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  1. Hey everyone! I've been kinda craving a Harry Potter roleplay! For Harry Potter, I have a character that I would like to develop and use more often, however, I've never really had the opportunity to. I don't mind what kind of roleplay it is. It can be romance, action, mystery...as long as it is set at Hogwarts. I just would like to develop her as a character! However, if we do romance, I would like to do MxF since my character leans that way.

    Plots of any kind are welcome. I just want to roleplay in a Harry Potter universe because I absolutely love Harry Potter! I have a couple plot ideas also, but I'd like some input from you as to where you think the roleplay could go!

    As for a partner, Id like to roleplay with someone who can reply at least once a day and someone who can reply at least a paragraph. More is always welcome and very much encouraged! I think that is reasonable because the more you give me, the more I can give you!

    Here are my plot ideas!

    Plot 1 - My Character is a 3rd year student and is still having a hard time making any kind of friends. She is a Ravenclaw and is usually found studying about Magical Creatures as she is fascinated by them. She spends most of her time with magical creatures of all kinds and finds them easier to talk to rather than friends. That is, until she meets your character.

    Plot 2 - Our characters meet one day as my character is caught still mourning the death of her most respected teacher, Snape. She is finding it hard to use her wand or to even function in her classes and she becomes frustrated and runs out of classes often without warning. Because of this, the other character is sent to "reign her in and tutor her" so that she doesn't get behind on her classes.

    These are just a couple ideas. I am open to any other ideas people may have! Please message me if your interested! Let's develop our characters together!
  2. The picture in your signature really hits me hard in the feelings. I'm not even kidding, my heart is aching.

    Anyways, I was curious to know if you are looking for an OC to be paired up with your character? Or would you prefer a Canon character? If that's the case what Canon characters would you be looking for?
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