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  1. Hi there. I'm able to post multiple times a day. I play all genders. I do all pairing types.


    LGBT+ Characters
    Modern Settings
    Forbidden Romance
    Crime Drama
    Medical Drama
    Futuristic Settings

    Original Topics

    Terminal Illness
    Alien Invasion
    Dragon Riders

    Original Ideas

    1. Aliens invade Earth claiming humans are responsible for the disappearance of their queen.

    2. A civil war taking place in futuristic America has become complete chaos. It's up to a group of super humans to restore order.

    3. A mad scientist creates an army of clones of herself. She loses control of the clones shortly after the final batch is complete.

    4. Troubled teen gets adopted by a same-sex couple.

    5. A little girl is going to live with her very first foster family.

    6. Kids run away from an orphanage believing they cause their caretaker nothing but trouble.

    7. A married couple split due to both of them coming out as homosexual. Things get complicated when the wife finds out she's pregnant.

    8. A recently blended family moves to the opposite American coast for a fresh start.

    9. Parents divorce after one of them comes out as transgender.

    10. A doctor falls for a younger patient.

    11. A boarding school for super human children has just opened.

    12. A human is taken by aliens to be the wife of their queen.

    13. Criminal gets banished to the past after abusing time travel.

    14. Superhero and supervillain are in a secret relationship.

    15. Starship captain gets stranded on a dangerous planet with their prisoner.

    16. A married couple kidnap a younger man/woman whom they're obsessed with.


    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Orange Is the New Black
    Dragon Age (Origins & II)
    Iron Man
    Sherlock Holmes(RDJ)
    Monsters University
    Toy Story

  2. I like plot #10, I have a character named Connell who may be up for it!
    They're androdgynous though, would that be OK?
  3. I'm good with you playing an androgynous character. Would you prefer to play the doctor or patient?
  4. The patient would be fine by me! <3
  5. Iron Man or Doctor Who, interested in both. Which would you prefer?
  6. If you are still looking I'm very interested in plots 6 and 15.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.