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  1. Role Play with me and Secluded Inkling. Used to be bigger, then people left. We will be continuing from where we left off. After this post, the fun begins~

  2. Name: Kadri Sey

    Age: 20

    Sex: Female

    Race: Zabrak

    Universe of origin: Star Wars


    Background: Born and raised on Planet Nar Shadda. Her father was a Human Bounty hunter working under a sith who was getting closer to obliterating a Republic base on Planet Tatooine. They took a detour to Nar Shadda to talk to a Darth about their current situation. While there they helped break into one of the Republic bases there. He found a a Zabrak slave that was taken from her home. They took her back with them. They had a fling and he left back for Tatooine. Later she found out she was pregnant and tried to get in contact with the bounty hunter. She found out he died in action but it was for his honor.She raised the little girl on her own telling her stories of a bounty hunter.
    As the girl grew up she played with all the other kids but rougher than normal girl would. She was determined to become a bounty hunter. Time passed and thats what she did... Well almost. She became a sith warrior. Her best friend became a bounty hunter in favor of her father and even taught her a few things. Yet she was still a warrior. She was free to roam the universe to where ever it would take her. Taking advantage of the freedom she tends to put her work to the side to venture out.

    Other: Average in force and is a big flirt to all. She is really good in knowing the details of her ship.
  3. "The... Force? Hah! That is lame sounding! Hah, Hah hah~" Dalen couldn't hold it anymore and just laughed. It was such a bad name for such a great power, it tickled him. After he was able to calm down a bit, he looked back at Kadri. "So... I know I may not seem like a particularly threatening guy, but I haven't had a good training session in a while. Anyone on this ship good at... well, fighting? Not that I don't enjoy you on my lap, heh. But I'm already starting to feel too peaceful for my own good. Need to stay spry, you know what I mean... right?"

    He floated his wand back to him and twirled it through the air above his palm. He wasn't showing off. No... not him.
  4. She gave a coy smirk. "You wanna train, huh? I know how it is so you don't have to explain. Honestly... My fun are exploring places I'm told NOT to go, sex, and well... fighting." She had the perfect way to train him fr using the force properly. Kadri hopped off his lap and landed on her feet. "Come on... I'll show you how we train here." She walked out the room, lightly shaking her butt while walking, to the empty room on the other side of the ship. The zabrak was a tease, no doubt. Kadri's hand hovered over a blank plank on the wall. It flashed blue with a number pad. The numbers glowed a neon green color. Her fingers tapped at the hologram number pad.

    Their bodies floated in mid air then sunk through the floor like it was just a hologram itself. Kadri made that modification herself just like most of the others on the ship. The two landed at the floor underneath them where three of her lackies were waiting for them.
    "Welcome to my training room. This is where all my lackies and myself fight. Now it's where you train too." The walls where padded so no attacks would damage the ship. Metal walls slammed shut right in front of the padding and weapons of all kinds appeared on a rack. "Your opponent is just your first trail. From him you move up to the third. Think of easy as a difficulty mode."

    The first guy was named Gadius. He was tall and slender. He wore a mask in front of his eyes for his raced needed no eyes to see. Miraluka was the name of his race. Gadius wasn't the best fighter but honestly he was the best at flying the space craft. He chose the weapon he knew the best, a battle axe. He took his fighting stance and waited for Dalen to get ready. Kadri just leaned against the wall that held the weapons and the two other lackies. Luckily the ship was auto piloted and did a damn good job at it.
  5. Dalen stored his wand into his back pocket and walked over to the weapon wall. He looked over the selection and chose one resembling a short japanese sword, more commonly known as a kodachi. He spun it effortlessly around himself for a short while, then took a place at the opposite end of the sparring mat. He bowed to the alien in front of him, then took his stance.

    Sword Stance.jpg

    As tension began to grow between the two, Dalen remembered his previous brawls at the school. When magic had been forgotten and only fists could settle things, those who made the first move were the ones who got made an example of. Just as Dalen opened his mouth to breath in, the alien charged swinging the axe down in a beautiful arch aiming for Dalen's head, and a quick knockout. Dalen spun to the side and used his left hand to alter the path of the weapon, sending it into the ground with a dull thud. He then continued his spin to smash his weapon into the alien's face with enough force to daze him for a bit. Dalen swung his leg into a sweep, knocking his opponent's legs out from under him, and ending his momentum by landing on the alien's chest with a low pressure knee.

    "Hah!" Dalen shouted decidedly.
  6. Kadri smiled then whistled at the next one. The next to step up was a Twi'lek. His skin was green as his two head extensions had blue lines striking down. Tre'Kal was next. With him grabbing a gun-like weapon, he was known for flawless aim. Of course for training purposes no one would get killed but that would not hold back this Twi'lek. If anyone had gotten hurt there was great medical help on board.

