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  1. ((Whoopsie! Sorry Originally had posted wrong post here. Damn tabs. Post will be up shortly~!))

    It was a bright day in Harmonica Town. The sun was out, and there wasn't any cloud cover in sight. This would have been what could be considered the perfect day had nature not been falling out of order. The wind was still making it excruciatingly hot. Especially if one was walking anywhere rather than riding on a horse or other animal. Not that it was any easier on the animals. The seas were still making it a horrible day for fishing. The water wouldn't stir and the fish stayed near the bottom where it was cool. Boat travel was also useless. The soil was bad, and the fires in town weren't burning as hot anymore. The Goddess's tree was dying. And the effects were showing.

    The five bells that were in the surrounding area that kept each element in check hadn't rang in so very long. The wind, earth, water, fire, and wishing bells had all fallen out of use, and the land was falling into ruin. Very soon it would be so bad that no person would be able to live on the island anymore. Toucan Island was in a bit of a better place than the mainland of Harmonica Town, but even they were feeling the bell's losses where they were.

    Kieara was new in town, and she had managed to hitch a ride with Cain, a local ranch owner, to her new residence. She was riding on the back of his wagon of hay in silence as she stared up at the sky. It was dreadfully hot, even when they were moving, and she could feel that she had a lot of hard work ahead of her on her new farm plot. He asked a few base questions about her such as her name, when her birthday was, just idle chatter to pass the time.

    When they came across the place she'd be staying, it was completely ramshackle. However, it had potential. It had a fence about the place, and she had her own little farm house, chicken coop, and barn. There was also a water tower and a pond off to the left of the house. There was a plot out front with a few crops already growing in it that the mayor had been so kind as to have someone start her off with. The place, while modest, was a blessing in disguise to the traveler, and she waved goodbye to her new friend to begin her work.
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  2. Harmonica Town wasn't like it used to be, this depressed Julius he didn't even know why he bothered getting up for work anymore...oh that's right Mira was lacking motivation now that her husband had passed away...despite that having been a year ago. The purple haired man sighed as he collapsed on the red sofa he placed his head in his hands and moaned out annoyance.

    The shops bell chimed signaling that a customer was visiting Julius looked up and forced a smile on his face "Hi welcome, feel free to...oh it's just you Cam..." Julius felt his false smile fall and he waved off his apprentice "Do I even want to know about the mines?"

    Camrice sighed "The fires still to weak for the torches...Garmon mines will never be the same."

    Julius felt ready to give up "Just take the rest of the day off...I'll stay here in case someone decides to visit Toby might visit or perhaps Owen."

    Camrice nods as he exits the the shop he hated to leave Julius like this but there was little he could do. Camrice stepped onto the porch and was met with a bark, he turns and saw his golden retriever Grandpa sitting there waiting for him "Hey Grandpa...we have the day off today let's go to our usual hangout...Kay buddy."

    It was a short fifteen minute walk to their hideout but what they didn't expect was to see someone else there. The girl was cute and she looked strong as she set out and about working.

    Who was she? Where'd she come from?

    Before Camrice could say anything Grandpa ran up to the young woman barking happily with his tail wagging.
  3. Kieara hadn't been expecting to see anyone else around these parts. She thought it was pretty rural even though her home was located about the center of everything. The mines went to the back of her house, to the left was town, to the right was the forest and fields. She was just far enough away from it all to have her work cut out for her in walking since she didn't yet own any animals of her own such as a horse or even an unorthodox cow to ride.

    She straightened from watering a row of cabbage and wiped her brow as she heard a dog barking and looked down to see a gorgeous golden retriever. She smiled and kneeled to pet him. She loved dogs. She loved animals of all types, but dogs were a favorite. She started to scratch his head and pet him as she looked around for his owner. She didn't expect a dog like this to just be ownerless. That's when she spied Camrice.

    "Hello!" She called out. "Is this your dog?"
  4. Camrice laughed happily "Yeah, this is Grandpa." He said gesturing to the retriever, he loved how friendly the dog was to strangers.

