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  1. "Warning. Please clear test area one. Testing will commence in t minus fifteen seconds. Warning. Please clear test area one. Testing will commence in t minus ten seconds. Warning. Please clear test area one. Testing will commence in t minus five, four, three, two, one..."

    The underground facility shook as an explosion took place in the lab. Dirt would fall from cracks in the ceiling and the lights would flicker on and off, some to stay off until they were fixed. The bomb was designed to concentrate the explosion in a specific direction which was shown by the fragile walls positioned around it in the test room. When the shaking finally stopped, Ishra entered the room. It was still rather dangerous, she observed, as the explosion didn't quite go to plan. The blast, of course, went in the direction expected, however, it seemed the blast also went through the ceiling, meaning the room would cave in at any seconds. "Damn, this stupid thing," she muttered, stepping out and closing the door behind her. There would be nothing that they needed to retrieve and the room was far too dangerous for anyone to enter. Besides, as she closed the door, the ceiling caved in, filling the room with sand and dust. No one would be able to dig through that unless they were on the outside. Great, she would hear about this from her brother.

    Valhal sighed, lifting the glass of water as the ground shook, sending his paperwork everywhere. He took a sip and placed it back on the table just hoping the dust wouldn't fall into it. He never did like the bomb testing his sister did, however, it was necessary for the survival of the Resistance. Besides, after a while one got used to the racket caused by it. Though, It often caused a fright to the new recruits.
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  2. The shaking ground prompted a brief glance from Horan in the general direction he suspected it came from. He had wondered more than once in the past if or when such large, almost frequent ground shaking would prompt a response from an outsider to investigate. It would be doubly troublesome if it was someone allied with the Emperor. Of course, the fact that the shaking could easily send the parts and pieces he uses for cleaning his weapons astray in the room he stayed in. Luckily for him, he had just finished reassembling his rifle after a thorough cleaning of it. Unluckily, the cleaning rod he was using rolled and fell off the small table he was using. With a sigh he bends down and picks it up before gently putting it back in the cleaning kit's case. Shoddy gear could make a huge difference in how his life could go, and he refused to let his things degrade. He wondered how the success rate of this particular test went, so he decided to head out towards one of testing areas.

    When he arrived he saw that the staff were outside the testing area, along with Ishra. Considering the door was closed off, it wouldn't take a genius to guess how it went. He didn't pay much attention to see if any of the new people were freaking out or not. They knew what they were getting into when they ran and joined the rebels, and they would probably get used to it.
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  3. The ground shook beneath Val's iron-clad boots and she stared off into the distance towards the horizon. It wasn't long before the wall shook once more as the city gates swung open and slammed shut beneath her post. Her armor shimmered in the desert sun as she guarded her city's entrance and with a full mind she pondered what the rebels were planning for the Empire out in the deep wilderness of the Barrens. She could only wonder how well the testing was going on the bombs.

    With a heavy heart Val continued to pace the wall and watch out into the distance at the slowly blazing sun. There was a large cloud of dust rising in the distance and she could only hope that is was another sandstorm, anything to remove her from this burning hot sandstone wall and place her deep inside the city. Worry splashed over her once again as she remembered the order after the last sandstorm, "go dig up those rebels!" had been the angry shouts that echoed from the throne to her ears and she and been forced to take a scout searching for them.

    "Calm yourself old friend, the Emperor has other matters to be concerned with today, nothing to do with the rebels actually" Ayatae's deep voice echoed in Val's head and she smiled saying back to him through thought, "Ah yes, I had forgotten. His daughter is to be wed this week and the wedding preparations are at full speed. Thank you.." she reached down and patted his white ear softly, making sure to scratch the part behind his face plate that he could never seem to reach. His magnificent head was perched overlooking the wall while he lounged lazily on the hot stone, he was a little bit of a lazy companion sometimes but a hard worker when he needed to be.