    Tre'Kal held out his hand and flung Dalen against the wall. The point of training wasn't to use strictly the force but it could be used if helpful. He then shot at the stranger who hit his back hard against the metal. He was very fast himself with movement, one of the fastest on board to be exact. Kadri continued to watch the man closely. He was attractive and good at fighting. She was impressed but alas... Gadius was only the difficulty level easy. Tre'Kal was medium Next was Fadeiot the difficulty Hard. She was in for an awesome show.

    The broad shouldered human stood with metal covering his fists. He was waiting for Tre'Kal to fall so he'd instantly rush in with out instruction. Fadeiot pounded his fists together ready to go full forced on the stranger. He actually loathed the way his master looked at him. She looked proud, happy, and even lustful. It sickened him to the very core. He was determined to hit the guy and knock him out. Fadeiot wasn't the fastest but he was the toughest out of the three. Kadri knew he'd get a hit or two but not enough to actually damage the force using wizard.

    "Very nice, Dalen..." She whispered under her breath. Not many they had com across would be able to get as far as he did. Well, minus defeating Gadius.
  7. Dalen let out a grunt as he was slammed against the wall. Ohhhhh... Jack-hole wants to play rough. OK, I can play rough. Dalen threw the practice weapon to the side and drew his saber-wand. He took a second to shake his head 'NO' to Kadri to show he wouldn't kill anyone.

    "So, you know about the Force? How about this?!?" He shouted, whipping his wand out in front of him. "Alarte Ascendare!"

    At the utterance of the spell, the aliens were thrown into the air and slammed against the ceiling. As they fell, Dalen pointed at the more built one once more.

    "Stupify!" This new spell shot a bolt of red into his chest, slamming into the alien and sending him horizontal into the far wall. When his body hit the ground, he was twitching as if his nerves were firing randomly, but he was unconscious. Dalen smiled and turned to the other, only to get a face full of metal. If it weren't for the adrenaline pumping through his system, he might have blacked-out right there.

    As he slammed into the wall for a second time, the slender alien rushed into him, sending blows to his whole body. This guy have a grudge or something? He's really laying into me. Ow, ow, ow, ow- OK ENOUGH! Dalen launched his arms out and exploded in a pulse of the Force, sending his foe, and unfortunantly Kadri as well, back into the far wall knocking him out. Kadri landed against the wall as well, but she didn't black out.

    Dalen ran over, completely ashamed. "I'm so, so sorry! Didn't mean to catch you in that! Oh gods, please be OK!"
  8. Kadri looked up. Her hands shook until they flattened against the back of his near. Her hands forced Dalens head into hers causing their lips to collide. Her hands ran down his chest and rubbed it tenderly. It was as if she was really getting into the kiss and wanting more. Her saber collided with his side to barely send much harm to him. Her kiss strengthened as her body pushed into his. Kadri seemed to be lost on which one to actually go full into. Her body pushed him flat against the ground with her pinning him down. The blade snaked and pressed against his neck. Her lips broke from his. "You need to control your attacks... That's enough training for today." The red saber disappeared as if back in a holster. She tossed his saber wand and her saber to the side. Her mind wandered and wanted to kiss him again. The sweet taste of his lips... She shook the rogue thoughts away and got off of him.

    Kadri helped Dalen to his feet and left the other three alone. They floated back to the main floor. A droid rushed in the room and picked Dalen completely up and into his room. Kadri chuckled and followed behind. After it bandaged him up she sat beside him and stared into his eyes. She had just met him yet she was attracted to him in every possible way. "You know... You didn't hurt me that bad. So don't worry. I've been through worse." Kadri tried to find words to explain the mixed actions when she kissed him and then attacked him. "I should be the one sorry..." her finger ran through Dalen's hair and then ran down his cheek. She felt the emotions again. Her body shot up to stop herself. "I'll let you rest..."
  9. "And who says I need rest?" Dalen asked as she tried to walk away. "I'm not the one who was slammed into a wall by an explosion that could have killed me, because the A-hole who unleashed it can't control his own damn Force. I'M the one who decided to try using what I don't understand! And it's only by some... LUCKY... coincidence that someone didn't get KILLED by my own IDIOCY! GODS DAMN ME! WHY CAN'T I CONTROL IT YET!?!?" The end of rant was shouted through his own ashamed anger.

