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  1. Rain - it was nice to hear it and pleasent to see, to most eyes in this case. It was exceptionally warm out for what seemed to be the fifth time this week and school was nearing its end. The teachers in this case had abandoned their efforts at keeping the teens at bay until the bell would ring so boys and girls remained scattered across the school. Quad, lunchroom, classrooms, you name it. Out of all the people here, though, one particular group remained ever more despiseful of this whole building. Both genders were almost equally distributed in this group. Some were as kind as can be; others- hateful and cold hearted. Six people to be presice were apart of this group and none dared to approach them so long as three specific guys remained there.

    Reiku Tsutke; a quiet yet aggressive boy who never took no for an answer. When he says something, chances are that he's dead serious. Rarely does he ever take it easy and never has he put someone else before his close friends. -Kageki; he was in charge around that group. Mean, dominant, and incredibly intelligent. He kept things straight and always listens to both sides of a problem before pointing fingers. - lastely, Kovu Shimimaru; prbably the worst of the bunch. Several times he's created and or caused outbreaks along school grounds and was well known as a physical solver. When he had you in his sights, you wouldn't leave without having some sort of injury on you-major ones. Kovu was known as the short tempered, mind manipulating guy that always seemed to find other ways into persuading others to do his biddings. Still, he was rarely seen speaking to any other students.

    They were lounging in the lunchroom where the least amount of people were. A few of them sat atop of the tables while the others on the seats. They spoke to one another here and there but it seemed though Kovu was having a long distance death glare with another group on the opposite end of the lunchroom. Ten minutes before the bell was to ring and it might just fit in another round of fighting.

    "Kovu, let it go. It was no big deal, sweetie. It was just a little prank. Nothing big." Arianna's voice carried through the group and reached Kovu's position, barely catching his attention. She was probably one of the nicer group members there. What with learning to let things go and reasoning with others. The male tightened his grip upon the edge of the bench, continuing to glare down a specific male. His actions proved the effect those words had on him. It didn't do much.

    "I don't care." was all he said in reply.

    "Cool it, tough guy. Just relax and chill for a sec. What you need is a girlfriend. Hang with me and you'll have one in no time." That was the voice of the evermore laid back Takeshi. He was possibly the most normal guy there. A flirty, rambunctious, teasefull person who was always seen hitting on some girl just to get what he wanted. Whether it be food or just straight up homework. "Pranks aren't that bad unless someone's got hurt. It's all human play. Let it go." The male leaned back, propping his foot on top of the table with a relaxed sigh. He'd later turn and glimpse over to some girls and wink, recieving a few giggles in response.

    Kovu again ignored his friend's words. Instead, he shot out of his seat, heading on over towards the group ahead. The male in which was returning the glare stood up as well, approaching him. Tension rose. Just as the two got in range, Kovu's first move was set in place incredibly well. His left hand grabbed the guy's shirt collar and with one forceful jerk, he threw the male onto one of the lunch tables. A few gasps came from the surrounding people along with 'ooo's' that had encouraged the battle. Kovu quickly came in fast with a fist ready to draw blood. All a little too slow.

    Kageki held tightly to his wrist, causing the in motion punch to halt immediately. Although Kovu's glare was still upon the slightly frightened male against the table, there was a hint of disappointment there. Where did Kageki come from? Who knew and who cared.

    "Enough. The bell's going to ring. Quit acting like ignorant children and get your minds together. Now." When Kageki released Kovu's wrist, it settled down for now. The male was tugged away by his friends and Kovu simply turned to follow Kageki back to the group. Along the way, he passed a girl; one he's seen around school more than once but seemed to be.... Curious of. Although he found her pathetic like the rest of the people here, there was still something that only made him want to know her more. Great. More reasons to hate her in a greater way. This was just the beginning and little did he know of it.
  2. Staring was all she did these days, whether it was staring at her school book, out the window, at her hands it didn't matter. Where her mind was is what really mattered. The day was nearing and all she could do was play the scene over and over in her head. Each year she would hold the same hope, the hope to finally find who or what had killed her mother. She had gotten used to the stares and whispers behind her back, it had all started when she walked into school the first time a week after the incident. Raven was not at all an easy character to figure out. she keeps to herself, but is not afraid to take on anything be it physically or verbally. Her outgoing, stubborn and hotheaded demeanor would always land her in some sort of hassle.

    Raven was part of a small group of people, she being the only girl among them. Shiro; was the leader, a pure bad ass nothing else is there to describe him.
    Kian; the fiery sport star who everyone knew and loved, not really the ladies man but he never minded any attention. Heiro; the quiet soul, studied hard worked hard, but had a huge temper behind that stoic emotionless mask. The boys had one goal, and that was whatever was best for their childhood friend; Raven.

    The group was sitting in the lunchroom near the door "Ah come on Rave, don't be so mean give it back" Kian wined as Raven took his straw from him "Its for your own good, before Shiro kicks you in the face again if another paper hit him" he said not opening her eyes as she leaned against the wall. "Hey, look someone stirred up some sort of shit again with Mr. Temper" Shiro cracked up in his cocky tone and Raven opened her eyes to see the fight.

