Harry Potter Role Play Plots (Updated 8/8)

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  1. EDIT: If you've read this before and didn't like the fact that I wasn't doubling, well boy do I have news for you (lol that sounds kinda stupid sorry..) Anyway, I've you're really committed to your role plays and enjoyed the second plot I had, I am willing to double on it. I'm looking for in depth characters and interactions for each of the characters you play. Too often I've seen people only focus on their OC and let the character they're playing for me slack, so if you put effort into each side I'd be so down with doubling with you on the second plot!

    Hey everyone! I've got some Harry Potter rp plots that I've been dying to do and so I've come here in search of rp partners!
    First, a little bit about my role playing style and what I'd like from you:
    -My reply times vary from a few times a day to once a week. If it takes me more than a week to reply feel free to bother me. Similarily, I won't bother you about posting until after a week.
    -I'd like to see a sample of your rp style. I'm usually pretty adaptable, but I'm really looking for some decent quality writing/more advanced rping. That's not to say it has to be long. In fact, I feel a role play is best when there is no pressure to write a certain length (i.e. if our characters are having a conversation, it would make sense that our posts are closer to 100-200 words than 500-600).
    -Here's my role playing sample: notepad.cc / fioteore20
    -On the topic about post length, my range is generally rather large, because as I said earlier, circumstances like conversations can widely affect a length. I'm kinda anal retentive and check my post word counts before I send them off and I'm generally between 200-800 words. I don't expect you to do this, but I'm looking for someone who can do a paragraph per post at the minimum (if you too like word counting, I'd say about 100 words at the least)
    -I love it when my rp partners contribute to the plot- whether that happens through the planning process with both of us coming up with ideas or adding twists and turns as you post. I think it creates for a more rich roleplaying experience and keeps us both interested!
    Okay, now on to the plots! I've got two of em, so here we are:

    Plot #1 (open)
    If you haven't read the books, you may not know that Neville Longbottom could have actually been the 'chosen one' instead of Harry. In this rp, he would be. It starts off with my character Art, a Slytherin muggleborn, not knowing anything about house rivalries, so on the first day of class he goes and sits in the first available seat. Which of course just so happens to be next to Gryffindor Neville. Of course Neville would be wigged out at first, but they'd end up getting assigned to work on a project together and would become friends. Pretty much, my idea would be that these two, in the beginning at least, would be like the golden trio, err, in this case duo, and fight voldemort both first year and second year. This is an RP that would go through all 7 years of Hogwarts, but with generous time skips to skip over the mundane parts of their lives where nothing is going on. Besides, role playing 7 whole years would take forever. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Back to the plot idea, third year, there is no voldemort? So what would we do? Well, I was thinking that this would be the year that inevitable tensions arise as their houses begin to have a bigger influence on their friendship. A tension that continues to rise throughout their fourth year and into their fifth year, especially with the DA that year. Neville would probably be pressured by the group to not tell Art about the DA, and Art would figure that Neville was hiding something and feel betrayed, once finding out what it is maybe dropping a hint or two to a certain group of Umbridge suck ups. Their 6th year could involve a huge blowout, similar to something Draco and Harry had, only not as similar because Draco and Harry weren't friends once upon a time...

    So. 7th year. (they grow up so fast). This is the year where everything starts being right again. Neville, in an attempt to go off and destroy the horcruxes, doesn't attend his 7th year at Hogwarts. At some point, Art learns about Death Eater plans to stop him due to his 'friends' in Slytherin house. Deciding that, while he's still incredibly pissed at Neville, he can't let his once best friend be caught and killed, he ditches school to save his ass.

    This is where the golden duo (it just doesn't have the same ring to it..) reunites.... kinda. Tensions are still high, most likely heightened by the locket once they begin the trek through the forests since one of them still gets splinched and can't travel. And I mean, those wouldn't be the only tensions because as the genre tags state this is supposed to be a romance, so yeah, I'm talking romantic tensions are also high. I'm assuming they're probably residual ones from when they were on a bit better terms, like 4th or 5th year before the whole betrayal thing, but none the less they're there.

    Someone asked me once: 'So pretty much you're just looking to re-write the books with Neville instead of Harry?' Yes and no. I'd doubt we'd go into as much detail each year as each of the books did. And obviously things would be different because Neville isn't Harry, reacting to things differently which in turn causes different outcomes. Also, with Art involved, it changes things up quite a bit as well, but essentially we are following the canon guide of how things happened loosely

    Plot #2 (open)
    This plot is a soulmate au, so if you like those, then this is your plot! The concept for the soulmates is one I came up with combining a couple of popular ones. Everyone magical is born with a tattoo or 'soulmark' that depicts what their soulmate's passion is. This soulmark is black and white until their soulmate sees it, upon which time it becomes colored. Once the bond is formed, each person involved feels drawn to their soulmate. If only one person has seen a tattoo, then the person's tattoo that is still black and white will tingle whenever near it's other half until it is seen. If that was at all confusing let me know heh. Anyway, the actual plot: it's the golden-trio's would be 7th year and Hogwarts is chaotic, as we all know. Art and Neville are soulmates but don't know it until an event occurs (we can decide this while planning) and one of them see's the other's tattoo. It could've been something happy in dark times... except it isn't, because come on, where is the fun in that? In this rp, Art is a pureblood wizard from a prestigious wizarding family (that's usually how I see has character but for plot #1 I changed it for obvious reasons). He himself doesn't really care about blood status, but his parents do, and he's already accepted the fact that his parents have someone lined up for him to marry so he can pass on the family name, being that he's the oldest (not disowned) child. This is his reason for staying away from Neville. Neville's reason is because currently there is a war going on and he's not going to spend it getting close to the enemy. The McCross family (Art's family) has ties to Voldemort and there's no way he'd get involved. So, as the story goes, they both try to ignore each other. But, if you remember from the beginning of this whole spiel, the soulmate bond, once formed (or even partially formed) will cause the two halves to be drawn to each other, so it turns out much harder than they thought to stay away

    Final notes:
    -Yes, both of these plots are slash
    -Again, yes, I am looking for someone to play Neville Longbottom for me. Usually, I offer doubling up on the table, but I just don't think it would work well with these plots to try and double and so I'm not interested in doing that, sorry y'all for plot #2 I would be cool with doubling as long as we can come up with decent plots for each pair :)
    -Everything I wrote is very flexible! I want to hear your ideas, if you want to change/add things, let me know! I want to make this an enjoyable rp for both of us! Not to mention I love how each role player has their own ideas and can bring something entirely new to the table (I mean, it's kind of obvious, but it's still really cool to see when you have multiples of the 'same' rp going on and they all turn out so differently)
    -On a similar note, if someone has already posted that they want to do a plot but you also are interested in said plot, then don't feel like I won't want to do it with another person because I totally do for reasons stated above.

    So that's everything! Sorry for the long post y'all, but I'm looking forward to rping with you :)
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  2. I think I could pull off a good Neville. ^-^; Are you still in the market? I like the first idea.
  3. Yeah definitely! PM and we can plan more :)
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