heading out the door. Once he got in his car, he started the engine and let it warm up before he pulled out.

    The movie theater wasn't too far away. He found a good parking space near the front. He got out and walked towards the ticketing window. "What movie do you wanna see Jess?"
  14. She smiled brightly and quickly got into her brother's car, she was bouncing in her seat the entire ride to the movie theater- "how about Captain America Civil War, that looked like it would be good" -she got out of the car and walked towards the ticket stand with her brother-
  15. "Got it," he said. He ordered two tickets for the new Captain America movie and headed inside. Ethan immediately got in line for popcorn and drinks. He bought a large for himself and his sister, letting her get whatever drink and candy she wanted. Once they had everything together, Ethan headed towards the movie theater. "C'mon let's sit in the back, " he said. Those were the best seats.
  16. Jess sat down in the aisle seat, taking a sip of her large coke and eating an M&M- "Thank you for doing this Ethan" -she kissed his cheek and looked forward at the screen as the movie was starting-
  17. Ethan blinked as he felt his sisters lips touch his skin. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, cheek tingling from where her lips met his face. Ethan cleared his throat, lounging back in his seat. "Uh yeah, sure thing," he said quietly. A few minutes passed and Ethan put his arm over the back of his sisters chair.
  18. She glanced up at the arm and blushed, but kept herself focused on the movie, she leaned into her brother gently and smiled-
  19. It scared Ethan how right it felt to have his sister like this. He didn't want to acknowledge how his heart beat faster and his skin tingled wherever she touched him. He didn't want to think about the fact that he may or may not be developing a crush on his twin. It wasn't right and Ethan knew he shouldn't be feeling these kinds of things. It was wrong and he needed to stop, but he wasn't pulling away. Instead, Ethan sank into his sister, resting his cheek on her head as he watched the movie.
  20. Jess blushed more, this wasn't right but it felt great to feel him against her. She put her hand on his chest and shut her eyes, she wasn't as interested in the movie anymore-
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