Has equality gone too Far?

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  1. Hold your wrath just one second.

    I was inspired by the thread asking if we have become too sensitive, and I saw examples amongst the crowd was SJW's pulling race and gender cards to deem seemingly innocent things oppressive.
    That combined with things I have seen on Tumblr and internet.
    As an example, there has been 1.7 million dollars invested for a movement against 'man spreading', because men not squashing their balls together is oppressing and misogynistic.
    Brazil has made a special law that makes the murder of women a worse crime than that of a man.

    Not to even fucking mention magazines and websites and famous celebrities openly making either villains or idiots out of men or women that do not follow the same idea and fucking get away with it or even high fives.
    FYI, Yes, I'm female and I have seen too many both teenage and adult relationships sink, because the woman 'deserves more' or cheated because 'her SO didn't tread her enough'.

    *takes a deep breath to calm down*
    You guys go discuss together, because it's best I do not join you.​

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  2. Are men and woman treated equally and fairly across the board?

    Nope! Keep going, society. Gotta balance that gender scale still.
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  3. Society can't be to equal because there isn't equality. Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia etc all still exist and those are not good things.
  4. Sadly, there is no such thing as true equality. Sure, there can be laws set in place to try and bandage things up, but at the end of the day we cannot control the minds of individuals. That's just a harsh truth.

    To answer more of your question though, no. Equality has not gone too far. What has gone too far are interests groups that push laws such as that male vs female law or groups that ensure every last white cop to shoot a minority is shamed to hell and back. Originally they all may have begun by seeking equality, but by now they've managed to tip things nearly the opposite way by making their own favored group more protected, feared, catered to, etc. If those groups would slow it down and stop just a little sooner I imagine that we could come closer to equality, but as it stands now these groups and organizations and laws all take it one step too far to tip the scale the other direction.
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  5. No, because this:
    Isn't equality. There's no such thing as "equality gone too far." There are petty, vindictive, hate filled people in the world who make dragons of salamanders, certainly, but they're not good people in general. You could try negotiating with them, but when I tried, they brought up my race, dehumanized me with it, and then failed to answer a simple question of whether or not I was equal in their eyes. When someone is filled with so much vindictive spite that they'll ignore your words based on your race, they're obviously not aiming for equality: They're just more socially acceptable and less violent versions of the KKK. If anything, all they're doing is hurting their movement as it becomes more and more extreme.

    Life ain't fair, but there are far worse things in life than having some dingbat complain about me spreading out my legs on a subway. I could be starving in Africa. I could be shot in the head at point blank with an AK-47 for having the gall to try and read a book. I could be a victim of vigilante-gangs in Russia, who assault and murder gays. I could be a female baby in China, and have a pretty solid chance of having my head smashed against a rock so my family living under the one-baby policy can get a boy instead. I could be an aboriginal, and likely grow up in a household of abusive alcoholics who hate themselves and don't know their own identity anymore.

    So, yeah, manspreading. It's a stupid waste of time and discriminatory, but frankly, if some idiots want to get into a furious knot over that? Power to em'. Let them express how truly pathetic they are when they could be tackling a real problem... But what the hell would I know? Apparently if I attempt to have a voice in a discussion that's mansplaining now, go figure. So my piece of advice?

    Don't waste your breath or time with these people. Focus on more rational human beings willing to see you as an equal person in the first place. I mean, if you need to redefine racism to make your argument work, maybe your argument isn't based in reality. They've already categorized all dissenters as being lesser beings in their mind. After all, they need more breathing room through safe spaces from white male oppression. I can't wait for segregation to come back unironically. Oh wait, it already has.

    Who wants to join me in singing this, all the while realizing that nobody ever learns from history?

    Note: As much as I soap box about this shit, no, I don't pretend to have it "the worst." These dingbats, while harmful, aren't going to pull me over in a cop car and then beat my ass to death, or shoot me in the head with an AK-47 for having the sheer gall to read books. I'm more appalled that they don't learn from history, and would like to point out that the only way they can even credibly claim to fight against racism or for equality is by redefining those words in the first place to fit their narrative. So, really, no. Equality hasn't gone too far.

    People on the Internet with a sense of entitlement and a desperate need for validation without actually accomplishing anything are the problem.

