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  1. "It is not adversity that kills, but the impatience with which we bear adversity."


    There is no evidence of magic in the world, for it has all been contained and plugged up. Beneath the Centre Pénitentiaire de Fresnes lies a hidden prison, where they throw the rejects, called "Harvesters," or "Harvest-Blooded". All of which have genetic knowledge of blades, melee, firearms, archery, stealth, and the lost art of magic. Some have shown their expertise through assassination and crime, some through accidental triggering, and some, simply because they showed signs of such expertise. France does not speak of them. They mustn't for fear of what sort of havoc they might unleash upon the world if the UN steps in and frees them. Only the government and the prisoners know what happens.

    The basement is known as Le Deuxième Château d'If to the prisoners, as the innocent know of their innocence. They're angry. For very many years, they've been preparing. Some have been digging through the hard earth, as their expertise in Melee allows them the strength to punch through with their bare fists. Some have been attempting to pickpocket the keys of the occasional guard patrol, as their expertise in stealth gives them daft hands to make an attempt. Some try to get a gun and stick up the guards, as their expertise in firearms would allow them to get out alive. Some simply wish they could make a fireball hot enough to melt the bars of their cage, as their expertise in magic affords them many abilities such as this.

    The prisoners are from all around the world, and most speak French by now, having spent fifteen years in the walls. Unborn children have been aborted just to keep the prisoners from reproducing, as they aren't separated by sex, so pregnancies happen, either by consent, or otherwise. They haven't left their cells in their incarceration time, and many have either attempted suicide, or otherwise just given up hope. The beds have no sheets. The rooms are flat and stone.

    Unbeknownst to the guards and the government, many prisoners have come close to escaping than could be risked.

    You are one of the prisoners who are either in cahoots with the those sharing your specialties, or just plain busting yourself out. This will be your story.

    Character Sheet/Skeleton
    Show Spoiler
    Name: (If forgotten during incarceration, omit)
    Alias: (If name is remembered and no aliases are known to the prisoner body, omit)
    Gender: (Sex code)
    Nationality: (Your character was a citizen of _____ before incarceration)
    Age: (Maximum 120 for old wise men, Minimum 10 for children)
    Years incarcerated: (Maximum 15, minimum 7)
    Class: (See below)
    Appearance: (Pictorial or Descript, your choice, Pictorial should be retrieved locally)
    Preferred Weapon: (Professional weapon that can be used by their class, ie: Rapier, Broadsword, Warhammer, Shortsword and shield, Staff, Scythe, etc, may choose three)
    Pre-incarceration: (Bio before incarceration, include occupation, power discovery, and days leading up to arrest)
    Prison experience: (List of important occurrences, such as incarceration, rapes, assaults, murders, deals, guard beatings, etc. Women will likely be the victims of either rapes or attempted rapes in their time, while men are also likely to be offenders in these situations. Date of first incarceration is August 7th, 2002, date of last incarceration is February 27th, 2010, date of incarceration must be within this timeframe. It is March, 2017. Infractions should be listed as "[role] in case of [crime]", "[role] in multiple cases of [crime]", or a combination, citing a connection.)
    Other information: (Fake keys swiped, yards dug, fireballs thrown, etc stupid things that need to be mentioned)

    Class Information

    Choose three specialties, and they will define your class.

