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    ||Carly|||11|||Half Human-Half Witch|||Crush-Open|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Candy Shoppe||
    Carly stopped dead in her tracks at the middle of the Candy Shoppe window where she turned and longingly gazed at all of the goodies. Needless to say, this eleven year old had a sweet tooth. Biting on her bottom lip softly, the blonde haired tween bent down and pulled a five dollar bill from her sock. Smiling satisfactorily the child skipped happily into McDuke's and looked around wide-eyed at all the chocolate candy crickets, gummy gumdrops, marshmallow mice, and the huge swirly lollipops and pieces of licorice.

    ||Dakota|||17|||Half Human-Half Witch|||Crush-Toby|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Town||
    Letting out a content sigh, Dakota raised a slightly bent arm when she saw her parrot, Squish, flying toward her so he would have a place to land. Once the bird was safely on the teen's arm she continued to look around, stopping briefly to look at the brooms and wishing her family had the money to get her a broom so she could get around like the other teen plus witches and warlocks.

    ||Timber|||14|||Half Ghost-Half Vampire|||Crush-Open|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Forest||
    "C'mon Alaska" the stormy eyed girl called softly to the wolfdog trotting along just a bit behind her. The gastly pale vampiress let out a sigh of ease as she wandered through the possibly eerie yet very calming forest with her best friend. Reaching up, the teen lowered her black silk hood onto her shoulders, letting the few rays of sun that shone through the tree branches reflect on her straight red hair.

    ||Anthony|||18|||Forest Elf|||Crush-Open|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Park||
    Anthony sat on a bench in Half Hollow Park while he watched his two young brothers, Oliver and Mitch, fool around. It wasn't too common for everyone to get away from home, so this was a nice change.

    ||Logan|||14|||Half Sea God-Half Human|||Crush-Anabelle|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Lake||
    Logan looked down and nodded in satisfaction as his tail split and finished turning back into feet. He was still trying to get faster with turning into and out of mermaid form... now it only took him about ten minutes... much better than two years ago when it would take him well over an hour.

    ||Tristan|||23|||Elemental-Half Air-Half Earth|||Crush-Sirena|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Halloweentown Hotel||
    Tristan heaved an annoyed sigh as he sat behind the desk at the hotel that his dad owned. The dark eyed young man hated being here... his brother was the one that would be taking over one day, so why did he have to be a concierge. Unbuttoning the wrists of his button down dress shirt, TJ rolled the sleeves up about a third of the way up his arm. If the job wasn't bad enough, the restricting clothing just made it worse.​
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  2. Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged No one/Location Book Store

    Jade was taking a walk and a book within Halloweentown's book store. She decided to go in and get a better look. She first scanned the many books within the store till she found the one in the window. She picked it up and began to look trough it to see if she would like to buy it.

    Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged No One/Location The Streets of Halloweentown
    Toby was walking the streets with Stitch on there usual path. "Stitch keep up will you? We've been this way everyday not much as changed." Toby said pulling Stitch by the leash. "This is why you can't run freely." Stitch began to move finally catching up to Toby. Toby continued to walk waiting for his path to led them to the forest so he could let Stitch free and he could run in his wolf form.
  3. Sirena M. Silverleaf, #00CCFF Sirena is currently strolling through Halloweentown, on her way to the forest. A frigid air surrounded her, courtesy of her enchanted necklace. Frost crept on the ground with every step, but immediately melted a few seconds later. She relinquished in the colder air. Finally, it was autumn! Sirena could tolerate autumn since it was close to her favorite season, winter. A crisp breeze circulated past her, brushing against her long dress. Her slippers didn't make a sound against the cobblestone path leading to her favorite section of the forest. Her dress was one of her latest creations. Unlike some of her neighbors, Sirena wasn't affected by the cold weather. As a result, she didn't need a warm jacket to cover her form. She contemplated on shifting or staying in her human form once she arrived.