    Yes. I am indeed aware of the irony. I will get off my soap box now.
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  6. As others have said, nah, that stuff is a modern brand of inequality, so it's not equality going too far. These types of people and groups wave the banner of equality while pursuing agendas of inequality, so it's basically a matter of deceptive marketing.
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  7. When it comes to equality, there's only two things that are truly equal whether you are black, blue, male, female or a trigendered pyrofoxkin.

    Death and taxes.

    That's it.
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  8. Except taxes in the vast majority of places are taken at different rates from people based on their income and various potential deductions, so they're not really equal for everyone. :P
  9. Something something Animal Farm something something more equal than others something something.
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  10. That's why people stay far away from Tumblr. It just spews toxic sludge across the internet, and sometimes that sludge seeps out into the real world. Technically it already has, but you know what I mean.

    -Que spiteful argument about how white people and men are terrible interlaced with a few cute emojis-
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  11. Equality isn't the issue, Equality is great.
    The problem is the movement's that claim to be after equality but in fact are hate groups that are the issue.

    No, I don't care if in history white men had the edge, that's not an excuse to treat anyone lesser, or ignore their opinions.
    Because that right there is discriminating against someone for how they're born. Any group that uses things such as "Mansplaining" as a defense is a hate group, nothing more.
    Not as bad or dangerous as things like the KKK mind you, but they're still a hate group.
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  12. Feminism moves to address everything in the OP. It's about creating harmony and balance. Women feeling "Deserved of more" is a product of inequality and the misogyny of the past, I dunno, several dozens of centuries. This is not something new, it's not something that's a response born from the feminist movement.

    Ever hear of "pussy on the pedestal"? Yeah, that. Feminism is about obliterating the pedestal, because the pedestal is not a good thing. It is a trap, and hurts everyone.

    The Tumblr shit you're all complaining about is radicalism, which we ALL abhor!! Tumblrinas and "SJWs", used so derisively in the handwaiving dismissals, is like handwaiving a KKK member, or a Black Panther, or a Neo-Nazi. Unfortunately, instead of making the distinction between a feminist and a SJW, you just clump them together. I'm not claiming legitimacy between closing a bridge of racism and a Black Panther member being pro-black community, but I'm trying to point to the differences between a member of a movement and a radical within that movement.

    Anyways, I'm done with these kinds of threads. Educate yourselves from here out.
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  13. These people existed before Tumblr. They will exist after Tumblr. I get that it's super easy to point at Tumblr and go "Hurrr SWJ" and that it makes for a convenient target to lazily complain about. But you know, you guys could try to research the stuff you talk about instead of aping stuff like "Durr Tumblr is shit, making the rest of the internet shit." Better yet, use Tumblr for a while, realize it's alot more then it a bunch of whiney people and radicals.

    Using Equality as the guise for personal agendas is a thing, yes. But really, if you are taking offence to people not liking people spreading their legs wide and taking up extra space and see it like some great slight against the male sex... I don't know what to tell you about the world at large. I personally have the urge to punch nuts when it happen, not becouse a man is taking place. But becouse someone is spreading out and taking up space in a already full as fuck train.
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  14. I do use Tumblr, have been for years. The only reason I refuse to leave is because I know what it used to be, and it used to be great-- there are friends there, if you look hard. You can't even speak your mind without a bunch of children screeching at you. And I know full well it existed before and outside of Tumblr, it's just that Tumblr is like a haven for people like that. They all crowd there.

    There's a difference between asking someone to stop spreading their legs - it's okay to ask if it's genuinely bothering you, or if there's not a lot of space - and launching campaigns against people spreading their legs when it's a completely natural thing to do. Not everyone is aware they're taking up a ton of space-- just ask. In most cases, they'll politely comply and give you the space you need. Unless they're rude, but that's just people being assholes.
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  15. Perhaps, though I don't foresee this egalitarian spiel lasting much longer anyway.
  16. The first question to ask is "can coexistence and equality be taken too far"? The answer to that question is yes, like any other ideal. Equality is not an exact synonym for morality, and is therefore corruptible.

    When we sacrifice justice, freedom, individuality, or merit before the altar of equality, equality is corrupted into something negative.

    For example, a person hiring people should seek the most meritable people. If they're hiring unmeritable people to meet racial quotas, something is wrong.

    Another problem is "self-righteousness". People have a tendency to assume that they're justified simply by their egalitarianism. This has led to a sort of witch-hunting in our society. Anybody who is even suspected of anything that can be interpreted as possibly being bigotry is burned at the stake.
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