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I love HP my fav combo is Ginny and Draco but I digress, I have done one HP rp but I REALLY wanna do an in school one. So here are all my HP wants all in one pretty package, if you don't know HP that well please move on. Not asking for someone to sing the Hogwarts song just someone who knows the difference between a grindylow and a mermaid.

These are characters Ginny and Draco:

Echo Hall: Ginny runs her heart broken yet again by Harry's new love interest, why does she keep doing this to herself? Draco stomps down the hall, how the hell does Potter pull the girl right under his nose? What is so special about the unruly hair?! Pansy the annoying wife wanna be giggles and clings to him. Ginny, "I wish everyone would just go away!" Draco, "Wish I could have a moments peace!" Just like that POOF the whole school is gone. They wake along in the castle, what happens when they find that everyone's gone cept their families enemy?

The Halflings: (I wrote this as a fanfic YEARS ago but would love to see what happens when I get another writer thrown in. Also willing to change school name and where it is.) This year is a new year, first all muggleborns are thrown out of magical schools. Second this is the year they really look at the bloodlines. More specifically the pureblood lines, turns out they are not so pure! The Halflings are pureblood witch and wizard's that are a mix of pureblood and another magical being such as veela, vampire, werewolf, ect. They no longer go to regular old wizarding school they now go to Cogwood the magical school for halflings which is underwater in the sea.


Tha Halfling: Same but with OOC

The new girl: My character just moved over from the states to the UK and now going to Hogwarts, she is sorted into Slytherin house. She is a sweet looking girl with quick wit and a half smile half smirk on her face but something is odd about her, no one knows but you can't help but stare and side glance and figure her out.

Purebloods line crises: The families have gotten together and now realize unless they do something the purebloods will have to be with none purebloods and for most families that is not okay. MC and TC are matched together and both families are pushing for us to be together. MC is an Irish girl in Hogwarts and YC who gets transfered to Hogwarts from Koldovstoretz an all male wizarding school in Russia.

Thats all I can think of for now, let me know if you have a HP idea that is in Hogwarts and I play the female and I will of course consider it!
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