  4. Terra's eyes fluttered open. She looked around the lab she woke up in. It was grey and depressing...which made her smile. She tried to sit up, but just fell right back down again. "Ow..." she said. She heard footsteps walk into the room. A man was standing in the doorway. His hair all over the place, looking like he had just sat in the electric chair. It was grey with white highlights, obviously put there from some kind of shock. He wore round glasses and a tattered lab coat over a brown and gold striped vest, covering a brown tie and white dress shirt. He also wore brown pants and brown loafers. Man, he wears a lot of monochromatic colors. She thought. The man had kind eyes and a warm smile. "Hello dearest." He said. He had a bit of an English accent, which Terra found intriguing. "My name is Victor. I am your father." Terra smiled back. "Hello father...do you think you could help me up?" Victor chuckled. "Of course darling." He walked over to her and helped her sit up, steadying her as he did so. "There, better?" Terra looked up at him. "Much, thank you." He then helped her off of the cold metal table. Terra, however, was not quite ready for this. She stumbled a bit and almost fell, but Victor caught her. "Whoa there! Are you alright?" Terra nodded. "Yes, thank you." Once again, Victor steadied her. Eventually, she got the hang of standing up by herself. Victor smiled at her progress. He then held her hand so he could help her try to walk. "Just put one foot in front of the other, love." Terra did as she was told. Surprisingly, she got the hang of it quite fast. A bigger smile crept over Victor's lips. "Very good, Terra. How about we get you dressed and go for a walk around town, does that sound good to you?" Terra nodded. "Yes father. I think I'd very much like that." Victor nodded as well. "Alright, give me one moment to fetch clothing pieces for you." Victor walked over to a big steel wardrobe and pulled out two black shoes and a light blue sash. "Terra, come over here please." Terra walked over to her father, stumbling a little as she did so. "Please turn around." Victor said. Terra, once again, did as she was asked. Victor placed the sash around Terra's waist and tied it into a bow behind her back. It cinched the white lab robe she had woke up in into what looked like a beautiful white dress. "Perfect! Now put the shoes I picked out for you on and your outfit shall be complete." Terra slipped the black shoes on her feet. Victor smiled. "Look at you. You are the perfect image of a teenage girl. Go take a look." He led her over to a mirror in the far corner of the room. Terra looked at herself. Her hair was a dark red color, yet it looked completely natural. Her skin was covered in black stitches and was pure white, like her dress. She stared at her body. She was thin and had a petite figure. She was not quite tall either. She was only up to Victor's shoulder. She looked to the clothes her father had picked out for her. The now dress she wore was short sleeved and the neckline was a little lower than her collar bone, but still modest. Victor had left Terra's side and then came back with a black coat. He put it on her. "There. Now you won't catch cold. Let's go." He extended his arm to Terra. She gladly took it, and he walked her out of the lab, and then out of the house and down the streets of Halloweentown.
  5. Lyra Silverleaf- forest
    Lyra pushed her pale blond hair behind her ear as she sketched the trees to the outlying forest. She paused looking up at trees while twirling her pencil between her fingers. Tilting her head she looked back down at the paper and began her sketching again. She focused her attention on the paper as the cold air from her necklace swirled around her keeping her temperature below freezing. Once she was finished she looked down sketch and smiled lightly. She studied the two figures on the paper that were in mid spin in a frost covered woods. She closed the book and slipped it into her backpack and stood up heading back into town.

    Selena Beauroguard- library
    Her golden blond hair sat atop her head in a high ponytail as she was currently absorbed in her book. Her legs tucked under her body and jacket discarded on the back of the chair. She was in deep concentration the book had her utterly spell-bound by their words. Every so often a soft smile would grace her features.

    Harry Bledgerwood- Park
    Harry sat on the bench next to one of his younger brother. Him and his brother were watching their younger brothers play around, "Nice isn't it Tony." He said to his brother as he stretched back with his hands behind head. "What do you say when we get back we go for a ride?"
  6. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby had finally arrived at the entrance to the forest. He bent down to Stitch to get his dog's leash. "Okay when I take this off. Meet back here in an hour got it?" He asked sternly and looked at his dog. "Or if you want you can follow me which ever." Stitch waged his tail in agreement which one Toby was unsure. He then smiled and deiced to let himself run a little freely as well. Toby began to walk a ways deeper into the forest as he usually did, then into a run and soon he let his form shift into a wolfs. He glanced and noticed that Stitch was trying to keep up he then stopped at the smell of others. He looked at Stitch then stopped listening to see how close they might be he decided to make a slight change of plans by changing back. He looked at Stitch "Stay close boy we don't want to scare anyone."

