Harry Potter role play.

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  1. I'm looking to play a female OC, in a romance/sexual role play.
    I'd like the potential love interest/sexual encounter to be with any of the following characters:

    1- Draco Malfoy.
    2- Ron Weasley.
    3- Harry Potter.
    4- Snape. (As a teacher, or a student, idc.)

    So, you would be playing a male. :D
    But it would be set in their school years, so it would be at school.

    If interested, lemme know~ :D
  2. I'd be interested, BUT could we double up so I could do an OC girl too? I must admit I totally love the twins and would love to try a coupling with one of them, if you're up for it that is, if not, maybe another character.
    I'd be willing to try any of the characters mentioned above, though I don't know how much justice I'd really give them. I'm definitely not J.K. Rowling, but I'd be willing to try.

    What year would you want to start in?
  3. It would be sixth year, and I can try to do the Twins, but, just as you said, I don't know If I'll do them justice.

    I personally prefer snape or draco,
    snape as a professor OR student, although professor makes it more interesting. :>
  4. I can attempt Snape if you'd like, but honestly Idk if I could get in his head perfectly. He'd probably be a real nag, but I can try. Draco would probably be easier, but again, I don't really have a preference. I'll have to do some research I think for Snape. He's probably going to be pretty mean. xD

    Oh gosh. I'm totally excited.

    So, the twins are gone for their sixth year, I think. That's my only concern. I guess they could come back to finish their year if you wanted to stray from the story. Or I could always choose a different guy. Whatever you're comfortable with really. I'd probably go for Neville or Draco otherwise.

    Did you want to do this over pm or an actual thread?

    oh! also, are you going to have any special abilities for your girl? I was curious. I kind of want to do something along the lines of my chick being an animagus or a metamorphagus. …..Not sure you're aware of the last one, but that's what Tonks is, but its also kind of rare and usually within the family bloodlines. I read it somewhere and just thought it'd be an interesting weakness. Her emotions on her sleeve and all, but if that's too much or something, you know I can tone it down. I just thought it'd be a fun idea. :3
    There weren't any animagi other than the adults in Harry's generation really either. Only the adults, so I thought it'd be a fun suggestion at least. :]

  5. Well, we can make it fifth year if you like, that's fine with me, for the twins.
    (So, will I be playing both of them for one OC?)
    I've played Neville before, and he's easier, because they don't really have him fleshed out in the series,
    I play him sorta shy and clumsy.

    And for who you want to play, it's really up to you, I don't mind either way.

    For special abilities, I think it'd be cool for my OC to be able to change into a cat. :>
    Um, and for the role play, I'd like to do it on the forums, but if PM is better, that's alright.
  6. If you did the twins you'd only have to do one of them the other would be free game. they usually travel together though, so you'd probably have to at least mention the other. As for which, you could totally mess with my character with them, because I don't have a preference on who she ends up with. I liked them both, so it's really up to you if you want to do that. And we could still do the sixth year with them, I think. If you really wanted to. I don't believe they officially finished school, so we could make up a problem and say they had to come back, but it really doesn't matter to me.
    Neville would definitely be more flexible for you, I think, so if you'd prefer to do him, that's fine too. It's really just whatever you're comfortable with. :]

    I can't decide. shoot. I think I'll try snape. If I totally mutilate his character though, I'm sorry. :/

    so a metamorph and a animagus. Sounds good to me. :D

    and the forums are fine with me. I'm just kind of new to the site, so I'm trying to get used to things. Still learning. ^^;
  7. WELL, If you want, and if you don't mind, we could do two separate role plays, one, I could be the twins in, and the other, I could be Neville.

    Then in one, you could be Snape, and in the other you could be Draco.

    I really don't mind doing two, so if you don't mind, that would be cool.

    Um, did you say you were being Snape as a student? Or.. as a professor.. I don't remember.

