Harry Potter?

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  1. I know I have a request thread already, but I am really craving Harry Potter since I am watching the films again.

    I do double, so I would like you to if you wish to play a female original character. If you wish, we can do original characters only.

    I can go for Marauders Era, or after the war with Voldemort.

    I would play anyone of your choosing if you are able to play either Sirius, or Remus, for me.

    We would have this take place during their seventh year.

    Harry Potter:
    Again, I would play anyone of your choice as long as you play Draco for me.

    This will be set after their years at Hogwarts. Draco is a lost boy, frightened by the crimes he committed. He and his parents are standing trial for aiding the Dark Lord Voldemort. My character, an Auror, meets Draco and feels sorry for him as he slowly expresses how lost and confused he was when he was following Voldemort.

    I am sure we can make a plot with the character that you choose me to be, and we can also weave it around your character.

    PM me if interested. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.