Harvest Moon/Rune Factory Based RP [Updated]

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  1. Hihi! So Prinzack and I have come up with a plethora of roleplays as of late.
    Right now, we've been fiddling with something that we've based off of HM/RP.

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  2. I'm down for a HM RF roleplay, but I would like more details and something a little more fleshed out to work with. You'd entice more people that way too.
  3. Plot wise or what we plan to add to the RP to make it interesting? Or both, I suppose.
  4. I'm interested~!
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  5. Definitely both. All of. Just flesh it out. Like, I should be able to see a town name, what kind of shops we could potentially run, ect., ya know?

    Like I said, I'd love to do a Harvest Moon RuneFactory Rp, I just want some deets :P
  6. Oh! I have that stuff. I mean, the plot isn't quite fleshed out but the idea is that we have our goddess of the nearby forest, Dia, who basically grants wishes and keeps monsters at bay but due to declining faith, her power is waning. To add to this, we have a warlock named Kaiser who's our main antagonist and he lives in the dying part of the forest. He's trying to take the goddess' position as the main deity, so he's doing as much as he can to cause monster attacks in town and to cause disbelief in the goddess. Because she hasn't been around for a while, the latter isn't too difficult. She's a very reclusive goddess. (She's shy and doesn't understand humans very well.) Nobody really takes Kaiser seriously though when he says things like he's going to take over the town or that he's the one responsible for a large portion of the monster attacks near town. We haven't gotten much past that, though. The name of our current village is Juniper. We may add another village just for kicks depending on the population of the RP I guess?

    As mentioned in the first post, we have NPC characters who said friend and I will play. They're your typical store-owners n' things.
    However that's not to say you can't also work at these places IC.
    Juniper Town Hall and Library:
    Mayor Lexi Laskaris, Recordskeep Ilta Kissaelain and Sorceress Yue Xiang

    Saffron Tavern:
    Waiter Lear Walker and Barkeep/Cook Abraham Higgins

    Sorrel Inn:
    Innkeep Matthieu Kisling

    Rosemary General Store:
    Shopkeep Erick Prinet and Accountant Olivia Prinet

    Thyme Clinic:
    Doctor Solenne Prinet

    Cayenne Blacksmith:
    Blacksmith Lucia

    Juniper Church:
    Priest Jared and Nun Bianca Lavellan

    Goddess' Pond:
    Goddess Dia Galatea

    Mountain Swamp:
    Warlock Kaiser Galanos and Sorceress <Unnamed Galanos Sibling>

    As far as other blurbs, we have a lot already typed up. I'll put it in a spoiler too because it's quite a bit.
    (This is taken from a test thread elsewhere. It's subject to change but is overall accurate to what we want to do.)

    "Villagers" and "Travelers"
    In the village of Juniper you may either become a Villager or a Traveler.

    What's the difference?

    While you are free to "walk-in" and roleplay as you please day-by-day, you may also submit a profile and commit yourself to the thread. Travelers are our walk-in roleplayers and Villagers are the committed. For the sake of ease, Travelers are by no means homeless and may either stay with Villagers or at the Inn for as long as they please. Villagers, of course, may own land outside of town or within it, depending on the nature of their lifestyles. Both Villagers and Travelers are encouraged to create a "diary" but it isn't required for roleplay.

    Becoming a Villager is easy and Travelers may do so at any time. You may also begin your adventure as a Villager. All you need to do is fill out the skeleton below!

    Please submit your Villager "applications" to either Prinzack or Shotokeki.
    [BCOLOR=#800000]TIP:[/BCOLOR] If you're planning on being a walk-in, maybe check the map for ideas on your character background!


    Diaries are player-created test threads (probably blog posts on this forum) that document their daily happenings and may be updated as often as the player sees fit. Diaries are not required but are a fun way to let other roleplayers take a peek at your character's innermost thoughts -- provided you've left it someplace they can find it!

    They can also act as a sort of inventory, detailing what crops and materials you've grown and sold. (This doesn't need to be made public but can be helpful in keeping track of what you have.)

    Diaries may also be used to show your character's levels of affection and thoughts about other characters. This is encouraged for those who seek relationships of all sorts in other characters!

    If you intend to let other roleplayers access your diary, please try and keep it tidy. Otherwise, give in to the method of your madness!

    How to "Farm"
    Farming is the second-most major aspect of the Harvest Moon universe! You aren't required to farm specifically and may choose another profession instead. However, if you'd like to grab a hoe and go at it, be our guest! (Please refer to this page for available crops and growing seasons.)

