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  1. Hello!

    I'm looking for someone interested in working on a long Harry Potter inspired RP. You will need to be able to play multiple characters. ^_^ If you're at all interested please keep reading!

    :::PLOT HOOK:::
    **NOTE: This can be altered and discussed. This is only a starting point.

    Fifteen years after the Dark Lords secondary defeat, the Golden Trio's children are in Hogwarts. Things have been peaceful, but as the next generation of spell slingers enter their first year, it looks like that peace might not be as long lasting as everyone had hoped.

    After the First Wizarding War, Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband Rudalphus Lestrange were sent to Azkaban. When sentenced she was 3 months into a pregnancy. Not holding the unborn child guilty for its parents crimes, Crouch had arrangements made so she might deliver the child and had him sent away to a muggle orphanage, where he was raised.

    Born a pure blood and eventually invited to attend Durmstrang Institute under the Headmaster and former Deatheater, Igor Karkaroff, it looks like something evil was growing unnoticed thanks to Voldemort's return and the second wizarding war...

    Now, what will the children of the Golden Trio do when another student insists there's something off about their new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher?

    IN SHORT::

    The idea is that Scorpious Malfoy (Draco's son) is the one who insists there's something odd about the teacher and brings it to the attention of another student. (Not sure if they are friends or not yet). From there we can let an enormous story unfold!


    Knowledge of Harry Potter is a must. If you have only watched the movies, that's okay, but someone who has read the books might find it easier to write in this setting.

    I write in third person past tense and would like someone who can also write this way. An example is, "He turned around and raised an eyebrow as he held the door."

    You don't need to be on every day but I am on regularly. Also, you don't need to wait for me to be online at the same time as you to post! Role Playing should be fun and not a chore, so please don't feel pressures to post more than you can. Just let me know if there's a week or so you can't post for so I don't get worried. ^_^


    Scorpious Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy
    Madame De Lethe (New Transfiguration Proff)

    Anyone interested???
  2. Id be interested in doing this. I don't know if you'd rather Roleplay with an adult but I've read the books several times and this seems like it could be an amazing plot Idea. Are there specific people you'd want the partner to play?
  3. I don't mind RPing with a teenager-- it would be pretty hypocritical if I did considering I've been RPing since I was in middle school. :p

    Also, no, I don't mind who you play. At least one of the Golden Trio's children would be a plus, but if you would rather an OC, that's fine too. ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.