INTEREST CHECK Harry Potter/ Star Wars Mix in RP Idea... WOOT.

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  1. Harry Potter / Star Wars Coalition

    OK, so here's the rub. I literally dreamed this up just last night, but I think it'll work. In Star Wars it was a galaxy-wide battle, not just one planet. So my idea is, to have one of the planets involved be a futuristic Harry Potter world. High-tech collapsible wands and the such. I will answer more questions as they are posted and i will be finding/drawing pictures to give a visual representation of what I'm talking about. Go ahead and ask away!

  2. I'm actually interested in this~! Definitely do want!!!
  3. Hi Hi! Just dropping in for now, too tired to do charries right now...
  4. Oooo! Count me interested! I love both fandoms.
  5. Anyone got any questions? I'm open to ANY and all! xD
  6. Let JuBacca the Wookie join this party.
  7. Jubacca the wookie is accepted. but i must repeat.. does ANYONE have any questions?
  8. Um, no? I can't think of any.... *Thinks harder* No no, nope, no questions here!
  9. I'm good =^__^=
  10. wow ok. thought people would want info before jumping into this... but alright! xD works for me. i will open the Character thread then. I will also be putting maps and items and such in there as well.