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Park/Location The Streets of Halloweentown

    Jade had finally found a book that caught her eye. She went to the counter and paid for it then she began to head for the park so she could read outside and smell the fresh air.
  7. ||Carly|||11|||Half Human-Half Witch|||Crush-Open|||Tagged-Forest People|||Location-Forest||
    After settling on a large swirly lollipop that was bright blue, purple, green and red, Carly paid the cashier and unwrapped the candy. She took one lick before her sister came in to pull her out of the fantastic dreamland. "I'm coming Daisy" she muttered around the edge of the lollipop that she had in her mouth. Letting out a soft sigh as she glanced backward quickly the tween followed her look alike sister out of the shop and down the road, walking past the library, the park, the movie theater, the hotel and a few other stores before turning into the forest. Instead of going into the woods, down the dell and over the river to grandmothers house the Winters went into the woods, down the dell, over the river to their house. On the way they saw a few other residents of Halloweentown: the red haired ghostly girl who barely spoke, two ice fairies and the werewolf that Dakota had a crush on.

    ||Dakota|||17|||Half Human-Half Witch|||Crush-Toby|||Tagged-Forest People|||Location-Forest||
    Upon retrieving her sister from the candy shoppe, Daisy rolled her eyes lightly at the light-heartedness that her young sister possesed so easily. "Come on Carly... Mom will want us home soon" she said lightly, walking out a bit ahead of her sister. "I'm gonna start calling you little red if you keep hummin that song" she joked as Carly began to hum the song from the into the woods musical. Walking along, Daisy let harmless sparkles dance around the tips of her fingers. She got lucky, her magic was light green and light blue colored... much better than Carly's purple and pinkness which the eleven year old openly despised. Letting out a soft sigh, Daisy spotted the quiet half vampire girl sitting alone as she normally did. It was sad to see such a quiet, solemn person in such a friendly place. Breathing in the crisp air, Dakota loved passing the winter fae, the air was always so much nicer and cooler. "C'mon Lego" she called out to a seemingly un-occupied bush. Emerging from the shrub came a rather large yellow lab "you never go far from Squish, do you bud?" she smiled, rubbing the dogs neck lightly as the parrot hopped onto his head.

    ||Timber|||14|||Half Ghost-Half Vampire|||Crush-Open|||Tagged-Forest People|||Location-Forest||
    Pausing in her steps when she heard something, Timmie listened for a few moments before shrugging off the noises. It was probably just other creatures of Halloweentown. Normally everyone left her alone and that was fine by Timber. She was treated more like a full ghost than a half ghost and she didn't mind. When you didn't have any friends you didn't need to worry about losing anyone. Revealing the small wicker basket that her cape had been covering, Timber stopped once the girl and her dog reached a spot with some very healthy looking plants and a few other things. Grabbing a select few mushrooms, the teen turned and gathered a few of the plants as well as some of the Apples from the tree overhead.

    ||Anthony|||18|||Forest Elf|||Crush-Selena|||Tagged-Henry|||Location-Park||
    Glancing over at his brother quickly, Tony gave a brief nod "yeah, it's nice to see Oliver and Mitch being like normal kids and creatures their age" he said in agreement before shrugging slightly, "Sure where did you want to go? and who's driving?" the elf asked lightly. He was up for a trip, as much as he liked farm life some time away never hurt anyone.

    ||Logan|||14|||Half Sea God-Half Human|||Crush-Anabelle|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Lake||

    ||Tristan|||23|||Elemental-Half Air-Half Earth|||Crush-Sirena|||Tagged-No One|||Location-Halloweentown Hotel||
  8. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged-anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra's father had to go take care of business for a while, but he told her she was allowed to wander. She eventually found herself in the forest, her father's coat still wrapped tightly around her shoulders. She found it peaceful in the woods. She wasn't to fond of the groups and crowds of people in the town. She had learned not too long ago that she was afraid of confrontation and people she didn't know. That was why she was so surprised when she came across the three girls in the forest. A small gasp escaped her lips before she hid behind a tree. I wonder if they saw me. She thought.
  9. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby heard a gasp and another foot steps in front of him. He continued to keep Stitch close and walked slowly not sure who he might see. As he walked a little closer to a few in the forest he bent down. "Sorry Stitch but this is for percussion boy." He placed the leash back on Stitch. And then stood back up he glanced to see if anyone may have gone behind him then looked back up front. 'I wonder who else is out here. I don't always meet people when taking Stitch for a walk.'

