Hate Me {Plot}

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    • This can be FxF, MxM, or FxM.​
    • I will be playing the former C.A.​
    • You would be playing my character's wife or husband.​
    • Doubling up is an option, and it would allow us more freedom.​
    • I have a lot of details thought out for this.​
    • Feel free to ask any questions.​
    • PM me or reply here. I don't mind which.​

    Modern Fantasy || Drama || Romance || Friendship || Adventure

    Superheros and Supervillains are two very distinct groups and enemies of each other. Superheros’ American League and Supervillains’ American Coalition are the most prominent groups besides the British factions. American League appoints a high-ranking hero nicknamed Captain America whereas American Coalition appoints a high-ranking villain nicknamed Loki. America League’s C.A. recently abandoned their position due to mixing in with some of the wrong crowd in order to revive their spouse, which they succeed doing. After finding out their spouse was alive and well, they turned them-self in. They were not punished and felt too guilty to remain in American League. They decided to go off the radar and join a group of former heroes and villains who work at a school bus company as their cover. When a new C.A. isn’t chosen and their former spouse is the temporary, the villains decide to begin their biggest ever strike against American League and the British Superheroes’ faction, knowing that if they take those two down, the rest will crumble. American League needs their former C.A, but they don’t want to be found.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.