    Shaking her head and laughing to herself Val directed her thoughts back to the rebels out in the Barrens, she had forgotten to tell them about the upcoming wedding and the great opportunity they would have to make a move on the Empire... hopefully she wasn't too late and there was still a chance they could prepare for such an attack in time.
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  4. Ishra pushed past the others and made her way towards the lab. She would have to create a new prototype for the bomb and that would take time. "Well... At least we seem to be on track," she muttered to herself. She did this often causing most of the other resistance members to regard her as crazy. Well, maybe she was but you'd never hear her admit it. As she reached the lab, she pushed open the door to find that the crack in the ceiling had widened, causing one corner to cave in and sand to fill the room. Ishra stood there, staring at the mess before her. This was just what she needed. Another mess to clean in a limited amount of time.

    Valhal stood from his desk and knelt next to it. He gathered the papers that had scattered and shuffled them into a neat pile. He then placed them at the top left corner of his desk where they always stayed. Placing the paper weight over them, he stood up straight and headed out of the office. He was curious as to how the testing went, though he had no plans of moving in that certain direction. No, for once he was actually looking for something to eat.
  5. Watching the demon girl push her through some of the crowd and back to the lab without having anyone else assisting told him almost everything he needed to know about how it went. If it wasn't a disaster then he didn't see a need to concern himself about it yet. He carefully made his way around the through the crowd to observe the condition of the room which it was tested. As he took a peek in he held a hand over his mouth so he wouldn't risk inhaling any the sand spilling into the room. Well, so much for heading to the next step of whatever plan the scientist had for now. "I'm guessing it will take some time to clean up, won't it?" the doppelganger quizzically asks, his voice a bit muffled from his hand covering it.
  6. Val hopped down from her post and waited for her lazy white lion to follow her down the sandstone steps leading from the city wall. Once she reached the ground she was immediately aware of the shuffle of her inferiors. The metal clanking of their armor filled the air as they ran into a straight line before her and she carefully inspected them. In her mind she smiled to herself thinking about the amount of power she actually possessed among these soldiers, she was the highest and most powerful woman in the city beneath the royal family of course.

    "Captain Valium! There is an order set for you!" one guard clad in red shouted from the far end of the land and held out a scroll and saluted Val. Walking over to him she snatched it from him and her heart dropped, there was another search in order. The Emperor's runner, the red guard, dropped his salute and was staring at her face intensely searching for something.

    "Is something the matter madame?" his eyes were steely and twitching as he awaited her response. With one swift movement Val had her dagger to his throat and her face was a blank as the sandstone they were standing on.

    "Oh no, nothing is the matter. No, it's not like I already have enough on my plate guarding this damn city on double time with extra shifts during the wedding preparations and now I have a search order to comb the Barrens for the Emperors' delusional visions!" she shouted and dropped her blade leaving the man shaking slightly in his boots. Grabbing Ayatae's mane she swung herself onto his strong back with ease and he growled slightly as he always did.

    "Well don't stand there you idiots! Get your damn horses and move out!" she barked and hit the lever that opened the heavy black stone gate. the wind whipped sand heavily through the gate but she pulled up her face mask and pulled down Ayatae's face guards and they stepped out into the Barrens not waiting for her troop. Her mind spun as she tried to think of a way she could get away and to the rebel base to tell them of the goings on in the city... maybe the sandstorm building quickly on the horizon really was her ticket.

  7. Ishra huffed, closing the door to her lab and turning away from it. Perhaps it was finally time to have a break. Or, begin cleaning up the room. As the group dispersed from the door, she began towards it with intentions of cleaning. As she began cleaning it up, she over heard Horan speak. "Indeed it will. and no doubt no one will want to help," she muttered in reply.

    Valhal yawned, making his way to the cafeteria. As he did so he passed by the weather vane. And as he passed by the machines they began to go off. "Now what?" he muttered under his breath as he investigated. It seemed a storm was coming, and fast. Valhal frowned, shaking his head and turning towards the supervisors. "How many are out there?"

    "Two teams, sir. Five members in each."

