Harry Potter & the Rebirth of the Dark (Closed)

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  1. "We thought it ended with Voldemort. We thought everything we did to quash the evil of the world would stop anyone from reliving his legacy. But for all we did... We just let the nightmare start all over again."
    - Uncredited Ministry Official


    It is the year 2030, thirty-two years after the final duel between Harry Potter, the Chosen One, and Tom Riddle, otherwise known as the Dark Lord Voldemort. In this time, the wizarding world has changed a great deal from the society it had been before. The Ministry of Magic, a bureaucratic and almost authoritarian government, was dismantled from the top-down and rebuilt from the ground up. For a decade following the death of Lord Voldemort, wizard-populated Britain was a turbulent police state. The first department to be reformed, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was tasked with mopping up the mess made by Voldemort's followers in the wake of the Dark Lord's death, a lengthy and dangerous process that left many dead, largely Death Eaters or Imperius-cursed lackies, but also a substantial number of innocent sorcerers merely caught in the crossfire. By the time this so-called Age of Suppression, reluctantly headed by the Chosen One himself, ended, and with it the repeal of many of the controversial anti-sedition laws brought about by the Ministry, the wizarding world and the Ministry of Magic itself were very different than they were originally.

    In the modern day, open practice of any of the Dark Arts, even for educational or defensive purposes, is banned. Research into the Dark Arts, even for reasons of bettering wizardkind instead of degrading it, is banned. Books pertaining to the Dark Arts, even for educational or research purposes, are banned, and are to be confiscated for destruction. Offensive or destructive spellcraft of any kind, nonlethal or lethal, is forbidden, except in the following cases: for the theoretical teaching of defensive charms, the use of defensive charms in the interest of self-defense, or the use of offensive spells by licensed and Ministry-employed. Any violation of these and several other laws under the umbrella of the State Magical Securities Act leaves the perpetrator subject to life imprisonment in Azkaban, or, depending on the severity of the violation, summary execution by first-response Aurors.

    On the other hand, the changing leadership of the wizarding world has brought many positive changes. Muggle-inspired technology, from the archaic-looking viewbox (a magically powered television), to the revised model of the Hogwarts Express (an enchanted electric train), the formerly antiquated wizarding world has begun to change drastically, slowly coming to resemble the world of Muggles in technological advancement.

    In the modern day, Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry remains an active academy for each generation of young witches and wizards. The classes of the 20th century remain, though the syllabi of which are now written in accordance to Ministry law. Defense Against the Dark Arts remains the most affected, having become essentially neutered in its ability to broach the subjects of offensive spells and how to understand the weaknesses of the Dark Arts. Other classes, such as Charms and Transfiguration, have been similarly stricken, no longer being able to teach formerly basic, yet essential spells.

    For all of this, the Ministry of Magic, currently headed by the widowed Hermione Granger (her husband, Ron Weasley, having been killed by a Dark wizard during the Age of Suppression, leaving her to raise their children and run a country on her own), remains in power through a strong sense of security, backed up by the ruthless suppression of Dark wizardry and virtually no major threats to state security in years. Strict enforcement of magical regulations, the more avid state support of the entertainment industry, and an overabundance of resources brought about by industrialization combined with this state of peace has kept the population at large satisfied. But not all are as complacent as the masses.

    At Hogwarts, a group of students from all Houses has begun to meet in secret, delving into books of a Dark nature and practicing spells of a forbidden status. Under the cover of the school, where their magical Traces are inactive and render Ministry supervision impossible, their actions are impossible to stop. At first their intentions seem innocent, albeit misguided. Believing themselves able to handle the power of the Dark Arts, they continue to delve into the matter, until, during their sixth year, they abandon Hogwarts and strike out on their own. When they turn seventeen, having been freed completely from Ministry supervision, the depth of their corruption becomes apparent. And the world trembled with terror at the birth of a new Dark Lord...

    But that's not where our story begins. It begins with a handful of unimportant fifth year students at humble Hogwarts,with unimportant pasts and unimportant dreams, who are about to discover a book that will change their lives, and a name that will define them forevermore.