    Blades: Dictates skill with swords, daggers, tomahawks, and thrown blades. Specialty allows you to wield and sharpen bladed weapons, including swords, daggers, tomahawks, thrown blades, axes, picks, arrows and polearms. Also makes a faster character with more precision when paired with stealth, firearms, or archery.
    Melee: Dictates skill with axes, hammers, picks, polearms, clubs, bats, paddles, and fist-fighting. Specialty allows you to wield blunt and heavy weapons, such as axes, hammers, picks, polearms, clubs, bats, paddles, large swords, and knuckle mods, such as brass knuckles, and make effective makeshift weapons like maces, machetes, etc. Can use every weapon they can make, including weapons they aren't normally able to wield. Characters tend to be stronger and more durable, and can also punch things with bare knuckles without pain.
    Firearms: Dictates skill with guns of all sorts, and can master the very useful crossbows if paired with archery. Specialty allows speedy target acquisition, and zone firing for accuracy. Can wield pistols, revolvers, SMGs, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, launchers, special weapons (IE, flamethrowers), and crossbows. Can make rounds out of scrap and salvage. Makes bullets with any metal and any gunpowder (yes, including wet gunpowder, they're special, okay?), and arrows and bolts with any metal, and either any wood, any alloy, or any plastic. Firearms experts are very accurate, and are very precise when paired with stealth, blades, or archery.
    Archery: Dictates skill with all kinds of bows, and can master the very useful crossbows if paired with firearms. Specialty allows speedy target acquisition, and speedy loading/nocking. Can wield bows, sniper rifles, and crossbows. Can carve bows, gunstocks, and weapon handles out of any wood. Archery experts are even more precise than all the other classes, and are even moreso when paired with stealth, blades, or firearms.
    Stealth: The ability to blend in with one's surroundings. Governs the ability to stay unnoticed in plain sight, or to steal someone's possessions. Specialists can pick locks, set traps, and cause misdirection. Specialists also can only make noise in metal equipment, or by trying, and are second in precision, only to archery. Very precise if paired with blades, firearms, or archery.
    Magic: Dictates Elemental, White, and Dark magics. Elemental magics focus on attacking the enemy with fire, water, wind, ice, earth, etc, or enchanting allies weapons with elemental effects, and also encompasses telepathy and telekinesis. White magics focus on healing allies, or hindering opponents with molasses and confusion spells, and other benign hindrances more focused on helping the team than hurting the foe. White magic also, with the advent of technology, can be used for cybermancy, and can use this to perform direct attacks with White magic. Black magics focus on hiding themselves and their allies, while hindering or hurting the enemy with shadow blade, illusory camouflage, and toxic essence spells. Dark magic also allows necromancy, either causing enemies to turncoat, or raise the dead.
    How to name your class

    Pick three specialties and see below. Females use feminine forms (IE A female Armorer is still an Armorer, but a Female Druid is a Shaman)

    Blades Specialty
    Berserker (Blades, Melee, Firearms)
    Tribesman/f. Tribeswoman (Blades, Melee, Archery)
    Bandit (Blades, Melee, Stealth)
    Warlord/f. Sage (Blades, Melee, Magic)
    Armorer (Blades, Firearms, Archery)
    Hitman/f. Hitwoman (Blades, Firearms, Stealth)
    Cyber (Blades, Firearms, Magic)
    Assassin (Blades, Archery, Stealth)
    Warloc/f. Witch (Blades, Archery, Magic)
    Swordsinger (Blades, Stealth, Magic)

    Melee Specialty
    Striker (Melee, Firearms, Archery)
    Sylph (Melee, Firearms, Stealth)
    Powerhouse (Melee, Firearms, Magic)
    Lion/f. Lioness (Melee, Archery, Stealth)
    Ancient (Melee, Archery, Magic)
    Demon/f. Succubus (Melee, Stealth, Magic)

    Firearms Specialty
    Ranger (Firearms, Archery, Stealth)
    Mortar (Firearms, Archery, Magic)
    Pirate (Firearms, Stealth, Magic)

    Archery Specialty
    Druid/f. Shaman (Archery, Stealth, Magic)

    Classes correspond to their three specialties and are organized in an easy to find manner.

    I shall be playing as...

    Name: Monica Young
    Alias: Treble
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Scottish
    Age: 28
    Years incarcerated: 12
    Class: Swordsinger
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Preferred Weapon: Rapier, Polescythe, Single-Edged Dagger
    Pre-incarceration: Monica never knew her parents, but managed to do rather well off due to her theft, her aptitude resulting from her expertise in Stealth, which she hadn't known was a result of her blood. She took up Scottish Fencing at age 12 and seemed a natural to the instructors, still not knowing it was the result of her Harvest-Blood. When she was to be taken to Fresnes, she discovered her blood in resistance, throwing shadows at her foes, and raising them undead when she killed them. Horrified, she ran South. Finally, on October 7th, 2009, she was captured after she was caught off guard in England, and deported to France to be imprisoned for being a Harvester.
    Prison experience:

    • October 9th, 2009: Incarcerated
    • February 11th, 2010: Victim in case of Attempted Rape, Offender in case of Attempted Murder, cases tied
    • June 16th, 2010: Conspiracy through Morse Code, corporal punishment issued
    • October 9th, 2010: Heavy corporal punishment issued for anniversary, notes two offenses and an involvement
    • December, 2012 through August 2015: Victim in Various cases of Attempted Rape, Offender in various cases of Murder, Attempted Murder, Assault, all cases tied
    • September, 2014: Romantic relationship with unknown inmate formed
    • February through July, 2016: Offender in multiple cases of Murder, Victims tied to Murder of unknown inmate
    • October 9th, 2016: Victim in case of Attempted Rape, Offender in case if Assault on Guard, cases tied
    • January 17th, 2017: Suspected of Conspiracy with other Inmates

    Other information: Swiped 36 fake keys, threw 137 fireballs, made 7 shivs, 5 of which have been confiscated.

    1. Iwaku rules apply
    2. Colorful language is allowed, but don't fucking curse every fucking other fucking shitty word, fuck
    3. While the RP does deal with rape, actually discussing it in depth in the RP is prohibited. You can give statistics, such as how many attempts, how many successes, and how many consensuals, but no detailing or describing.
    4. I'll handle important NPCs, such as the French Prime Minister or the Warden, and the UN Council, etc etc.
    5. This is actually a spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Once we escape, the Prime Minister of France alerts the UN Council and they will find the escaped convicts to form a UN funded Mercenary group called Harvest Corps. Then, we move to Sci-Fi, as itis2017, and progression will put us in the 2020's in the next part.
    6. Don't kill someone else's character without mine or the user's permission.7. Use common sense, and don't be an idiot. If I find you doing something you shouldn't just because it wasn't listed, I'll kill off your character and deny your future characters.
    8. Punishments will involve either a request to delete the offending post and try again (which will result in harsher punishments if instruction not followed) or your character being killed off. And if you're REALLY bad, I'll make your character look like a total poon while killing him off. They'll cry and scream and bleed and whimper and beg for death. Yeah, bye-bye reputation.

    If I approve it, you can play.

    Accepted Players:
    VerbalAbuse - Monica "Treble" Young - Swordsinger
    VerbalAbuse - Rasp - Cyber
    Psychedelic - Yamato Naganuma - Ancient
    RedWinter - Stein Gescheit - Powerhouse
    LaharlSama - Joshua "The Reaper" Gale - Warloc
    ET4252 - Erin Glenn - Sage
    Corigirll - Kaia Romanov - Shaman
    Indecisive Squirrel - Eveline Bernard - Shaman

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  2. I'm going to throw up another good example of a character because I thought one up, to establish the right to play multiple characters, and to keep this thread alive.

    Alias: Rasp
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Welsh
    Age: 32
    Years incarcerated: 9
    Class: Cyber
    Appearance: A slightly darker-skinned man sporting a dark brown dead man's do (Long, shaggy hair with bangs covering the eyes), sharpened teeth, and gouged out eyes. He has a somewhat muscular build, and has a low body fat percentage. Often seen wearing a blue tanktop, white cargo pants, a blue, sleeveless coat with white lining, and a blue and dark seafoam armband on his left bicep, with a pair of neon blue converse sneakers to top off the look. Often uses Cybermancy to simulate eyes when in contact with an electrical circuit or computer.
    Preferred Weapon: Cyber Armor, Datablade, Coded Handgun
    Pre-incarceration: Rasp is a solitary sort. He's not sane enough to keep track of his past, and too suicidal to think about the future. He's half-insane and had his eyes gouged out when he was younger. No real history for him. Known to take mercenary contracts from organizations and corporations. Captured while on an assassination contract in London. Many attempts were made prior to incarcerate him, failing all previous attempts due to his insanity and expertise.
    Prison experience:
    • February 17th, 2008: Incarcerated
    • March through August, 2008: Numerous cases of Murder and Murder of Guard on duty, as well as three cases of Attempted Escape, security measures heightened
    • October 31st, 2008: Managed to open the all the cells in the high security ward, unwilling to risk corporal punishment. Commented "It was a fucking badass Halloween party, wasn't it, pig?"
    • February, 2009: Suspected of Conspiracy with other inmates
    • Later that month: Other inmates involved in conspiracy executed to prevent plans coming to fruition
    • April, 2010: Moved back to Regular Security for good behavior.
    • October 31st, 2010: Managed to open most of the cells in the regular Harvester ward, some prisoners chose to remain in their cells, most who were involved were either executed or corporally punished, moved back to high security ward. Commented "Happy Halloween, fuckasses!"
    • December 25th, 2010: Broke out of high security cell and back into a regular security cell, then back to the high security cell. Commented "The beds are more comfortable in the fucking psycho ward"
    • February, 2014: Moved back to Regular security for good behavior, forced to take medication daily to prevent chaotic fits.
    • February 12th, 2017: Suspected of Conspiracy with other inmates

