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  1. Hey y'all. I've got some plots that I'm dying to Roleplay. I will start off by saying some things though 1)I would love it if you could play Neville for my character. All of these plots will pertain around that 2) that being said, I'm willing to double on some of these plots, and the ones that I'm not interested in doubling on, well, talk to me about it if you really want to do them and but you also wanna double 3) my character is male, so you gotta be cool with slash.

    / /= I'm willing to double

    +/Arranged Marriages/; This is a very cliche plot, I'm aware, but it has a twist! I love the idea of having arranged marriages where the students are still in hogwarts. The idea behind it would be that the ministry is creating a new law that says all wizards and witches between the ages of 16-21 have to be married. This is in order to promote unity between witches and wizards and protection (Idea behind this: In ancient Rome, if you were a soldier, having a partner who was also in war was encouraged because that way you would be more likely to fight to keep them alive and protect them) for the upcoming war. The students would all be given little 'Rule Booklets' that would describe correct protocol for the arrangements, which we can add stuff to so it suits our needs XD. The students would share an 'apartment' in the Room of Requirement, where their rooms would have a magical cap on them so the students couldn't make them as lavish as they desired.

    +/Freaky Friday AU/; Somehow (we'd have to come up with a reason) our characters end up switching bodies. The RP would be all about how our characters go through the other person's daily Hogwarts duties. In addition to the body switching though, every once in awhile the characters will have extremely vivid dreams which are actually memories of the person's body they are in (usually flashbulb memories or events that the person has had to go through many times before). This roleplay doesn't have to be done over email, but it might be a good idea.

    +An Unlikely Friendship; not understanding the divide between the houses, a muggleborn student (my character) ends up sitting next to someone who they "weren't supposed to" My character would be oblivious to the unspoken rules of the houses and the rivalries between them. At first Neville would incredibly shy and kind of scared (too much so to say anything) and then, perhaps, there's a group project or the like and my character asks Neville if he wants to work together (and from there, a friendship is formed). Kind of how I see this rp is that we do timestamps, so we wouldn't have to play through all 7 years to get to any sort of romance. Obviously this rp would be very plot based but it would also have romance once their older. We would roleplay a good chunk of the first part of first year, maybe pick up at the end to see them leaving Hogwarts and their interaction over the summer, then we could pick a point in second year to focus on and so on and so forth.

    +The Boy Who Lived; Surprise! It's not Harry who is "the boy who lived," it's Neville. For those of you who didn't read the books, this is actually possible canonically. It isn'tcanon (obviously), but it could have been Neville who was destine to defeat Voldemort over Harry, and in this RP that would be the case. I don't know my character's involvement exactly, but he's a Slytherin; it should be interesting mwahaha. This plot isn't super thought out, but I think the planning process will be fun.

    +/Professors/; my character would be an ex-death eater (who was pretty much forced into it, he's not exactly the death eater type) and he went to school with Neville. They didn't interact much at all, but now it's ten years later and my character is looking for a job. He decides to apply as an assistant gardener/herbology TA or the like since Herbology was one of the few classes he got good scores on at school. Of course, this would mean that Neville is his boss, seeing as he's the herbology professor. This idea isn't incredibly thought out either, but I was thinking either that Neville knows my character was a death eater and doesn't want to hire him for that reason but has no choice because he's the most qualified, or he doesn't know, hires my character, finds out, and drama ensues
  2. I like the arranged marriage idea :)
  3. I've been told I do a decent job RPing Luna Lovegood. Any room for her in any of your ideas? :curlers:
  4. Hey! Sure, I would be more than happy if we doubled and you played Luna. I do still want to do the Neville/OC pairing, so if we were to include Luna into the rp then what I think would work best is if you played Neville and Luna and I played my OC and any character you would want for Luna. Honestly, I'm willing to accommodate so anyone you would want me to play for her would be fine ^^

    If you didn't want to do a pairing with Luna though, and just play her, something we could do is rp one of the plots that would be normally without doubling (or I suppose this would work even with the plots that I'm okay with doubling on) and have her as a close friend of Neville's, which is true canonically, so she's very involved. If I was personally in your situation I probably wouldn't want to go this particular route, but I just thought I'd throw the idea out there since I don't mind which way we do things, as long as I still get the Neville/OC pairing :)
  5. Neville is not my strongest character, but I can pull him off. I may have to brush up a bit to get the mannerisms right.

    I'm fine with doubling.

    I will have more time to reply after work Sunday.

  6. Okay, sounds good to me! pm me when you get a chance :)
  7. Still looking for people to rp with ^^
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