    "I don't need to rest: I need ANSWERS. I need to find something... ANYTHING... that will help me control WHAT I am. I need... I need... someone," Dalen looked up at Kadri's back. "I need someone to stay with me tonight... I can't trust myself to sleep well with all this inside my head."
  10. Her body turned around and face him with a gentle smile. "If you'd like, I can stay by your side." she paused while leaning against the table in his room. "Plus it takes time to control the force. That's why the training room is so large and I modified almost everything on the ship to aid in the development and for health reasons." She chuckled at herself. "I sound like Darth Klenom." It wasn't like the kid would know who this Klenom guy was. "Anyways... You don't need to be angry with yourself. You'll be able to control it soon enough. Just be patient." She really did begin to remind herself of the old dirt bag. Kadri wasn't sure what else to say to the man.

    A medic droid floated in with no legs at all. It pulled bandages and other supplies out of a cubby on its side. A dark blue light scanned over Dalen then Kadri, who walked over by Dalen. The robot popped out pills from the other pocket like cubby. "Take these. You'll feel better in a jiffy." It had been strange talk from something from her era. She giggled as the robot left humming the Bewitched theme song. Sure, Kadri was from a different planet but in her travels, she had come across a strange one that was seemed to be stuck in a late 1960's time loop. She found it fascinating. The zabrak took the pills and turned her focus back to Dalen.
  11. "Ok, so it takes time to control. I get it. But I still need something to keep me occupied. Like-" Dalen's eyes grew wide at the idea. "Like... a job..." He turned to Kadri with hope in his eyes. "Do you know anywhere I can get a job? Something... NOT pertaining to a side. I know about the war, Father left notes. Like... a neutral job. Anything like that?"

    Images flashed into Dalen's head of a rogue fighter or espionage agent. Oh man, that would be nice. Not only would it train him- but it would also get him currency he could USE. He had a feeling his Knuts, Sickles, and handful of Galleons wouldn't help him much in this part of the galaxy.
  12. "A job?" He chuckled. "Most of the jobs are military type. Then there are things like bartender, scientist, and so on." She looked away with eyes of worry. It seemed as though they'd have to go back to one of main Sith Or Republic bases. What a joy that would be for a rogue Sith lord. Kadri surely was to be scolded. She aced back towards him with a fake smile back on her face. "So why are you typically wanting in a job?" Kadri knew there was a chance they'd seperate them, kill him, and throw her in solitary. That was the last thing she wanted. Either way he did say neutral... There weren't many out there.
  13. Dalen pulled out his small leather pouch of wizard money and poured it out into his other hand. The gleam of bronze, silver, and gold filled the small room they caught the light from a nearby star. He smiled and jingled them, loving the sound.

    "Well," he started. "Even though these look nice, I'm not sure about the currency outside of Encanta. I dunno, I was hoping I could earn my own money. I will NEVER ask for monetary compensation from a woman. Goes against my principles. Maybe... they have some kind of... I dunno... hunting thing? Finding people? I've always been good at that. I'd work for money. If there was a job like Bounty Hunting like there was on Encanta. Except those guys are called Aurors..."

    Dalen smiled thinking back to his Auror test. They had been so scared of him. He had tried to prove himself by exploding the closest wall and turning the debris into snakes. He had been laughing, they had been trying to Stun him because they felt he was trying to kill them. It hadn't helped that the snakes he chose were Basilisks. The looks on their faces though. So worth it.
  14. The lights flashed across the room. It had been strange that metal would be so beautiful. The sound jingled in her ears as her eyes watched his reaction to everything. She saw the young man fascinated by the sound enjoying every clank. Her mind went else were as she sat on his bed and laid down long ways. Her eyes stared above her as she snuck a few coins from him and caused them to float. They twisted, spun, and even danced. He spoke and Kadri simply listened. Then a few word caught her attention causing the coins to fall on her. Bounty Hunting. Oh how she wished... Kadri knew there were jobs the military refused to do. The zabraks dream was one this guy infront of her actually lived. She sighed thinking he was lucky.

    "Most of the Bounty Jobs are done by the military Bounty Hunters--" She cut herself remembering her friend who had become a Bounty hunter who worked for the Empire. An idea instantly popped in her head. Her lips curled into a coy smile. Kadri sat up and pulled Dalen on the bed. Her hand pressed gently against his chest as his warm breath rolled of her lips. "If you're up to a challenge, I'm sure I can find some connections to getting a few bounty jobs." her eyes stared into his as they were even in kissing distance. Of course this had been just the way she was. Yet that didn't mean she wouldn't mind...
  15. Dalen listened as she talked, and as soon as she had turned his head to look into her eyes, he knew she was gonna say something to get him going. Then she mentioned her possible ties to the Bounty Hunting gig. At these words, Dalen uttered a guttural growl and closed the distance between them with his lips. He kissed her with a passion of 23 years of forced abstinence. No one ever was very close to him while he grew up. No one WANTED to know him. But this alie- no. This GIRL, not only wanted to know him... she actually WANTED him. After a good minute Dalen pulled back, grinning to expose his canines.