    As for the forums or IM, I have Skype also, if you'd like to message me about things.
    My skype is

  8. I'll try it, but if things get to be too confusing or too much even, I might have to drop one. The only reason I'm not all for it really is school. I'm about to get busy, but I'll try to keep up with two. Kind of nervous, but I think I could do that.

    And Idk. I could do snape either way. It really is up to you. Did you want the teacher x student role or did you want student x student? It doesn't matter to me personally. :)

    And I would skype you, but I don't have one. sorry. Thanks anyways though. :/
  9. Okay, that's fine. I understand.

    Um, personally? I'd like to do student x professor. (cough im a pervert...cough. )

    Okay, well, I also have msn, yahoo, and gmail.
    But, I'll just do it here in the forums.

    Do you want me to start both?
  10. I kind of figured you'd want to do student x professor. xD I want to do that one more anyways. I have no idea how he'd act as a student. I'm sure he'd be quite the introvert though. Professor it is. :D (I am at times too. it's all good. xD)

    I have gmail of all of those, but I think doing it on the forums would be easiest.
    So...I'm playing snape, draco, and two OCs, right? and then you're playing Neville, one/both of the twins, and two OCs?
    Oh gosh. haha xD

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you started the forum, and we could just split our stories in two unless we're using this forum or something. (I'm new so I don't entirely know how it all works)
    As for character info, we don't really need to provide any for the others. Just our OCs, right?
  11. Okay~

    I know, it's a lot of characters, but like I said, we can always drop one if you need to.
    (I don't mind playing so many.)

    yup, just the character sheets for our OCs :> We can use the same OC for both, if you want, also.
    I think I'll use two different ones, just to mix it up a bit.

    For the Snape one, here's my OC:

    Name: Atropa La Roux
    Age: 16
    Special abilities: Can turn into a cat (white with a red ribbon)
    Skills: Best at potions and transfiguartion.
    Likes: Cats, potions, Snape, Flying, Art, Sleeping.
    Dislikes: Liars, Cheaters, Bullies, and idiots.
    Background information: Atropa was born into the life of magic, her whole family is magic.
    She gets along fairly well with them, although she's the youngest, so no one really likes her too much.
    She's quiet and simple, she doesn't like complicated things, and although she's the most talented of her family,
    they treat her as if she's an idiot.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    This is for Draco

    Name: Siren Engel
    Age: 16
    Special abilities: Can morph.
    Skills: Best at DADA and Charms.
    Likes: Animals, money, purblood people, Draco, spells.
    Dislikes: Mudbloods, rude people, ignorant people, liars.
    Background information:
    Siren grew up in a high standing wizarding family, all pureblood.
    She's very talented, and smart, and rude to those who don't interest her.
    Her family supports Voldemort, and they're in his little "group".
    She dislikes mudbloods, and thinks that her house in the best house.
    She's very know it all, and she is somtimes very daydreamy.

    Note: I'm sorry for all the horrible misspellings, my laptop likes to freeze and make me spell things wrong,
    and I'm too lazy to correct them at this time.

    I'll go ahead and start the role plays, and I'll link them here~
  12. I think I'm going to be kind of slow with replies. I literally just got myself grounded, so getting on has been impossible and will be for the next few days. Sorry. >.<;
    Also both links lead to the twins one unless we're doing both on the one forum.


    Name: Cassandria Seraphine De Laine (Cassia)

    Age: 17
    Ability: Metamorphagus
    House: Ravenclaw
    Skills: Best at Transfiguration and Charms
    Likes: Quidditch, pranks, playing with her appearance, charms, the Twins
    Dislikes: feeling suffocated or tangled up in something literally or metaphorically, cheaters, liars, arrogance, Draco
    Quidditch Position: Beater
    Boggart: Devil's Snare
    Background: Grew up with her Great Aunt Andromeda (Dreah) who is just a tad…loopy. Her aunt happens to be magical and has raised Cassia to have pride in her magical heritage, though she is only a halfblooded, despite the warnings her mother received. Her mother was an Auror, but died giving birth and her father gave Cassia to Andromeda for safe keeping since he didn't know how to cope with the magical world, and wants her to live up to her full potential. He still pops in for visits often though, and is truly fascinated by Cassia's experiences as a witch. He's a loving father that has taught her to love and care for others both magical and mundane, while Dreah has taught her the dangers of magic and the likes. Together they bought Cassia's first broom.
    Andromeda is part of the Order of the Phoenix, and despite her looniness was in Ravenclaw just as Cassia is.