    Almost on instinct she got up from her seat and walked towards the situation "The hell rave come back before the dogs bite off yer arm" Shiro tried to grab at her arm but she kept walking mostly because she knew the person who was about to get his nose reconstructed. Before she could do anything it all stopped and the group of "dogs" as shiro would say walked off. One, the one who was the cause of all the whispering in the lunchroom passed her. She was never fazed by his glare like other kids, no, she stood her ground and gave him a glare right back hoping it would burn.
    She knew that he hated her, why she would never know, but she couldn't help but feel like she could help. Or had to know him.
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    "Damn you're like a ticking time bomb. Can you be any more unpredictive?" Kaigie had approached Kovu and Kageki in hopes that he would be able to lighten up the mood. He was the youngest and sure enough, most inexperienced at situations like this. "You didn't go hurt anyone again did you?"

    "He's fine up until I'm through with him." Kageki retorted. The male headed on over to the rest when the bell rang. It was finally time to go. Kovu stayed behind with Kaigie in attempt to cool off. Today was a long day and like any other frustrating time, he'd lose himself in thought for a few hours. Unfortunately, a couple of his friends decided to stay back with him; Kaigie and Takeshi. The thought of them two talking on gave him an uneasy feeling already. While Kageki readied to leave, he looked at Kovu.

    "We'll be back at home. I'll deal with you later. Kaigie, be sure to get those two home soon. You three will have to deal with Reiku if you're not back by then." The young male nodded as the others left, careful not to misuse any sort of word. He then turned to Kovu, who was sitting at a different table and Takeshi, who had dozed off. It was the only reason he was here, anyway. Other than the fact he was here to accompany two guys he absolutely wasn't at all close to, it was the best he could do to make sure one of them hadn't gotten into any trouble. With careful steps, he made his way to Kovu's table, still keeping aware of Takeshi's presence.

    "So, Kovu," he quietly began, "You're not as mad as before anymore, right?" In return, the young male received an awfully frustrated glance. One that was rarely used amongst the group at all. Had he hated Kaigie, too? Was it possible that Kovu wanted nothing to do with him? "C'mon, it's not that bad. So what if one of the guys left Arianna waiting for some other person. Like she said, it's not a big deal. You've got to take it easy, you know. There are better things to do then grudge on people here. It's the only thing you've been doing these past few months." Kovu's eyes resided upon a figure off in the distance. It was that same girl he had shot a glare at not too long ago. Either he was trying to start something again or something else was in mind. Kaigie looked from Kovu to the direction those dark blue eyes gazed off to. With little thought on it, he turned back to Kovu with a confused expression. "Uh, what are you thinking. .? You don't think you're-"

    "Why are you even here, Kaigie?" Kovu was now directing his attention towards the young male. There wasn't a chance he'd push on the subject so without much warning, much of his anger was going to be directed towards Kaigie. Still, his eyes would trace back towards the girl; Raven. It wasn't the fact that he was way interested in her. He simply was persuading his own mind in taking a dislike to specific people. Of course, one could see how well that was going.

    "Didn't you hear? Kageki told me to make sure you and pretty boy over there wouldn't get yourselves into trouble. Especially you." Kovu scoffed and leaned back in his seat, trying to find something else to put his attention on. Sooner or later, he'd leave and wherever he went was entirely up to him. Nothing more and nothing less. With Takeshi snoozing away, it didn't look like he'd be going anywhere anytime soon.
  4. Raven sat still staring at the guy who had glared at her, it was strange really. To her he never seemed to have another emotion on his face, not one of happiness or content, nothing. She wondered if that was his way of keeping his distance or maybe even hide something. "Raven! Raven!" Shiro yelled and finally she snapped out of her thoughts "Hey you were zoning out, you okay?" He asked and in return Raven nodded "Yeah...just actually wondering about them" she pointed her gaze at the men "Them ah! Rave a bunch of crazy freaks leave em alone" Shiro waved it all of and stood up "Come on" he grabbed Raven's arms to go to class.
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    Kaigie's voice was faint as Kovu let himself fade into his thoughts. Behind them was the snoozing teen who could care less of his mood. Takeshi's ears twitched at the mention of 'freaks' and right away, his eyes opened, the golden glaze of his eyes looking over towards one of the school hot shots. He wouldn't take it.

    "Freak?!" His voice broke the tranquility in the air and had nearly caught Kovu by surprise. The three had heard Shiro say that word yet only one of them responded to it. The male stood from his place and rounded the table with fists clenched. When one really looked at him, he was just enough to represent the savage and pride of that of a wolf. That and his well spoken sense of hearing. Smelling was a whole different story. "Oh, I'll show you freak.."

    Kaigie shot out of the seat and chased after Takeshi in an attempt to prevent any chaotic scene from happening. Kovu simply watched. His eyes studied his surroundings and watched his raged friend zero in on both Shiro and Raven. Things were getting interesting.