    "My Gods, I want you so bad right now. Maybe later. Right now I want to know about these possible contacts you have."
  16. Her hands instantly whipped around behind him letting her fingers table in his hair. Sure the kiss caught her off guard but man, she didn't mind. It was the normal seduction game card she easily played. All gave her way but none of the instances happened with them coming back with an action with this magnitude. The kiss was tender. Kadri was also shocked that a guy who hadn't had relationships was able to kiss so damn good. He was just intoxicating. He pulled away which revealed the blush he left her with. She wanted more. Kadri wasn't one to have real relationships or even feelings but this was different. She wanted him in every way. The Zabrak didn't mind his looks, personality, dreams, desires, or even his past. Kadri found him oddly attractive and wanting to get close to him. No matter what it took.

    Even though her mind had still been in a daze, she replied to anything he would ask about no matter what. "The job... I have a friend who is a bounty hunter for one of the military sides called the Empire. They are also know as the dark side and Sith. Well, they got the job I couldn't. I was too good at other things. We can meet up secretly and discuss the jobs that have been tossed out. They may give us a good start." Her body pulled itself from under him and looked him over. God, she just wanted more. Kadri waited for any other questions or comments he wanted to add.
  17. Dalen smiled. Awesome... just freakin' awesome. Not only had this girl been his escape from Encanta, but she also had a way to train, enough lust for him to power a small boat, and she also had contacts that would help him get his dream job. He looked at her and saw her face, then shook his head with a small grin.

    "Sorry Kadri, no more until we meet this friend of yours. Besides, we've only known each other for less than a day in total right? The kind of stuff we BOTH want only comes after the second or third date," He stated with mock seriousness. He then yawned for a second. "Oh man, training was more strenuous than I thought. I think I'm gonna hit the sack."
  18. Kadri shook her head letting the black dread like hairs whip around. "It's fine. I completely understand." She wanted to retaliate with a comeback like 'You probably couldn't handle me anyways' but Kadri held back her sarcastic and teaseful tongue. The zabrak stood to her feet and walked towards the door. "Not sure if you want the company still but I need to freshen up a bit... I have other things to do before I set our new found course." Kadri needed to do many more things. It was the perfect time to do them as long as he stayed in his room at least. She gave a chuckle at her own thoughts that began to wander. Day dreaming... Typical Kadri. Her mind was one of a kind, after all. It could be focused on many different things yet remember all the conversations she has with herself at that time. It was a talent. Came in handy when she was bored back in the military academy the Empire forced her through. The young woman was no doubt very skillful for the area they stuck her with. She could have done much more for the empire but they left her as a sort of tech specialist. Yet, there she was. A rogue to society. Belonging to no one with no boundaries on where to go within the galaxy. She was free thanks to their mistake. "Go Figure..." She huffed under her breath while waiting patiently for a reply of any kind.
  19. Dalen just smiled.

    "Aight, go do your things you need to. I'll be here. Feel free to join me later if you're tired. Oh! And if that metal-fist guy is awake, ask what his issue is, will ya? Kinda surprised me when he blasted me like that."

    Dalen rubbed at the multiple bruises on his face and arms where all the blows had connected. They still hurt like a bitch. They were the main reason he wanted to sleep, so he could heal and possibly look better the following day for the contact. Good first impressions and all.
  20. She smirked. Kadri knew the reason why Fadeiot acted the way he did. She knew for while but never felt the same. She also knew Dalen wouldn't want to hear the answer since of his 'no more until we know eachother more' reply. Kadri gave a wink as a response but decided to speak to finish up the conversation. He had left himself wide open for many types of come back so she decided to keep it simple to hopefully not turn his lustful thinking from her. "Oh Dalen... Trust me I'll join you later."

    With that said, she walked out of the room and headed to a shower. They had new ways to bathe but the some old fashioned things were just more soothing. Her clothes dropped to the floor then her body stepped in. Fadeiot rampaged in hearing her moan from the warmth that pitter pattered against her bare skin. "My Lord! Are you--" He cut himself off as he saw the sight that he only had dreamed of. His face glee brighter as his body just stood there wide eyed. She ignored him enjoying the shower.

    Gladius walked and saw the same sight and quickly pulled the muscular man out. He quickly closed the door followed by turning to Fadeiot. Gladius's voice wasn't the bit quiet. "What the hell do you think you're doing!!!" He stopped to take a breather then began again. "Just because you have a school girl crush on Lord Kadri does NOT mean you have free sights of her body! You filthy pig!" His fist collided into the guys face followed by quick pressure points to make the giant boulder guy unconscious. Tre'Kal rushed to the scene and helped Gladius move Fadeiot. "Fuckin' idiot!"
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