    Please be considerate and keep in mind that we will not heavily monitor how many crops you "grow" or "sell". As long as you keep your harvests in moderation and within reasonable amounts, we won't have a problem. You may grow anything you desire as long as it's within the appropriate seasons. (You can't grow tomatoes in Winter, for example, but you can grow Buckwheat.)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]NOTE:[/BCOLOR] Other occupations that are available will either be posted on the bulletin board in the town square, or you can go and seek your own professions. Please also keep these within reasonable boundaries. (You can't be the business owner of a large chain in a small town unless you're travelling.)

    We also will not monitor how much money you've accumulated or how rich your character is but again, as with everything else, please be reasonable. We will not deny you such things as a great harvest or sale streak but those aren't things that happen very often in reality.

    Passage of Time and Festivals
    Time will pass as you roleplay with others inside the world. Time is GM Monitored and comes in one week intervals which will be displayed on the first post of the active roleplay thread. (This one!)

    Most festivals will not require GM intervention but some are time specific and these will also be posted along with the in-world date and time as they near the date of the event. If you wish to participate in time specific events, please try to be on to roleplay during these times. The real-world date and time will be provided for you.

    (We aren't sure how we're going to do this or if we're going to do it at all, but we still intend for the NPCs to be considered other characters to RP with.)

    Explanation of Rune Points (RP)
    Rune Points (RP) are given to active and enthusiastic roleplayers! RP can be used for various GM Meta Favors but are mainly used for NPC courtship. You can either attempt to woo one of our twelve existing NPCs, or you can even try to get them to woo each other!

    RP can be used at the Goddess' Pond in the form of a wish. Certain favors require more or less RP than others and are not always going to work. Some things are more or less reasonable than others and are left up to GM digression. Answers to wishes will come in the form of visits from the Goddess. Any wishes that aren't granted will not take up existing RP.

    Please detail the exact "wish" in a spoiler at the bottom of your post and keep the "wish" in roleplay.

    Also, here's our current Bulletin Board that we'll be using at the beginning of the RP.


    Job Openings
    Orcs have been sighted towards the forest path! Clear them out! *
    Please contact Lucia for more information.

    The Saffron Tavern is currently looking for someone to cook during their daytime shift!
    Please contact Lear Walker for more information.

    The Thyme Clinic is currently looking for someone to assist with patients! *
    Please contact Solenne Prinet for more information.

    Workers are needed down at the docks! *
    Please contact Ilta Kissaelain for more information.

    We're in need of a florist!
    Please contact Lexi Laskaris for permits and information.

    * More than one person may apply.
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  7. Cool! I'll try and keep this thread up to date and hopefully the post above this one will entice you further!
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  8. Hmm, I have my doubts as to how this would play out. HM / RF are very simple games that are mainly just sleeping until your stuff grows and occasionally breaking apart rocks or mining. As far as I can tell, you seem to be trying to stick closely to the games, but doing so would leave very little reason for interaction to occur, which would probably be the main part of an RP with very little plot besides bash some monsters.
  9. In other words, it feels like it would be a very pointless RP with bare minimal actual interaction, and where it feels like there's no point posting because you're going to be starting and concluding your entire activity in one post.
  10. So I'm super new to this site and am still exploring how folks do things around here, so forgive me if I begin to assume stuff about RPs. xD

    Anyway, I think we weren't super clear about how HM/RF is incorporated, so I'll try to explain what little we have decided. We're actually not trying to stick that closely to the games, especially not the gameplay; we're mostly borrowing the fantasy theme and setting, because it's simple and cute. Admittedly, we don't have a super strong plot planned out, so this sounds largely slice-of-life, but we do hope to incorporate an overarching conflict to bring roleplayers together against an antagonist. Any gardening, mining, or monster bashing will only be tools for creating a background for roleplayers--to set a setting for interactions between characters.

    Does that make it any better? >.<;
  11. An overarching plot makes sense, and alleviates some of my concerns. I've been in a few roleplays occasionally with people whose posts were always stuff like "Tim went to the mine. Then he bashed some rocks. Because that is his job. Tim is a miner." It makes it near impossible to get them involved in anything, and it's also boring for them too and they drop out after the first couple of posts. If this RP were to happen, I imagine people'd generate their own plot anyway :D
  12. Yeah, it was a great point for you to bring up! This is the first time Shotokeki and I have come together to revamp what we'd planned ages ago, so we're gonna start making conflict and plot stuff more specific and concrete.

    At the moment, we're hoping to find a balance between having interested people stick around long-term for the overarching plot and allowing noncommittal walk-ins to create their own plot between characters, if they desire. Not sure if that's too much for people to keep up with, but it's something we'd like to try.
  13. I'm interested in this, if you guys still plan to carry this out~! :)
  14. I absolutely love the RF universe and, if this idea still lives, I would love to give it my life-force because Rune Factory is love and life.