Harry Potter or RL Rp? Please? (Active. 18+)

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    Ok so I'm just gonna make this quick! :) Only active rpers please but I'm not insanely picky. I'm just desperate to find someone awesome and open-minded to do this with!

    I either want a Fred/OC/George romance or a James Phelps/OC/Oliver Phelps (Either with or without twincest). I would like to play the OC, who could either be a guy or a girl. Hell, I'll settle for a couple sentences if you want xD

    I'm just really eager to try this!
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  2. I have a similar craving for this pairing as well, but I prefer to play the OC.

    Perhaps we can compromise? In one role play we use the Harry Potter world and then the other role play can be with the actual actors. I'd prefer to have my OC with the Oliver/OC/James triad. In exchange, I'll play the twins in the HP role play. Does that work for you?
  3. You would play the twins in a Harry Potter triad while I play the twins in a real life setting? (My phone is making posts hard to read, haha).
    Hmm...that works fine, I think - since I like the Harry Potter universe :)

    Pm me?
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  4. - still looking
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