Harry Potter roleplay anyone?

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So, I've been craving a HP roleplay for awhile. I'm looking for somebody to play Harry, but I wouldn't mind them playing an OC.

I'm hoping for a MxF (as I already have a female character planned out) but if you interest me enough I might be able to take part in a FxF.

Thinking about it now I wouldn't mind a Draco x OC either, the platinum blonde is starting to wriggle his way into my heart. Anyway, I was hoping this could take place during Order of The Phoenix.

So, I guess I'll just post my character sheet here, as I already have her planned out.

Name: Dannie Drae (Pronounced: Dray-ah)

Dee, Dan, DD



Hair color: Redish-brown

Eye color:
Honey brown

Scars or tattoos?:
She has a scar on the right side of her ribs, it's in the shape of a circle. She has no idea on how she got this.

Dannie is very afraid of dark, closed in spaces. She tends to have panic attacks if she's in them for too long. She also suffers Atelphobia, which is the fear of not being good enough.

Dee is a fan of reading books and having long conversations with her best friend Jessica. She also has a strong love for all creatures, including her white and grey tabby cat, Mist.

She hates people disturbing class, or disturbing her when she's studying. Dee also hates selfish people, and has been known to go out of her way to trip people up or hex them if they mess with her few friends.

10 inches, dark oak, dragon heartstrings

A dragon

Gryffindor: While she is loyal and very intelligent, her courage and bravery are what put her in Gryffindor. The sorting hat could sense that her loyalty would lead her to be brave enough to stand up to her enemies in order to protect those she loves, and she has always had lots of courage.

Favourite class/ teacher:
She loves Care for Magical Creatures and has a strong bond with both Hagrid and McGonagall.

Least favourite class/ teacher:
She dislikes flying lessons and doesn't get along with Snape.

Family/close friends:

Dannie's parents died when she was an infant, so she has no memory of them. She was given to some family friends who happened to know about the magic world. They had a daughter named Jessica, who's a half blood, the two girls grew up together and are best friends. When the two girls entered Hogwarts they met Sarah Johnson and quickly befriended her. She counts her two best friends and her step parents as her family, and her cat Mist is her closest friend.


Dannie's parents were killed by Voldemort when Jessica's parents were looking after her. She grew up being taught about magic and, like most, received her letter when she was eleven. Nothing much happened at Hogwarts aside from learning, she heard about the famous Harry Potter, but never really spoke to him. Her life changed drastically the summer before she entered her fifth year.

Jessica's parents were away traveling so the two girls had to stay at Hogwarts, which ultimately lead to an event that caused Dee to learn more about her past. A fully grown, male, Chinese Fireball dragon flew onto Hogwarts ground, attacking teachers and the very few students that had stayed there. Dannie had rushed over as the dragon was about to attack Hagrid, singing a soft lullaby she could faintly remember her mother singing to her.

Much to everybody's surprise, the dragon calmed down instantly, resting on the ground and letting Dannie stroke it and whisper soothing words. It was at this point that Albus Dumbledore rushed out of the building, clearly surprised by what he was seeing.

Dannie managed to lead the dragon away and send it off, being rushed off by teachers so they could explain to her what happened. It was then that Dee found out that both of her parents had been dragon whisperers, and now she was one of only four to ever attend Hogwarts. When her fifth year began news spread quickly, and pretty much everybody knew about what had happened.

Then Umbridge started working at Hogwarts and everything got a little more difficult.
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