Harry Potter Themed Roleplay?

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    First off, let me state that I do not own creative credit for this roleplay. It comes from a friend of mine from a different RPG.

    100 years later, Hogwarts has been reduced to rubble from the battle in 1998. The headmaster moved the school down the road, only to leave the cliff side a mess of the old Hogwarts school. Now, Dementors have claimed that part of the land and students are sneaking in for a peak. What are the teachers and ministry hiding? What are the secrets that will lay in the labyrinth of rubble and who will survive to tell the tale?

    So much more will be revealed in the OOC, if this get enough interest that is. :)

    Anyone interested?​
  2. Interested. I think I know who gave you this idea
  3. i am interested it looks cool
  4. This is interesting, I would be up for it
  5. I'm interested!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.