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    Okay so I actually used to be apart of a role playing site called Hogwarts Extreme, or HEX, for short. Well while I was on there I would always see Harry Potter next Gen role plays, and I've been wanting to do one. I do expect there to be death and romance in this just for the main fact that it will most likely happen! Lol! Okay so here is the plot! Enjoy!

    It's the first day for our characters to start Hogwarts and we are all excited. None of us know each other and all meet in the only empty compartment in the back of the train. We all go through the years as friends, probably enemies, and meet new people. There may be fights, there may be love, it all depends on how we make it.

    Okay so I will like if there were both Canon characters and Original characters, just because I think it will make it pretty special.

    So my Bios usually consist of just a picture of the character, the name, and age. I think since this is a group HP thread, I will also add personality, blood type, and house, just because I want everyone to get the house they want. So here is my character!

    Name: Shade Malfoy
    Age: 11-17 through rp
    Blood Type: Pure
    *How she starts*
    * How her hair becomes through the years*
    Personality: Pretty rebellious. She is still a lot like Draco and of course, a daddy's girl, but she still has kindness in her soul and is really nice to people that are nice to her. Just don't get on her bad side because she knows how to get revenge. Shade loves to read and play music, sometimes drawing. She will be friends with anyone from any house and easily falls in love.

    So I hope I get people to join and love to see what others will come up with.
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  2. Awe. I would really like to have a group roleplay going on. I miss roleplaying with multiple partners like how it was on HEX
  3. Name: Alex Potter
    Age: 11-17
    Blood: half
    Looks: a little less than medium long brown/black hair, green eyes, about 4'5-5'9" throughout the years, thin, wares glasses, a sideways 'v' scar on his right cheek, wares his clothes inappropriately (like James Potter did in The Marauders by Parle Productions on YouTube).
    Personality: slightly, if not really Douchy, tries to make the light of things. He doesn't really do much and some to most of the times has other people do it for him or at least help him. He likes quidich and using his magic for useless pranks or things. Can be kind if he wants to, mostly chooses not too.
  4. Awesome! I love it! Maybe just one or two more people and then I will start the actual roleplay! :) :D
  5. Yep. Hopefully soon more people will join, which I would love.
  6. [​IMG]

    Here is what Hogwarts looks like, in case it's been a while for some people like me. :) I'm sorry but this is the best picture I could find. But hopefully it'll work.
  7. Name: Crow

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11 - 17

    Blood Type: Black


    Height: 5ft 1

    House: Slytherin

    Personality: Crow is the silent type and prefers not having to talk or socialise in general, he looks to be in small dark places with his back against the wall because this is where he feels safest. He however can become aggressive if his stuff is messed with, this could include friends.

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  8. @"Lost" I absolutely love it. Thank you for joining. Now only a couple more people. Maybe even just one more will do it :)
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  9. I saw. Thank you for that.
  10. Go recruit people, we need at least 5 more people...
  11. Name: Alexis Longbottom

    Age: 11-17

    Blood Type: Pure

    Looks: Braid.jpg

    Personality: Alexis tends to be more adventurous than she's technically allowed to be and according to her father she is just like some of his old school friends Harry and Ronald. Well despite being like her "uncles" Alexis also has a sense of wonder courtesy of her mother who aways seemed to be the odd ball. She is very smart and good with her classes and is so excited to be going to the same school her parents did. She is strong with her magical ability and is anxious to get her training.

    House: Gyrffindor

    Wand: 12" Elm, Dragon Heartstring
  12. Wow I love it! I will start the roleplay now and post the link in a bit! Absolutely love it!
  13. Could I join?
  14. Of course! Anyone is welcomed!
  15. (Mind if I join?)

    Name - June Filton

    Age - 11-17


    Height - 4ft 7

    House - Ravenclaw

    Personality - June is a loud carzy American who loves watching the stars and being in the cold. June is a flirty king careing girl with a major fear of heights and rats.​
  16. I love it and yes you may join! :)
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