Hate in its lovliest form

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  1. He hated you with every ounce of his soul - not that he at all had one as far as he knew -
    There were a group of them - odd, mysterious, and well spoken group of people here within town. They had been here for only a couple months and was said that several incidents involving cruel fights between one person and another; child wise, of course. They didn't mean to cause harm, of course. What with their unusual presense, it's provoked many of the less mindful of people to test their limits.
    Little did he know of you but he acted as if he knew everything of you. What you did, how you acted, what you wanted, what you needed, he knew it all. The guy wasn't seen as the brightest of all people - not that any one of them had the guts to speak to him. He was quiet and didn't talk unless he was asked something. And you? Maybe you were curious. Maybe you wanted to know more of him. Maybe you wanted to finally just set the line and cut him from your life completely. Maybe you just wanted to finally speak to him, understand him, and possibly get as close to him than anyone else. Little did you know that you'd learn of hundreds of new things. There was no telling how things would play out. He'd kill you if he had the chance.... But rather then that, he did the complete opposite; he blindly kept you out of harm's way.
    ///plot:: you live to lose something. That, or you live to lose yourself to the one person you care for. He acted as if he hated you so much, but what was pulling him closer to you? Survive the spawn of hell's beings and surpass the impossible - befriend or try killing something that would lay his life down for you ///

    *drop a reply here or pm me ~ your call

    *have any questions? Just ask~

    * try and keep thing interesting. It'd be awesome to see
  2. You got me I wanna do this.
  3. Sure thing ~

    Pm or thread?
  4. Thread, but wait shouldn't we make cs and sruff first or do we post it on the thread?
  5. I can send you a cs if you'd like ~
  6. ♡ that would be nice.
    ♡ what time line is this?
    ♡ is it mxf or mxm?
  7. Time: modern

    *mxf would be nice
  8. Okay I'm okay with all that.
    Just one thing I'm not sure about in the plot, your character is in a gang or something?
  9. ~ah, no. They're seen as one but are really just close friends; bloodline/race wise. It's more like a 'I'd rather hang around my kind' sort of thing with them
  10. That makes sense, sorry for all the dumb questions. Okay one more, what do you want more or less my characters role to be, what did you picture for her in your plot?
  11. More or less your choice. There are two endings I see possible and the moment.

    *a hate that will never subside

    *or love that was simply blinded by hate on its own.

    -what will you go through to execute your choices and how well can you do it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.