    "Get them back in here. Last time we left a team in a storm they disappeared."
  8. Horan looked over the damaged area, appraising how long and how much effort the whole thing would take to clean. As bad as it was he almost didn't blame anyone hesitant to help. "What, you can't pull rank and order some people to help?" He remarks. Last he knew her brother was still the leader here, and she surely had senority over more than a few people here. As he talks he helps a little in the cleaning effort.
  9. Val's heart began to pound as the sand swallowed Ayatae's paws as he trudged through the storm. With her troops' Arabian horses sinking deeper and deeper into the sand dunes she heard them shouting that it was useless to try and search for the rebels in the storm when they themselves couldn't even see the horses they were mounted on.

    "ROUND IT UP!" Val shouted over her shoulder over the roar of the wind as the sun was blocked almost completely by the amount of sand that was flying at piercing speeds through the air. She waited for the familiar sound of hooves on sand as her troop regrouped slowly as they found each other through the thick, dark sand.

    "You know I can handle this, I hope you have a good cover story in mind for why you're about to mysteriously disappear into this storm for hours..." Ayatae's deep voice filled Val's head and although he was completely right she flicked his ear hard making him growl loudly into the wind.

    "Yeah yeah I know but this may be the only opportunity we have to get to the rebels for a long time. The Emperor has his damn eye trained on me lately so I can't be sneaking out at night anymore. Don't worry, I got this!" Val shouted mentally at him and dug her heels into his sides making his armor dig into his skin and he roared loudly pounding forward into the storm, away from the city and the slowly regrouping troop forming somewhere behind them. Looking back Val lowered a set of glass goggles to protect her eyes from the sand and allow her to see almost through it, (Ayatae had a similar device), and she saw the guards raising their weapons and their horses going wild in the dense dust of the storm. Without a second glance she dug her heels into her lion's sides once more and his trot became a full gallop towards the rebel base miles away.

  10. Ishra sighed, shaking her head. "No, no. For starters we're all living in a confined space. It's better to try and keep relationships friendly. In turn, it's better if I didn't boss anyone around," she told him, walking towards the new wall. It was part of the room that had originally been the ceiling. As she studied the wall, she spoke aloud, making mental notes. "Seems strong enough. It should stop any more collapsing for now. At least until we can figure out how to make the structure stronger and fix this thing."

    The man nodded once, carrying out his orders. As he did so he began turning off the sensors so that they didn't get damaged in the storm. Noticing another flashing light, the man sighed and turned back to Valhal "We have someone coming. Not one of ours, I don't think. Pretty big too, it might be a beast."

    Valhal studied the radar. "Keep it on. It might be Val coming," he said.
  11. If Ishra would rather sacrifice measures of order and unity in an attempt to be everyone's friend then so be it. Maybe t was just him but Horan considered "Commander first, friend second" to be a more appropriate in any organization that had any form of chain of command. "Fine with me, suit yourself." he replies, giving a small shrug as he speaks. "What are you standing around for?" he chastises loudly to a few of the people. "The sooner we get this cleaned up the better. We're not getting anywhere with a messy laboraory!" As some of them jump to attention and come in Horan takes a few steps towards the door. "I have a few small things I still have on my personal to-do list. If this place is still a mess by the time I'm finished I'll come back to assist, ok? See you." he calls to Ishra as he makes his way out.

    As he made his way out he reviewed his mental check list of things for the day. He still had to finish with his other weaponry, as well as an idea for a project he had been debating on looking in to to help him with his duties. But first he would have to change out of his dirtied outfit so he wouldn't get his gear too dirty.
  12. With the sun darkening with the thickening storm Val pushed her mighty lion harder forward as they made their way to the rebel base. On the horizon she could make out the two semi-hidden "radar towers"(they were very primitive), in a dune and the very well hidden torrent which still made her nervous. As she approached the towers she held up her hand in the air with a peace sign as a signal that she really was who she was portraying herself to be.