    Other information: As a Cyber, Rasp is able to make weaponry just by being on the same electric current as a computer, and can even create a projectile current to form equipment from data. Kept far from any electrical wires. Can make a small blade capable of shaving stone just by extending a long current into a light bulb on the other side of the ward. Often found outside of his cell, even when on medication, but less likely to perform malicious actions when on medication.
  3. Not really sure if this one is okay, but we shall see.

    Name: Yamato Tanuma
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 18
    Years incarcerated: 7
    Class: Ancient
    Preferred Weapon: Spiked knuckles, crossbow
    Pre-incarceration: Coming from a slightly deranged family, Yamato had been raised in an extremely religious home - his father was a catholic priest, and intended for his son to take on that role too. As a result of this upbringing, he was somewhat naive of the world around him. He led a very sheltered life, as can be expected of those in his situation. He pretty much went to school, did his homework, ate dinner with his family and went to church. It was his naivety that caused him to discover his talents. He fell for the 'do you want to see my puppy' trick, and thanks to this - ended up beating his attacker to a bloody pulp. He was understandably upset by this - at the time he was 10 years old. Upon admitting to this murder in confession, his own father turned him in to the Japanese police, and from there he came to the prison in which he now resides.
    Prison experience:
    October 13th 2009: Incarceration
    February 27th 2010: Victim of assault
    March 14th 2010: Victim of rape
    2010 onwards: Victim of multiple counts of assault, rape, attempted, etc.
    November 20th 2016: Victim of assault, offender in one murder and three attempted murders - cases tied.
    December 1st 2016: Offender in multiple assaults.
    February 3rd 2017: Escape attempt, assault on guard - corporal punishment issued.

    Other information: Unfortunately, none to add - he's been a very good boy.
  4. He's accepted, and I suppose the only reason he wouldn't fight against the rapes would be due to pacifism. I gather he lost his morality after awhile, hmm?
  5. Exactly xD Someone snapped a little bit...
  6. This still happening? If so I would love to join.
  7. It'll keep going until it gets archived, I'm thinking
  8. Name: Stein/Stark Gescheit
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: German
    Age: 30 (October 3rd, 1987)
    Years incarcerated: 10
    Class: Powerhouse
    Appearance: (This is temporary until I find what I'm looking for.)
    Blond hair, blue eyes, and 6 feet tall.

