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  1. Okay guys, so this is probably one of my more thought out roleplay ideas, but I just got settled in a new place and got my gaming systems hooked back up, and Harvest Moon has always been an old favorite of mine. Before the admins or mods scream at me, I AM SORRY! I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO CLASSIFY THIS ROLEPLAY! IT FIT INTO A LOT OF CATAGORIES! So I'm sorry ahead of time if I wind up making you move a bunch of threads. ;_; The other threads I made for this plot will be listed at the bottom, so if you clicked on my banner and got redirected here hoping for one of the other threads, they're down there! This is just my general thread about it! The one that I happen to be playing and basing this idea off of is Harvest Moon Animal Parade for the Wii. So for the sake of possible spoilers, if you're playing this game or plan to play it, you might want to stop here, unless you don't give a flying rat's rear, then you may continue!

    What I had in mind for this rp was something along the lines of the story's plot actually. My character is going to be the character that you play as in this game (which you name so I cannot give you a specific character name) but she will be new in town, and she is a new rancher/farm owner. I am willing to change this if you can help me think up a better plot. Your character can be canon, or an OC. I don't much care which. If you want your character to be a canon, I have them listed on the group rp search as well as some other information (It is linked at the bottom) I have open for this idea, you can go over there and check and read the descriptions to see which one you would want to be, or just to get more information. I am looking more for the slice of life aspect behind the game rather than the adventury part, but it plays a big role in the setting, and if we can come up with good enough ideas, I wouldn't be against adventure, but I am looking for romance and day to day life in this rp primarily. The basic idea behind the plot of this game is that my character is new in town, the land is bad and nature is falling out of order because the tree that the Harvest Goddess guards is dying. To restore it, my character (who in the game is the only one who can see the sprites) has to gather five bells and ring them to restore power to the tree. Each bell has a sprite guarding it. I am willing to bend the sprite rule. I am also willing to bend the rule that only my character can ring bells.


    • I AM willing to bend the game's rules
    • ANYTHING is up for discussion on the plot
    • I made it vague on purpose so that people can help me add to it
    • I play female
    • MxF pairings only
    • I DID NOT want this to remain as innocent as the game itself is, so feel free to add/remove ideas to the plot. No Drama/Conflict = Boring
    • I apologize for this being all over the place, it's early and I am tired
    • OCs are welcome!
    • Canons are playable too
    • Cookies are good....

    Other Threads

    If you're looking here and there is nothing, I haven't gotten the other threads made yet, please be patient because it is in progress as we speak. They will be posted here as soon as they're up.

    Group Request Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon-lots-of-people-needed.92160/
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    Thank you for reading my giant wall of text.
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  2. Just saw your banner. Wanted to express my interest, but I'm at work. Will have a CS for approval up in a few hours. :)
  3. Here's what I have so far, I plan to edit it with a picture and fill in the history and flesh out the likes dislikes with fears. I played Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Gamecube so I have a little knowledge on the gameplay. :) I didn't know what age your character would be so I was hoping to match or at least be very close to it...

    Name: Sam

    Role: Traveling Physician or Veterinarian

    Age: 23


    Physical description: Blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. His right eye squints slightly making his eyes look oddly shaped. 5’9” 157lbs and built like a stick; skinny and smooth skinned from his years of study.

    Personality: quiet, reserved, always willing to lend a hand, Very honest, awkward around strangers Especially women,

    History: Sam had always wanted to help people. He tried to move into the city to become a protector of the citizens but was thrown out for lack of physical prowess. When he finally settled on his career in medicine he decided the best place to help was in the country, in a small town. He had traveled to several and settled on making that his life’s work, traveling around healing people and animals as he could.

    Likes: Festivals, music, animals, cooking

    Dislikes: Morbid obesity, darkness, crying,

    Fears: Not being good enough, Freezing to death, bees

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  4. I like it so far and my charrie is 21
  5. I would be interested in trying this as a onexone! If this is still open and you're still interested please shoot me a PM! Thanks~ ♥
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