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Park/Location The Streets of Halloweentown

    Jade had sat down at a her usual bench to read and made herself convertible. She then opened her book after watching many others in the park and started her book.
  10. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged-anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra glanced from behind the tree. She saw a boy walking a large dog. He seemed approachable but she was too afraid to say hi. She took a deep breath before stepping out from behind the tree. She gave a small smile and waved a little. "H-hello," she stuttered. "My name is Terra. You have a beautiful dog."
  11. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Terra and Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby saw a girl come out from a tree. He smiled and waved at the girl his other hand still holding Stitch's leash. "Hi and thanks. Also nice to meet you. I'm Toby and this is Stitch." Stitch waged his tail when he heard the girl's comment on him. "Great day for a walk hu? I prefer out here in the forest Stitch can roam a little more free and it's nice not being around as many people don't you think." Toby said smiling at Terra.

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Park/Location The Streets of Halloweentown

    Jade read and she soon was already on page 25 so she looked up for a moment and just listened to the sounds of the park. She then once more looked at her book.
  12. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged-anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra smiled and nodded. "My thoughts exactly. I'm terribly shy and can't stand being around enormous crowds of people...which I just recently found out. My father just finished creating me today." Terra ran her fingers over the black stitches binding her arm together. She looked over to Toby's dog, Stitch. She admired how happy he looked at her comment. Her eyes than found their way back to the boy in front of her. "By the way, it's nice to meet you too."
  13. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Terra and Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby continued to give Terra a friendly smile for it was natural for him. "Shy hu." He thought on that a minute "Well your not to much right now are ya." He smiled a little jokingly now to keep the mood light an friendly. "Made today... Interesting so you like what you've seen so far?" He glanced at Stitch who seemed to have deiced to sit and wait to see what Toby would do then Toby looked back at Terra. "And thanks."

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Park/Location The Park
    Jade paused once more in her book for at the moment she didn't feel like reading any longer. She looked at the many playing and doing other things and sat there wondering what to do now. She noticed some boys playing and deiced to watch them for a while.
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  14. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged-anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra gave a soft chuckle. "You're right. It's probably because it's only you and me talking, and not a great big crowd." She clasped her hands together and placed them behind her back. "I do enjoy the town, though. It's interesting and full of things I've obviously never seen before...which just seems to intrigue me more."
  15. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Terra and Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    "Well town is an interesting place." He smiled "You can meet well new people and see new things every day." He paused as though lost in thought for a moment. "Well to tell the truth there is always something new we can learn each and everyday."

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Park/Location The Park

    Jade stood up with her book and deiced to stretch her legs a bit and walk she wasn't sure what she would do when she was done she thought she might even end up walking to the forest.
  16. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged- Toby and anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra chuckled. "That is quite true. I'm excited to learn new things. I just wish my father could be around to teach it to me. From what I can gather, he's always busy working on projects."
  17. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Terra and Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby gave a sympathetic look for a moment when Terra mentioned her father being busy. He then smiled once more. "Well maybe he can when he has free time. And till then maybe others can help. Like me."

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Forest/Location The Forest

    Jade walked a bit in the park and finally began to make her way to the forest. Why she wondered well she felt it would be something good to do.
  18. Terra/17/sewn-together monster/crush-none/tagged- Toby and anyone in the forest/location-forest
    Terra looked at him. "You'd do that for me?" She didn't know this boy very well, but he seemed trustworthy. Besides...what would she do with her time when her father let her roam around while he went and did whatever it is he does?
  19. Miss. Cinder- The ever so popular forest

    Miss. Cinder was simply having a pleasant trot around Halloween town when she caught sight of a strange, patched up girl. Moving closer she saw that the girl was accompanied by a boy. Wondering what they where talking about she slowly approached them Muggle perched on her shoulder, and sighed slightly at her hight. She was twice as tall as them and she found the hight obnoxious. When she reached them she bowed graciously, her hat nearly hitting the boy, and said, "Good Eve you two. If I may ask, what are your names?"
  20. Toby/18/Werewolf/Tagged Terra and Anyone at the Forest/Location Forest

    Toby smiled at Terra. "Yeah sure would if you'd like." He then turned hearing another approach. He saw that it was yet another girl and when she meet him and Terra she bowed the girls hat hit him he smile faded and was replaced by shock. Toby blinked but picked up the hat and held it out to her smiling once more. "I'm Toby." he looked at Terra and continued. "And this is my new friend Terra."

    Jade/17/Witch, Half Vampire/Tagged Anyone at the Forest/Location The Forest

    Jade keep walking and soon noticed a group of three people. One she recognized for she often passed him on the streets of Halloween town. She stopped and deiced to watch the group to deiced on weather or not to approach them.