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Harvest Moon

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. I've been re-playing Another Wonderful Life, and I was wondering how many other Harvest Moon fans are on Iwaku!

    Do you have a favourite title? Any fun or special stories from your games?

    Another Wonderful Life (the girl version of Wonderful Life) is my current playthrough. I'm grudge-marrying Marlin. It's a grudge-marriage because if you don't marry Marlin, he marries Celia. I want to marry Celia, but can't because you can only play a female protagonist in this game, and if I can't have her, neither can he! :P
  2. >.< It's been so long since I played Harvest Moon, only experience was Back to Nature, and I remember having trouble maintaining a very large farming pasture... Because otherwise my character would just KO after watering 8 plants or something and I'd have no chance to romance a character before competition takes em @.@ good times.
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  3. I've played almost all of them.
    It's a bit of a guilty pleasure.
    Story of Seasons is great, by the way.

    Picking a favorite would be hard. Uhm. Story of Season's Klaus is mature and charming and lovely, though. I also liked Kana.
    I might have some art a lovely friend from a Harvest Moon board made of my MC from A New Beginning a while back when it was new.
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    Started off by getting the Gameboy Friends in Mineral Town, followed by getting the girl verison of that, then A Wonderful for Gamecube, and then Magical Melody. I also have DS one, Grand Bazaar, a Tale of Two towns. . . and I know I have two others I haven't actually played yet, because I just haven't gotten around to it. I still feel like I'm missing some that I have >> BUT YES DIS MY SHIT.
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