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  1. I was thinking of doing a harry potter rp as i am obessessed with it right now for some reason.Just wondering if any one wanted to join
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  2. Depends. Is it taking the roles of the actual characters, or making your own?
  3. Either as it would not be hogwarts without the main characters but it would also be quite cool to have characters people had made up around the school aswell.
  4. Well, if it's self-made then I'm up for it :)
  5. you could always do a present day generation of Hogwarts students.
  6. Ooh, fun!
    But what challenges will they be facing? Is Voldemort dead at this time? Will we follow the books, or create our own plotline?
    I think it'd be fun to be a student during the aftermath of the Hogwarts invasion, with the school still being put back together and parents all in a titter about whether their kids will be safe this year.
    Or an alternate timeline where Harry didn't survive Voldemort, so Voldy's either dead or going on a rampage.
    No matter what we come up with, this is gonna be fun! ^^
  7. I like the idea that the school has been destroyed and it's the aftermath of the event .
  8. I think it sounds pretty interesting too, to have it play out after the final battle.
  9. So the final battle is over and we are the part of the few pupils who went back to hogwart

    Im going to make the sign up thing soon
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  10. Sweet <3 I'm definitely in :D :bananaman:
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