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  1. Please be willing to post 4x a week, decent spelling and grammar, post no LESS than one 4-5 sentence paragraph. I reply with what you give me, so if you give me two, I will do the same. Up to 4 paragraphs.

    No one expected that Voldemort would win the war.The Golden Trio fell one after the other then he turned his vengeance on The Malfoy's leaving all of them dead. McGongall before he could get to her grabbed the students that were the brightest.Dumbledore always had a plan B if Voldemort won. She sends the students back into time ,the year is 1942 Tom Riddle is a 15 year old student plotting the future. The Group has to change their last names in order to get past the dark lord. But the students never attended to find love back in the past.

    Please pick one
    Abraxas Malfoy- Him
    Jackson Potter- Him
    Septimus Weasley- Him
    Regulus Black- Him
    Lyall Lupin- him

    Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Senior- Him
    Leonardo Lestrange- Him
    Charles Zabini - Him

    If there is anymore you want to suggest please put it down.
  2. I will love you foreva!
  3. Hey, interested im talking about this roleplay ;)
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  4. This is an interesting idea.

    Question, though.

    The person we pick, is that who we're playing as or who we wish to be paired with?
  5. Still seeking!
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  6. You still open?
  7. Mhmm
  8. Do you want me to pm you?