    As she lowered her arm a large metal door cracked open in the dune before her shaking off the layers of sand that had previously hidden it from view. Once open they trotted inside and the door shut, leaving they both in a dimly lit metal room, sort of like a bunker of some sort. With a very small whistle she signaled yet again a secret sound that made for sure she was who she was saying she was and all of the sudden the oil lamps along the walls grew slightly brighter as the group of rebels, ready to welcome them in and hear the news from the city, entered the room. Val sheathed her weapon and removed her and Aya'tae's face guards feeling the sand falling from their armor as she did so.

    "Well... I made it and my troops are far far behind. those blithering idiots couldn't find their way out of a box!" Val laughed and attempted to break the natural tension in the room as Aya'tae let out a slow growl. Many of the rebels did not trust her and they had a right to feel that way considering she was the captain of their enemy's guard, however she trusted them all just the same.
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  13. Ishra shook her head. "I don't mind, re- And there he goes," she mumbled sighing. Turning away she began cleaning, starting in the far corner. She could have ask them herself, though she decided not too. She wasn't in the mood for bossing people around. Not that she ever was, really.

    Valhal yawned, making his way to the room. The hall was dimly lit - they saved the larger candles for the training rooms - and his footsteps echoed back to his ears. Further ahead the lights were brighter and he could see the group ahead of him. Just past them, he could see Ayatae, though Val was hidden from sight. "Evening, Val!" he called.
  14. After he left the lab area Horan heads back to his room. As he goes back in he picks a few things up off of the floor. He must not have noticed these things get misplaced after the tremor that happened earlier. Among these things were a few detailed drawings of people. People he knew of and saw, but nobody he personally knew. Mostly just people he used to keep his transformation skills nice and sharp when he went long periods of time without using his abilities.

    As he placed one picture back on his nightstand his face slowly shifted from the one he wore to match the features of the picture. His eyes turned color, his nose widening, and hair changing color and style. "Ol' Cassius reporting in." he says, his voice going from it's normal to one much harsher sounding, as if he had spent a lifetime chain smoking. With a quiet laugh Horan remembered this job all too well. He wondered if they had ever found where he stashed the guard this was a picture of. Either way, it was no big deal. Horan lets himself resume his other appearance as he puts the rest of his "collection" away in the nightstand so they wouldn't get scattered again. So many old faces, practically useless now. One of these days he would need a fresh batch of people to imitate. Empire faces were usually preferable, but anybody would do the trick.
  15. Val let out a slow sigh of relief hearing Valhal's voice resonating through the hall and towards her. Aya'tae dropped his growl and his chest puffed out, he always liked Valhal, maybe because he always scratched his ears really well when he saw him.

    "I see the entourage of yours has grown. This is quite a welcoming comity. Some new faces from last time too huh?" it had been nearly a month since Val had been here and clearly some things had changed. Val always felt better when Valhal was around, he seemed to make the rebels less angry at her for being in the room.

    "I have news from the outside but I think it would be better if we go someplace else to talk. No offense but I don't trust all of these lot..." she whispered quietly and pointed over her shoulder at the rebel welcome group. She shot a thought to Aya'tae adding, "Plus I think that one is eyeing me a little too close..." motioning towards a tall dark skinned fellow who was gripping his blade a tightly. Aya'tae immediately growled and fixed his eyes on the man.
  16. Yawning Ishra stood up, turning to dump some of the sand in one of the containers. As she did so some idiot decided to pull down a broken beam, causing more dust to fly into the room and a cloud to form. Cough, most of the others either ran out of the room, or into a wall trying. Ishra sighed, leaning back against the most stable wall and close her eyes, waiting for it t settle.

    Valhal laughed walking up to them. Aye, but only a couple. "C'mon guys, scat. She's one of us," he told the others before smiling at Ayatae. When he was close enough he immediately began to scratch him behind the ears just how he liked it. "Oh?" he replied to Val, "In that case lets go to my office," he told them.
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