INTEREST CHECK Harvest Moon anyone?

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  1. Doesnt even have to be game-cannon, I just want a village-life-with-fantasy-subplot kind of rp, and at this point I don't care whether its group or one on one either

    I tried to start one before but got abandoned (sadface!) so now I'm doing an interest check

    Who'd be down for a quiet village roleplay with some darker fantasy tricks slowly swelling in the background? For example the village is built on the property of a spirit who needs them to knock off their mining operation? or the area is under a spell that makes one person at random disappear once every full moon? Doesn't have to be exactly that, but you get the idea

    tl:dr: quiet village with a darker secret; who's in?
  2. Interested.
  3. I'm always up for good HMRP. :D
  4. I'd be up for it ^^
  5. Huzzah! Shall we four start one and see who else jumps in then?
  6. Great! I'll make the thread in a little bit, then post the link here and PM those who said they'd like it. In a few minutes though, my sink has decided to become clogged and its hard to type with rubber gloes O.O