    Name: Mikennah Vivian De Laine (Kennah)

    Age: 16
    Ability: Animagus - calico cat (browns, blondes, caramels, etc. + a small silver bell)
    House: Ravenclaw
    Skills: Best at DADA and CMC
    Likes: Friends, family, Care of Magical Creatures, reading, writing, observing, Neville
    Dislikes: water, cheaters, liars, divination, arrogance, Draco
    Boggart: the lake
    Background: Grew up around her Great Grandmother Andromeda (Grams) who is just a tad…loopy, but lives with her two parents, both of which are magical, but still are accepting of others who aren't purebloods. Cassia's cousin. Both parents work in the ministry. Kennah aspires to be the next charms professor at Hogwarts.

  13. Okay, that's totally fine~

    Oh, they do? D: But you posted on the Neville one..


    I'll link them both again, if you still need it?
  14. I just happened to find the Neville one by accident actually. It worked out fine. I subscribed to both threads too so I'll know when to update, but thank you. :)

    I find it the oddest that I had an easier time with Draco and Snape rather than my characters though. Maybe it's because I already know those two better than the actual OCs....hm. I'm excited though. C:

  15. I'm honestly really excited too.
    I get so... fan girlish for Snape, I can't even explain, and the hair flip made me LOL.

    Am I doing alright w/ the twins and Neville?
  16. That's how I am with the twins. xD I get all...fangirly really is the only proper word. haha :)

    I am totally trying to mimic Alan Rickman as Snape at the moment, and he does a few hair flips in the movies. He whirls around...really his hair is like one of his best accessories.

    I think you're doing great with them. Neville is really shy. It's different from him in the books I think in some ways, but still pretty rad I think. I like how you've done him so far. :D
    And the twins have been perfect thus far. I think you'll have fun with them, honestly. They're kind of spontaneous.
    I LOVED the pen idea. I'm already fangirling trying to figure out how I'm going to respond there. xD
  17. xD
    I fan girl so much over Snape, it's not even funny.

    Thank you! I'm glad I'm doing a good job-
    with Neville, he wasn't explored much, so I figure I'd make him shy and sweet, like he was, and clumsy.
    The twins are a bunch of jokers, so they're alright, I just want to also have them have a romantic side.
    I hope I don't ruin them for you. xD

    The pen was a random idea, so- i'm glad it was good!

    I'm so glad I found another HP lover!
  18. Dude, no joke, I think we're going to get along great. We're just gonna keep fueling each other's fangirliness. It's gonna be great. xD

    I think that sounds perfect. I doubt you'll ruin anyone for me. You're doing a splendid job already.

    Omg....I'm having the funnest time with Snape. Dunno what it is, but he's so secretive and cunning. Omg. This is fun. I'm so glad I have someone to share this with. My friends aren't into the series as much as I am. Seriously, thankyouthankyouthankyou.
  19. I think we'll get along fine. You're like, already sounding so much like me.. O-O

    My friends aren't into HP as much as I am either- and if they are, they don't RP..

    I loveee Snape, omg, and just thinking of him as a professor x a student ( usually me.. )
    I giggle and blush so much.
    If I ever met Alan Rickman irl, I'd die.

    You're doing such a good job too, honestly.
    You're the best Snape and Draco I've RPed with!

    Ahh noo! Thank YOU!! :D