    "Oh, I'm Camrice it's nice to meet you ."

    He said with the same air that Julius gives he mentally slapped himself for it, knowing that meant he was spending too much time around the man.
  5. Kieara stood up dusting her skirt off and offering a hand. "Nice to meet you Camrice, I am Kieara. I'm new in town and you're actually the first that I've met! Well, besides the mayor and Cain." She spoke.
  6. Leila was finally done with her morning Schedule, amazingly fast today as most of the animals didn't even bother 'talking' back at her today. It was lovely and a nice change of pace for the day. She looked over her farm, she had already given up growing anything here, she had no trouble keeping the animals happy, barely growing food for them and selling whatever she might get from them, the milk, the eggs....oh the delicious eggs her chickens gave, it was great.
    Either way she had given up growing much more, she was no good person with plants and crops and the sort so she just did what she needed to have a small variety of food, the rest she bought from others or at the market. "I guess I can at least deliver a few things...I need some money again...to save up for your birthday, right?" She smiled at the kitten that was purring softly while walking around her legs.
    She decided to leave the farm for a bit and leave her animals alone, it usually was fine, the dog amazingly enough managed to keep all the animals in place, she was a nice doggy and Leila was glad having her.
  7. Camrice shook Kieara's hand "Cain's a good guy and the mayor is so kind...despite his son being a jerk."

    "If you want I could show you around town." He offered, Grandpa looked up at Kieara with big innocent eyes as his tongue hung out his mouth and tail swaying.


    Back in the Accessory Shop Julius decided to take a break from sulking. He said goodbye to no one in particular and exited the shop. He strolled past the Carpenters but frowned remembering that the bridge was still out and Bo was doing his best to fix it.
  8. Kieara smiled and spoke. "I would love if you could show me around town." She said to him. She couldn't help but pet his doggy again, and she looked out over her shoulder behind her over the road she'd just traveled from. She'd spotted someone out there. It looked like a woman's figure, but she didn't know anyone here and couldn't tell. "Who is that?" She asked Camrice.

  9. Leila eventually saw figures in the near distance and walked a little faster, she could quickly catch up to them and smiled. "Hey, I'm Leila, have we met before?" Her eyes went to Kieara, she looked friendly, maybe there was finally someone here fit to be friends with? Leila tried to calm herself a little.
  10. Kieara smiled in return to her and answered before waiting to see if Camrice had anything to say to the person who'd presented theirself. "I'm Kieara, and no, I don't believe we've met." She offered her hand. "I just got to town today, i'm starting up a farm...ranch...thing." She said not sure what she'd call it since she had animals, or planned to anyway, and crops.
  11. "Oh, Hey Leila! Say Leila, have you noticed lately this town has been suffering...the soil isn't as rich as it used to be so crops haven't been the best...the fires aren't as hot, check even the winds aren't as strong...." as if to prove his point the winds blew, it felt like a gently breeze not even strong enough to tussle grass.

    Grandpa barks happily when he notices Leila and runs around her but not in a way to make her fall.

    Camrice smiled at the scene that was unfolding before them "Sad thing is...a lot of people are thinking about leaving...they can't how this town has changed many of the townsfolk did leave to figure out how to fix this town...I personally think there's something wrong with the Goddess Tree...or maybe...this may sound crazy but I think something happen to the Harvest Sprites...I mean I know they're just a child's tale...but I believe it."
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  12. "I don't know...I think something is just going wrong. I gave up growing a lot on my farm. My chickens can pay my life here..so I'm relying on that. Speaking of which, do you want any?" After shaking the girls hand she looked at her with a smile, "I have quite a few young animals in a week or two, so I wouldn't mind giving them to someone reliable once they are old enough!"
    Her attention quickly went to the dog, playing with him happily, "Aww, who's a good doggy? Huh? Yes you are!" She pet him happily, "As happy as always.."
  13. Kieara smiled happily as she watched the girl play with the dog. The tale about the place was saddening, but Leila seemed to be the animal expert around the place. Perhaps she could get a good deal on some chicks or a cow. She smiled. "I would love that. I've been thinking about getting some chicks. Maybe a duckling or two. Or a calf even." She said.

