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  1. As the title outlined, I am seriously craving some Harry Potter rp, preferably of the exploring magic and Diagon Alley and it's sister streets kind. Someone or someones with a fair amount of time and imagination would be great, as well as being able to put some effort into each post.

    I can do either Canons or OCs, and would love to explore things outside of what was shown in the books/movies/games.

    I know this is short,but, really, I just want to discuss more of that with potential partners, so feel free to show interest and states your plots, ideas or cravings!
  2. Hey! I'm definitely interested in doing a Harry Potter RP with original characters!!
  3. Great! I'll start a conversation with you shortly, then :)!
  4. I love Harry Potter, and I'm always looking for someone to play Snape for me.
    I'd be interested if you could do that, and of course, I'm willing to play someone for you.
  5. I never played as him, but I can certainly try :)!
    Mind sending me your idea via conversation, please?
  6. If you'd be willing to double, or if you'd prefer just playing one of the following canon characters (George Weasley, Seamus Finnegan, or Draco Malfoy) I'd be interested. ^_^

    In return, I have no problem playing any canon character you'd request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.