    Character Sheet (open)

    • Name:
    • Age: (as a fifth year, between fourteen and fifteen)
    • Wand: (wood, core)
    • Natural Magical Talents:
    • Personality: (list, in bullets, of specific traits)
    • Appearance:

    Rules (open)

    1. At the start of this RP, our characters are even more inexperienced and untrained than Harry Potter and his group, never having been trained to actually cast offensive spells, ranging from something as simple as the Stunning Charm to the complicated Patronus Charm. As a basic rule, no character will start out with anything more than the Disarming Charm (more frequently known simply as the Expelliarmus Charm), and maybe a natural talent under their belt.
    2. This RP is rated 18+ for Mature Content, ranging from violent, illicit, to sexual themes. While members will humbly be asked keep their fucking to a PM if necessary, said content is present. Any teen members will, unfortunately, be rejected on the spot.
    3. No god-modding will be accepted, even once we've progressed to an advanced level of magic. It's advised to have mistakes with magic play into your storytelling.
    4. Politeness or, at worst, civil anger, is expected and required for prolonged participation in this roleplay. Lewdness or jerkiness is also unacceptable. Failure to comply will be met with a polite ejection from this RP.
    5. An absolute maximum of SEVEN players will be allowed. However, players have the option of playing more than one character.
    6. OC characters only. Canon characters will be encountered during the course of the RP, but are of themselves not permissible as characters. However, children or relatives of canon characters (so long as they themselves are not already canon) are permitted.
    7. The writing level of this RP is Upper-Intermediate to Adept. Inadequate spelling and grammar on the OOC does not necessarily factor into a rejection, so long as it does not show on a CS or in IC posts. It is recommended that mobile users take time to proof their IC posts before posting them to meet this standard.
    8. Have fun in the wizarding world of Harry Potter!
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  2. Name: Circe Flint
    Age: Fifteen
    Wand: Wood - Thick Mahogany; Core - Dragon Heartstring; Length - 9.5"
    Natural Magical Talents: Metamorphmagus through her father's side
    Appearance: Circe stands at 5'2" and weighs around 120lbs.
    Personality: ENTP


    Name: Antioch Finch
    Age: Fifteen
    Wand: Wood - Delicate Willow; Core - Unicorn Hair; Length - 10.75"
    Natural Magical Talents: Disappears*
    Appearance: Antioch stands at 5'10" and weighs around 165lbs.

    Personality: ESTP

    * Antioch's affinity was discovered at a young age. He would remain silent and unmoving to the point where individuals around him would no longer be able to see him, though he was still physically present. Think of it as an annoying noise that you can tune out. The noise is still there, but you are just no longer processing it. Once "tuned out", he can walk freely and do as he pleases until he makes a noise.

    Yes, I took a screenshot of my own Rich Text Editor because the table looked better in there instead of the preview , and images are directly linked to the DA account for each artist.
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    • Name: Isabella Delissia Greengrass ~ Slytherin
    • Age: 15 years old ~ Born in London , England on a lovely winter day on December 18th.
    • Wand: Blackthorn , Dragon Heartstring , 10¾ & Rather Solid.
    • Natural Magical Talents: Metamorphmagus (pl. Metamorphmagi) is a witch or wizard with the ability to change his or her physical appearance at will, rather than requiring Polyjuice Potion or a spell like the rest of the wizarding population. They are also extremely rare and she yet found herself born one with a natural knack for it.
    • Personality: ENTJ
    • Cunning
    • Charming
    • Intelligent
    • Resourceful
    • Elegant

    • Stubborn
    • Blunt
    • Cold Hearted
    • Mischievous
    • Bossy ~ Can often be found without thought. Commanding others about out of natural habit in doing it

    • Appearance:
    • Isabella stands in at a mere 5'5. She has rather long legs for a girl of her age. She has flawless porcelain skin that is the soft color of cream and appears untouched. Her eyes are a soft mossy green that when lit against light appear to be lined in golden glimmers. She does have dainty features including her hands , feet and lips. Her lips would always be found to be painted a softened red to highlight her gentle yet noble features.. She is slowly becoming more defined but , yet not enough to be entirely defined. Waist length silken blonde hair that is scented of honey & lavender.
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  3. Reen FawleyName: Arrhenia "Reen" Fawley


    Wand: Length - 121/2 inches, Wood - Blackthorn, Core - Dragon Heartstring

    Natural Magical Talents: Bectongue (language of birds, offers a small amount of control over birds)


    • Confident
    • Articulate
    • Charismatic
    • Hardworking
    • Passionate
    • Inconsiderate
    • Aggressive
    • Critical
    • Domineering
    • Pragmatic
  4. Nice that you took notice of the changes to the CS before I even mentioned it! Antioch and Circe are both welcome.