    "Takeshi! Quit it! So much as a small little word is going to set you off??" The young male stepped in front of him just as they were a few feet from Raven and the male. "You're clearly over reacting. I thought you were sleeping, you fake!" The ever more angered flirty boy narrowed his eyes, his golden hues darkening to a toxic orange. It was almost as if he were about to pound little Kaigie into the ground instead.

    "Not a chance. Since when am I fully asleep?" He growled, not even glimpsing at his friend. "Listen here, hot shot," his voice directing towards Shiro, "you'd best know who you're talking to. If you don't know your place then I'll simply put you there myself!" Takeshi nearly went for his own personal attack, only to have been pulled back by the collar of his shirt. Kovu finally stepped in. His hand held tightly to the fabric and his dark blue eyes watched them all with hidden amusement.

    "Six o'clock. Center of the park. Be there, or I'll have him track you all down himself. We can talk this out, sure. But if you'd agree on fighting someone as dumb as him, I'd be obliged to let him go right now." In what seemed like days of not one expression, Kovu smiled; not a ... Smile of joy or courtesy. It was a smile that one would use at sight seeing brutality and murder. A smile that would be used during the slaughter of a living soul. He meant business. Kaigie shook his head and pushed himself between the two groups.

    "I won't allow this. I'm not going to let anyone get hurt. Especially not here. Not anywhere!"
  6. Shiro's sadistic grin was plastered on his face like a mad man, he loved this, it made his blood boil and he loved the rush, it was like drugs. He loved blood and pain even it he was the one feeling it. He leaned back in a mocking way and licked his lips, seeing these 'losers' got his blood rushing and made him excited. "My place?" He asked mockingly putting on a fake look of shock "b-but I belong where I want" he said trying to laugh at the guys face, so red and full of anger.

    Raven then decided to step in before it got to far "Shiro! Shut the hell up and stop this shit of yours" she whispered harshly looking at him with a deadly stare "I won't let this go down!" She hated this, it was always the same hell all over again, Shiro being and ass and getting her expelled from school...sometimes she wanted to be the one kicking his ass.

    She turned to Kaigie who was now also trying to stop it, she was far to angered to care and grabbed him to one side while motioning for her group to get out of there "Listen, I don't know what their problem is, but a small taunt such as this is going to lead to hell...you be best to keep your dogs on a leash" with that she gave the others a heated glare and walked with her group, ready to skip school altogether.
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    Tekeshi's patience began to wear thin; his fury being lined with hate and his logic blinded with nonsense. He wanted to sink his teeth in something. ANYTHING to restore his sanity. The male jerked forward but Kovu only pulled back, holding his grip upon the guy's shirt collar.

    "You damn bastard! Just wait and see... I'll tear you apart... Piece by piece, limb from limb..!" What with all of the commotion happening, it seemed though Kaigie didn't have a clue as to what he should do. The young male was pulled to the side by Raven herself and it looked as if she wanted nothing of this as well. Just as expected. This girl looked to her other friends and seemed to start making her way out of the scene.

    Now the fun couldn't just end here, right? Besides, the dog wanted his bite. So, to replenish the lost sanity that once flourished through Takeshi's head, Kovu decided to watch things simply.. Fall into cause and effect; creating a chain reaction of blood and massacre.

    "Oi, Takeshi. Don't be so harsh now. Besides, why go for that meatless lowlife when there's a perfect one to your left. Only girl here and it doesn't look like you'll have to put up a fight to grab a quick snack, eh?" Now the reason Kovu decided to have his companion target Raven was simply because of one thing; the underlying hatred he felt towards her. The unknown displeasure he had towards her since the very beginning. It seemed though he'd do anything to rid her off the face of the planet.

    And with that, Kovu's hand released Takeshi's shirt, letting the 'rabid wolf' loose.

    Takeshi darted forward and leaned forward into a jump - hands extending out in place where his feet were to land. Human teeth became sharp canines, fingers to claws, human limbs transfering to canine anatomy-all at a speed that would be difficult to watch. His size increased greatly to a height of eight to nine feet-resembling the long lost dire wolf. His coat gleamed a base of dirty gold lined with deep chocolate patches and streaks of black. The canine snarled upon landing, pushing forward with great force and speed. His golden orbs locked onto Raven, whome he had decided to head for.

    "Takeshi! No, come back!" Kaigie stumbled forward and attempted to pursue the loose mutt only to suddenly freeze into place. No matter how much he tried to move, his body did not respond. All Kovu's doing. Beneath the young male was a stream of his very on shadow, latching up onto his legs and planting him into his position. Kovu smiled and looked towards Shiro with faint detectable amusement.

    "You going to let your girl get hurt? Or will you let her fight her own battle and let me show you what true pain really is. I can walk away from this with doggy boy over there but knowing the psychotic person you are based on your thoughts... You'll give quite the interesting reply." Kovu's arms were crossed over his chest, his deep saphire eyes studying Shiro's every move.

    Anything up 'till now could happen out of the nothingness around them all.
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