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  1. Hello hello! So, normally I'd post ALL of the roleplays I'd want to do, but tonight I'm really really feeling a Harry Potter roleplay. If you want to roleplay something else let me know, but mostly I'd like some Harry Potter one on ones. I like playing in the pms and I'm even open to threads.

    We can do past, present, or future.
    We can do OCs, canon, or both.
    If you play Remus Lupin for me I'll pretty much do anything for you. Legit. I'd be so, so grateful.

    I have pretty much no limits, but if we're playing children... come on. None of that. Anyway, Anything with Lupin, any OCs, if you wanna play other canons thats cool too. Let me know!
  2. Hi!
    I'm totally new here so I don't know if that's a problem, but I'd like to roleplay a Harry Potter one on one. I'm not sure how everything works here yet so that might be a bit of a slow down...

    I have an OC character, but we could mix her with a canon one as well as another OC. Whichever you like best!
  3. I'll happily play Lupin for you if you can play Snape for me! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.