    Preferred Weapon: Revolver, sniper rifle, (grenades count?)
    Pre-incarceration: Stein's father was in the German military as a young man, and later became an engineer. He raised his son to be just like him. His father's name was Stark and he named his son Stein, but since Stein looks and was so much like his father many just called him Stark. Stein was very much like his father and even trained under him. His father taught him how to be both a military man and a engineer. Stein was always very good at following the rules and caught on quickly to all his father taught him. He was top of his class in every subject. As soon as he graduated he joined the army, in was only a couple years after his enlistment when his powers were discovered. He and his father were working on a project together when Stein accidentally set fire to the blue print they were currently look at. His father knew his duty, but his love for his son made it hard to make the choice. He kicked Stein out of the house that day so he wouldn't have to make the choice, and instantly Stark new it was the cowards way out. He regretted it, but the decision was made. Stark called military and told them of his son, and they were prompt in capturing him and taking him to France. Though his father may have hid behind the military, Stein knew it was him who had ratted him out, because no one else knew.
    Prison experience:
    March 14th, 2008: Incarceration
    December 23rd, 2008: Instigator of a fist fight, end result of two deaths and several injuries
    May 13th, 2009: Offender in a case of murder, killing an offender of attempted rape
    October 2nd, 2009: Victim of attempted murder, offender of assault
    February 6th, 2010: Offender in a case of assault in defending a victim of attempted rape
    February 11th, 2010: Relationship begins with attempted rape victim
    July 10th, 2010: Offender in a case of murder, killing an offender of assault in defending romantic partner
    September 9th, 2011: Victim of assault while trying to protect a victim of rape
    September 24th, 2011: Offender in a case of murder of the rapist of his romantic partner
    April 1st, 2012: Stopped romantic partner in an attempted suicide
    2013-2015: Offender in several cases of assault and murder while protecting romantic partner
    October 3rd, 2016: Participant in fist fight, instigator unknown
    Other information: 78 yards dug, and has been gathering scraps for unknown reasons. (scrap metal, torn pieces of cloth, hair bands, loot from fallen inmates, just random stuff)
  9. Oh, come now, you have to use Germany from Hetalia?
  10. In my defense; I knew nothing about hetalia until I found the picture.
  11. I'm not sure if you're being completely honest. That said, I'm going to have to ask you to change just the picture for no particular reason at all, other than perhaps I don't want to read all your posts in Germany's voice
  12. I'm reading everything in his voice already...I am weak.
  14. That's fine with me! And besides I wouldn't be able to keep up the image of Germany if people were expecting it, because it's not. It's a perfect compromise, as long as Psychedelic stops reading it in his voice.
  15. Saw the new CS, and it's Accepted.
  16. Name: Joshua Gale
    Alias: The Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: America
    Age: 27
    Years incarcerated: 9 years
    Class: Warlock (blades, archery, magic
    Show Spoiler

    Preferred Weapon: Scythe, Sub-weapon Magic
    Pre-incarceration: Joshua was your typical citizen. He woke up, cleaned up and went to work. He worked his hours and dealt with all sorts of people daily. Each day brought him closer and closer to hating humanity until he snapped. He was 16 when he first learned of his magic, at first he kept it secret, but after nearly two years he gave up hiding it and went on a massive killing spree numbering around 63 before he was captured. He had killed approximately 127 total in the time before he was incarcerated.
    Prison experience:
    March, 13th, 2008: Incarceration
    March, 20th, 2009: Felon in 1 case of murder
    May, 17th, 2010: Felon in 2 cases of assault, 1 murder, cases tied
    May, 18th, 2010: Felon in case of inciting a riot. Corporal punishment issued.
    January, 10th, 2011: Felon in one case of rape.
    February, 16th, 2012: Felon in 2 cases of murder, 1 case inciting a riot, Inmate comment: It's my fucking birthday, so what if someone lost an arm or two.
    April, 3rd, 2013: Felon in one case of assaulting a guard, Notes: Guard suffered severe burns to the face.
    October 29th, 2014: Felon in suspected case of murder, Guard comments his cell was covered in human body parts. Inmate comments he was decorating for Halloween.
    September, 30th, 2014: Felon in one case of murder, suspected felon in 1 case of rape. Cases tied. Guard comment: Female was unharmed but nude, second male body discovered at a later date.
    January, 1st, 2015: Romantic relations with previous victim of rape.
    June, 18th, 2015: Appears docile, attempt to move back to less volatile cell block.
    June, 20th, 2015: Felon in 1 case of inciting riot, 3 cases of murder, 1 case of attempted escape. Cases tied, sever corporal punishment issued. Moved back to solitary for 8 months.
    February, 20th, 2016: released from solitary and returned to original cell.
    Extra notes: Spends most of his time muttering under his breath about killing all of the staff and getting out. Extremely violent.
    Other information: 12 fake keys looted, 7 fireballs thrown
  17. If you were looking for a blades-focused magical role, there's the Swordsinger, and if you notice, Treble can use a polescythe just like The Reaper's. You can either change it to that or keep him a Warloc.
  18. Warloc is fine was just asking haha

    Also i updated my profile a bit. Comments concerns etc
  19. You're accepted.
  20. We have five characters and four players, I'd say we've got a fair squad among us at this time. We'll start either by Wednesday, or immediately if another player is accepted. Mind you, another player, not another character. Feel free to make more characters, though, they're all welcome. They can even be relatives of your current.