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    Alicia Wright listened to the orientation speaker with one hand holding her cell phone, thumb-typing notes, and the other on the armrest of her wheelchair. She was positioned at the end of a row of chairs, one chair having been removed to make room, near the back of the assembly. She could hear fine though, by virtue of PA speakers rather echoing the speaker's words through the auditorium.

    Her notes were infrequent, and typed with enviable speed into a simple notepad app. The speaker spoke about a sense of community, achievement, about accomplishing dreams and all that kind of school-politics jargon. Her thumb only moved when important info such as course registration cutoff, Administrative office hours, and other such things came up. It wasn't that she was only interested in academically relevant things, so much as that her notes were very academic in nature, and that when she went home to cross-reference and itemize them, she didn't want any nonsense about how many awards the school had gotten bronze in mixed in there.

    Still though, the last thing she needed was to come off antisocial; her mechanical moving apparatus already made her enough of an anomaly that people were slightly uncomfortable about approaching her anyway. And so when the call went out for freshmen volunteers to help organize the Kickoff Party, her slim arm shot into the air. The speaker acknowledged her with a point and a nod, and then scanned the crowd before doing the same to someone else "Okay! Two of you should be enough, and you guys stick around afterword for some more kind of behind the scenes information." he launched again into convincing students who had already applied, been accepted, paid tuition, and in some cases finished registering for classes that the school was a good choice. Alicia set down her phone, using the hand instead to brush stray bits of her straight, dark brown hair out of her face and stole a glance around the assembly. It was sizeable, for a relatively small school. There were probably a hundred or so people present, and god knew not everybody went to non-mandatory orientation meetings. She'd already helped herself to a tour of the campus beforehand, familiarizing herself with locations of elevators and access ramps, as well as the specific locations of her classrooms. Registration opened yesterday, and Alicia had gotten there early to ensure her schedule.

    As the speaker wrapped up, Alicia put her hands together for a few polite claps among the rest of the halfhearted applause, and then locked her phone, depositing it in her small purse before skillfully backing out into the aisle and making her way toward the front; against the tide, but she moved carefully enough that others could get around her no problem.
  2. Aidan Lee sa in the middle of the the crowd flipping through random Wikipedia entries, while listening to the droning orientation speaker. Something he hated more than the idea of not getting a chance to read was the idea of having to listen to a load of crap about togetherness. He knew this was just a formality. Just the school way to boost freshman morale.

    As he looked through the pages, clicking on link to another he found some interesting knowledge about the origin of ramen. "Hmmph would have never guessed that." he said to himself, not realizing how loud until the person beside him looked at him with a weird get-away-from-me-with-that-shit look. Aidan rolled his eyes and went back to looking for more useless knowledge. Maybe he would get lucky enough to one day be on Jeopardy and win big money and not have to worry about petty things like money for a while, hell who was he kidding. He just sat not caring about school achievements.

    As he decided he had wasted too much time and his phone drew new low battery level he gave undivided attention to the speaker as he put his phone in his messanger bag, just in time to hear something about volunteer and bash. 'So help set up a party, now that's more like it.' he thought giving a slight smile leaning forward. He didn't worry about having his classes set up, his buddy worked in admissions, so that was done for him the day classes opened up for this semester. Now he has his first chance a campus involvement, lady fortune smiled upon him.

    As the droning voice finally died down and out he stood, grabbing his back to make his way to the front. His dad always told him, "Now son make the best first impression you can 'cause that's the one that counts." So why not make the bash a party to remember, if he gets chosen to volunteer.
  3. Alicia continued her relaxed pace to the front of the assembly, moving around the crowd instead of through it. The front half of the area was pretty well empty when she reached the podium. Looking around, she saw a few people also making their way across seats or toward the front; meeting up with people or retrieving forgotten items, possibly, but she couldn't tell which was the other volunteer, or see very well what any of then looked like.

    She stopped at the front of the area, by the slightly raised speaking platform. She made a cursory glance to check for a ramp, but was unsurprised to see only a couple stairs. The speaker - a tall, broad shouldered man with a dark, full beard and a blue turtleneck - acknowledged her with a smiling nod, but was for the moment occupied looking for something among the papers in the podium. He pulled out two small stapled collections of paper just as another person - the other volunteer? - approached.
  4. Slowly making his way to the front, Adain noticed the crowd thinned immensely. He shrugged and continued to move to the front scanning the crowd to find out who was going to be his partner for the event. Though it seemed most people in the front of the room had other things to do, it was making the process kinda hard yet at least he knew there would be a spot.

    Once he got to the front where the speaker was he fixed his shoulder straps, noticing the speaker looking on the podium. The man looked to be kinda in his early thirties. Adain also noticed a girl in a wheel chair. 'This must be my partner' Adain shrugged and noticed the man holding two packets of paper. Reaching out to grab one stack of the papers and nodding a thank you he held his free hand you the girl, "Hi my name is Adain Lee." He debated whether or not to hand her the stack of papers he grabbed, not knowing if she was one of the people that got offended when someone tried to help.
  5. Alicia picked Aidan out as her partner by his direction toward the speaking area. She frowned when, upon casting a glance over her, he shrugged. What, was he broadcasting an 'eh, good enough' rating or something?

    Returning to a neutral expression, Alicia answered the introduction "Alicia, nice to meet you." She said, and would have accepted his handshake anyway, but was interrupted by the speaker extending the second ahead of paper to her - although the tall man had to bend down from his position on the podium to do so. "Thank you. And you're Dean Greyback, yes?" She asked, directing her eyes after the bearded man as he stepped lightly down from the raised area.

    "Yes! Good to meet you, Aidan, Alicia" he said, in a warm baritone voice. "you're both freshmen here, yes?"
  6. Looking to the dean, "Yes sir, I do believe we are both freshmen." Not looking down for conformation he just assumed and for the most part his assumptions were correct. Though his thoughts landed somewhere between what kinda theme should be taken and so on. Raising his hand but starting his question without further acknowledgement, "So this packet is like the base line for the bash or is this just a packet of don'ts?" He took off his beanie showing his hair which had a hard part and was over two one side.
  7. Alicia frowned, her brow furrowing when Aidan spoke for her. She decided she didn't like this guy, and quickly corrected herself that she didn't like him so far.

    'You've known him less than a minute, all you know is that he uses the word 'bash' unironically and has a haircut that reminds you of the mean guy Rose was supposed to marry in Titanic. don't be so snappy' she self-chastised in her head.

    "It's, ah, well if you'd like to have a look it's an outline of all the information you'll need to start out."

    Alicia, looking over the stapled pages in her hands as the dean spoke, followed the notes, tracing one finger down the page as he went on outlining the contents. Alicia skimmed through quickly; it seemed basic enough. There were a few legality and policy relevant things set in stone but other than that there was quite a bit of creative freedom. Their budget wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't terribly constricting.

    "-I'll need the first page signed right away if you please - you can request a photocopy for your own records if you'd like."

    as the dean finished up, Alicia reached into the purse which was tucked nearly between her hip and the armrest for a pen, she signed her name neatly and dotted the i with a heart. She looked up and offered the pen to Aidan.
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