    Might I ask which Houses they belong to? I didn't feel it relevant to include that on the CS, and you don't need to change it, but curiosity is a weakness of mine.
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  5. I was thinking Ravenclaw for Circe and Gryffindor for Antioch, but I may get curious myself and put them through one of those Sorting Hat quizzes, haha!
  6. Wonderful to see we've got an actually corruptible Gryffindor with us!

  7. Name: Adaleide "Addy" Sloane

    Age: 14, will turn 15 the second week of school

    Wand: Beech, with a phoenix feather core, 9" and fairly stiff

    Natural Magical Talents: Has a strong bond with cats. She can't directly communicate with them, but they often seem to know what she wants and will generally do that for her. The bond is weaker but still present with other felines.

    Appearance: Addy is 5'4", thin and gangly. As yet she has developed very little in the way of feminine curves. She has a birthmark on her left thigh in the exact shape of Ireland. Her face and hair are as pictured; eyes are very dark brown, almost black. Hair is naturally wavy and a bit frizzy.

    Personality: INTP
    • Inquisitive
    • Logical
    • Excellent memory
    • Loyal
    • Cunning
    • Arrogant
    • Socially-awkward
    • Cold, unfeeling
    • Speaks without thinking
    • Sometimes lazy - always tries to find shortcuts, loopholes, easier ways to do things
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  8. Aaannnd Pottermore declares she is: Slytherin
  9. Why didn't I get an alert for this... Regardless, she's accepted.
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  10. Anyone remember the exact measurements for a banner? 800 pixels long, 100 pixels high, right? It's been long enough since Iwaku last had ad compatibility that I forgot exactly.
  11. Yep, 800X100
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  12. Ninja'd! Bwaha! Though.. if you're making a banner, it might be a good idea to switch the tag to "Open Signups," so people don't get confused.
  13. Yup. Changed the name, too, so I'm gonna be busy for a few minutes more.

    Not as many people were arriving from the Interest Check, so I figured I might as well advertise before this stagnates.
  14. Good idea. People may be waiting to be tagged, too. I usually wait for a tag if I'm not stalking the forums or watching a thread.
  15. Hmm... I might take that into consideration. But, then again, I've had similar experiences in other roleplays of mine where I tagged them and they didn't come. Generally, I feel that if they don't feel it's worth it to watch the thread for activity, they might not be the most active players. You, @Kythera, and @Shayla both came without having to be tagged. Hence why I already like you guys. (By the way, @Shayla, if you could, contact me to let me know if and/or when your CS'll be finished, so I know exactly how many spots I should keep open)

    Regardless, our ad is now live, and so is the first ad I've made in many moons (about three, to be exact).
  16. [​IMG]

    Dakota Michael Anderson


    Cedar, Kelpie mane core, 7 inches, curved slightly in middle.

    Natural Magical Talents:

    Personality: INTJ

    • Loyal
    • Trustworthy
    • Perceptive
    • Hard working
    • Intelligent
    • Diligent
    • Socially awkward
    • Head strong
    • Anger Issues
    • Reluctant
    • Stays to self


    Stands about 5'6. A bit lanky for his age. His not quite grown into himself as of yet. Dark brown messy hair, and bright blue eyes. He tends to look like he just woke up and got dressed, with no consideration of how well kept he looks.
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  17. Very good point. It's not something that I thought of since I'm always the type of person who usually tags everyone. Trying to break out of that habit now, actually. And can't wait to see the ad! I'm sure it and the idea will snag a lot of people, so we should be seeing more people scurrying in soon.
  18. I'm here from the interest check D: I would have already posted my CS, but my second character ended up having a very similar personalty to Circe, and now I'm re-working her. I'll be posting tonight for sure, though.
  19. You see, @Lannister? This fine lady found her way to the thread without needing to be tagged!
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