    She turned to Camrice. "What do you mean the Goddess Tree? What's that? Sprites?" She didn't know what he was talking about. This was all news to her. "I know this place looked rough, but I had no idea it was that bad..."
  14. Camrice reached into his pockets to fish out several coins to buy the produce from Leila "Its an old tale that there is a large and beautiful tree that is protected by a beautiful goddesses, the Harvest Goddess and her sprites. They help the land flourish and grow. But....it's like they given up." He explained to Kieara, his eyes shown sadness as he handed Leila 700g.

    He enjoyed giving a little to those who worked hard he couldn't wait to get produce from Kieara too.
  15. Kieara listened to the story then she thought the solution was simple. "Couldn't we just go to the tree and try to revive it? Or help this goddess or something? Or doesn't anyone know where this tree is?" She asked him wanting to help. Her urge to help was apparent, but they were none aware that things were about to get worse. With the newcomer was going to come new problems. New threats. And things the likes of which Harmonica Town had never seen.
  16. Auron had just finished getting on his gear, he only been in the town for a few weeks now but he was a resident of it before his training. It felt good to back after so many years. Sliding his sword into its holder he walks out of his home and already he's a bit interested the moment he walked outside. A small group of people had gathered and were chatting to a person he hadnt met before. Cracking his neck as he walks over the light armor on his body creeks a bit. He manages to make it over to the group smiling a bit. A hand goes up to his chin and a brilliant smile comes over his face. "Greetings Leila and Camrice. Also its a pleasure to meet you miss. I'm Auron, the knight assigned to this town." A hand comes down to pet the dog which Auron coos with a bit before lifting his head back up to continue talking with the group.
  17. Kieara had to admit. She liked a guy in armor. She smiled to him and found that all the people here were so friendly. It was a pleasant change. And it was nice to see that even though these people were having a hard time with the ground and other elements here, they were still friendly and neighborly to one another. She spoke. "Hello. I am Kieara. It's nice to meet you Auron. I just moved here." She informed him offering a hand to shake in a friendly manner.
  18. Leila handed it over and smiled, "I'm worried it doesn't work that easily." He eyes went to Camrice for a moment, "Thank you~" She smiled at him happily. "Then again..I never really did read much about these stories so I don't know much about them either...I wasn't ever a person of old stories and tales..." Leila smiled at Auron, "Hey Auron, are things going fine?"
  19. Auron nods a little before taking her hand and shaking it firmly. His hands were a bit coarse no doubt from his training and working but it retreated soon after shaking hands with Kieara. "Hmm...I think I heard something about you. Farmer right? Taking over that old farm on the edge of town? I hope you can do better with it, seems like things arent as lively as they were before. I've only been back a few weeks but it seems a bit...tired? Perhaps I'm just imagining things. Anyways, besides being a knight I can come help you out on your farm if you like. I aint no good with plants or tilling a field but if you need some manpower or someone to do some boring work I could swing around and help out. Course there's a little fee." His eyes light up for a moment but then he chuckles a bit. "I'm not too expensive but I do work my hardest and nothing comes free in the world. Besides a beautiful woman such as yourself probably has more important things to do with her time then cut up branches and yank weeds." His tone changes to a teasing one and his lips turn into a little coy smile. He soon turns towards Leila. "Things are going well, not much trouble going on and I havent starved yet so I'm doing something right. Its a shame to see people leaving though..." He covers his face with his hand hiding his saddened expression.
  20. Kieara blushed at his words. He was a flirt and she wasn't quite used to such mannerisms. It wasn't bad though. She smiled. "At this rate I might have to hire your help. I'm still trying to get used to this kind of work." She explained and she brushed some loose hair from her face. "I hate to hear that the people are leaving, but surely things will look up soon."
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